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highway to hell (Private, CD, Dinoland!)


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highway to hell (Private, CD, Dinoland!)

Post by Saya on Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:33 am

When light and life finally returned to her still aching body, it was as much of a surprise for her as it was for those who had deigned her to be their supper.  The biting cold of the frozen landscape around her had reversed itself, and for a moment she suspected she might have ended up in hell.  The heat was stifling, the scent of sulfur in the air thick and choking.  She coughs before she can move, gasping for a breath mixed with more oxygen, but not finding it.  Pain was all over, every limb seemed to ache in a completely different way than it had when she'd fallen in the crack between the glaciers.  Her boots had been no help, the vast shelf of ice above her falling after her and cutting off her escape.  The frigid ice had bit her fingers, but it felt nothing like what was happening now.  It was a gnawing pain, pin pricks of tiny teeth bloodying her hands and feet, her cheeks and her arms and her stomach.

A flock of tiny creatures the likes of which she had never seen before had surrounded her, using her as their perch before her gasping cough had sent them fleeing for the safety of a few meters of distance between them and their prey.  Saya's head cants to the side with no small effort, and she gives the closest few a quick survey.  They were tiny things, only standing about half way to her knees, but still seemed oddly dangerous.  Their forward facing eyes gave them the obvious distinction of predator, and their tiny heads had a notable lizard like quality to them.  The similarities ended there, however, as their bodies were each covered in a puffy, downy coat of red and black feathers.  They had no wings, or she might have mistaken them for birds.  Birds they were not, nor lizards, not dragons.  She had little time to make these distinctions, however, as the tiny monsters were already steeling their courage, and creeping closer to continue their slow consumption of the near dead girl.

They skitter back once more with a host of high pitched squeaks, chirps, and chitters.  It seemed the slightest sign of energy was enough to send the scavengers running for the hills, but she understood all to well the danger she was in.  They would not be gathered so, if a meal was not promised to them shortly.  She presses her pain down, gritting her teeth as she sets a palm flat against the strikingly warm ground below her.  Warm may have been an understatement, it wasn't enough to sear her flesh but it was uncomfortably hot.  In the next few moments new pains seemed to light across her beaten and bruised body.  She forces herself first to sit up, feeling the skin of her back tightened and dry.  Her arms and legs were both singed and blackened, filthy with soot.  How she'd ever arrived at such a place was beyond her, but she had to at least count her blessings.  She was alive.

A flash of memory once more strikes her, the deep darkness of the space between the glaciers.  The tight confines of the ice fissure closing around her with shocking cold and quickly consuming darkness.

When Saya moves her hand to the side to brace herself in an effort to rise, she finds the last and most precious of blessings to visit her in this time of great need.  The haft of her spear fell beneath her grip, the familiar smoothness of the lacquered bamboo greeting her like an old friend.  With these beasts, these terrible scavengers closing it, she very well may need its sharpness to defend herself.  She drags it closer and sets the end cap firmly against the ground, using its shaft to pry herself from the ground and force her feet beneath her.  The pain was nothing compared to the threat of being eaten by dozens of tiny monsters, and so she would force herself to persevere.  

She takes her first step with no small effort, leaning heavily upon her spear as though it were a cane and trusting it with what remained of her life.  The second step comes no easier, but it was progress.  The tiny monsters yip and screech, scurrying about around her with irritation and anger that their easy meal was becoming less and less easy.  The blood on her hands, the blood slowly dripping down her knees and across her arms was evidence enough they'd bitten her more times than she cared to catalog.  They'd gotten a taste of her flesh, and they wanted more, but that was not something she was willing to give them.

In their anger the small dinosaurs moved in a circle around her, always keeping out of her reach and following her.  Saya was on her last leg, and it may only be a matter of time before she collapsed once more.  Scavengers never let a good meal get away, so they would simply stalk her.  Those ahead of her kept their distance, moving to either side until a gap was opened that she could pass through.  They consumed her attention fully.  She was a well trained killer herself, she knew what they were waiting for.  One sign of collapse, one moment of lapsed attention and they could pile on her, biting and clawing and bringing her only closer to her death.  They consumed so much of her attention that she had yet to even bother trying to figure out what happened, or where she was.

Saya..., came a voice from inside her.  At first she did not even recgonize it, but it was as familiar to her as her spear was.  

Am I dead?, comes her answer, dry lips and parched tongue barely able to make the words.  

The rumble of soft thunder does not hesitate to answer.  No, child.  We live, but I know not where it is you have brought us.  I warned you that the ice was dangerous, that you can not trust those who sail the seas.  It eases my heart to see you on your feet once more.

What happened?  I do not remember at all.., she whispers, then her left knee buckles.  She drops down to one knee, only keeping herself upright by clinging desperately to her staff and steadying herself with it.  Behind her a sickening cacophony of excited squeaks reminds her all to quickly of what is following her.  She is down for only a moment, and the next she is pushing herself back onto her feet and stepping forward once more.

You fell, Saya.., says the Thunderbird, the voice in her heart as close as it ever was.  There was odd concern in the great bijuu's voice.  Worry for the girl, but also a great deal of worry for what would happen if his host were to perish in such a place.  There was no sign of weather, no hint that he'd ever join the storms again.  The ice was weak, you stepped to firmly.  It gave out beneath you, and I thought you were lost.  We feel for a long time, all grew dark.  I know as little as you for how we have arrived, but we must press onward.  This blighted waste of fire and fume will be the death of us if we can not find our way out of it.

