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The Unfortunate True


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The Unfortunate True

Post by Kay on Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:43 am

As it stands my activity on this site has been vague if not absolutely and undeniably horrid, I have two limited claims that I'd like to remove as it stands I wont be needing them as it is probably clear.

I am leaving, I had a great time with all you wonderful people, I'm not upset, nor do I have a reason to be, you have all made me smile quite a few times and it's kind of hard to write this but I want you guys to know I may pop by every once in a while I however am resigning my characters from this site, there is no other site as it stands my studies are my only requirement at this point, this is the undeniable truth of the matter that my school is dragging out my time, that and after school activities have taken all my time.

So what happened to my characters?

Well Kashen went in the emotionally torn rage, this was brought on by news of Roxas's death by the hands of other ninja outside the walls that had attacked Roxas with a small armada of ninja, Roxas was pinned down and beheaded and his head was sent back to Jokigakure (Have fun with the head in the box Stein) however Roxas's eyes were taken by the murders(No eyes for you stein srry), Kashen's reaction was to take his keyblade and stab it through his upper torso cutting through his hear and various other organs blood gushing from his mouth would slur the speech as he spoke "Live on Joki Ga Kure and rise above all" before collapsing and never awakening.

That's what happened, anyways Guys I'll stop by I hope you all have a wonderful time on this amazing site <3

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Re: The Unfortunate True

Post by Anemone Mamōru on Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:21 am

I'll miss you bb, take care and I hope to see you sometime soon~ ^^
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Re: The Unfortunate True

Post by Samaku Hoshigaki on Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:38 pm

Miss you , take care~ Stein

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Re: The Unfortunate True

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