I do not und..

Hush, girl.  Stop wasting your energy on speaking.  I can hear your heart, you need not speak.  Why you never understood this is beyond me.  Just listen, and listen well.  If we falter again, those monsters will bite you.  You are in no condition to fight anyone, let alone the multitude of hungry mouths following you now.  I can not imagine they get such large meals so often, and we must continue to deny them that pleasure.

Her pace continues again, though her legs trembled with each step.  The pain was intense, each small bite and scratch covering almost every inch of her body searing along the frayed edges.  She was loosing blood slowly, but she was loosing it steadily.  She would not be able to tend her wounds until she could stop, but she could not stop while the creatures behind her still following.  Worse still, she had no idea where she was going.

The world around her was nothing but darkness, not a blinding, inky black, but still a claustrophobic and cramped cave with a low ceiling, narrow walls, and a floor that had small cracks running in every direction through it.  Heat wafted up from the ground with visible, shimmering waves that had already made her boots uncomfortably hot.  The light she was guided by seemed to come from between those cracks, as if the stoked coals of a great furnace lay beneath them, and only the stone she stood upon protected her from majority of the heat it contained.  This situation seemed to go from bad to worse, but Saya was never one to quit.  In spite of the odds levied against her, she pressed onwards.  If she was to be a meal, then so be it, but she would not make easy for the beasts behind her.

They were still behind her, always hot on her heels.  They were growing more and more bold as she continued on.  They crept closer, nipping at the steel boots covering her ankles, and flesh of her calves.  These moments spurred Saya forward, but also into a flurry of action.  The first time it happened she tried to ignore it, but more and more began to follow suit, taking advantage of her apparent weakness and vulnerability.  So she did what she knew best, and grit her teeth.  She spun, dropped the head of her yari down, and swung the blade in a slow and quick arc.  She caught one of the beasts on the side and sent it toppling end over end into the far wall, though the rest hopped back with surprising speed to avoid the blow.  The action cost her a great deal of her energy, but at least it put more space between them and her.

Her voyage seemed endless, but at least it was an easy path to pick.  There had been no branches in her path, no optional detours, just a slowly winding, twisting, uphill tunnel.  She did not recognize it herself, but she was in a lava tube.  While this spelled obvious danger for her situation, at least it had the blessing of being one way, and most likely ending at the surface where sunshine and fresh air would await her.

Saya, I can feel you weakening.  You must let me help you.  I can loan you my power...

She could sense the lingering doubt in Thunderbird's words, and Thunderbird could sense the worry in her heart.

But..  If I do, Saya..  when it is used up we will most likely die.  There will be nothing left between us, and our journey will end in this cave.  You know how to open your seal.

No.., came Saya's voice once more, much to Thunderbird's irritation.  The next words were silent, spoken with her mind to the bijuu sealed within her. I can not take that risk, then.  We will live.  We will push forth.  I will not give up.  I will never give up.

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Re: highway to hell (Private, CD, Dinoland!)

Post by Saya on Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:58 am

Saya traveled for nearly an hour, listening to the pleas and advice of the great Thunderbird with every step along the way.  The Bijuu had never lacked faith in the girl's ability to persevere, but Saya had never been in quite such dire straights.  Not since she was attacked so many years ago had her life been in such danger, and this was a danger that Saya could not escape just by using her spear.  Even if she were to slay the beasts stalking her, the heat and the fumes of the tunnel she was traveling in would just as quickly claim the last breath of her life.

The monsters were still there, still lurking in on the fringes of her periphery and at the edges of her reach.  They'd attacked twice more in the hour, each time warded off with her spear, but each time managing to stink their tiny, needle like teeth into her flesh.  She was a mess, she had no doubt, blood slicking her body and soaking through the thin dress she was wearing.  Even that fabric was now in tatters, claws rending through the cotton easily and leaving it frayed.  Beneath the skin was broken, letting the white fabric turn pink.  Worse she was sweating out the last bits of her water, salt setting into the wounds and making her entire body sting and burn with absolute misery.  She still pushed on, however, stubborn beyond reason and refusing to simply submit to the cruel whims of fate.

Though her life was not but suffering, she knew better times.  In her past, she had known peace, she had known growth, she had known solitude but also time within that solitude to know herself.  She grew from pain, she was pushed forward because of suffering, and she knew the future would hold a better day than this one.  This thought seemed a good one, though perhaps its timing was off.  It had been some time since her pursuers had mustered the courage to strike, but this time they came forth with much more fury.

Though her cloak would have killed her by now, had she been wearing it at least their assault would have landed against hard steel instead of soft flesh.  Without warning claws sunk into the tender muscle of her shoulder, scraping bones as they sank in deeper than she would have preferred.  The tiny beast went for her neck, biting the skin and drawing yet more blood from within her now gaunt, pale, and pain wracked body.

As soon as the first bit her, another was on her left leg, leaping to her knee and sinking its claws into her flesh as a another animal might mount a tree.  A third clamped on to her light foot, scratching at the top rim of her armored booth with claws and fangs a like.  They were coming en masse, a fourth leaping up from the ground to her hip, then from there to her left hand.  The fifth and sixth piled on as the entire flock of them began to squeak and hoot and chirp with excitement and growing bloodlust.  

She would have been quickly overwhelmed by the assault, but even as one bit her right hand and gouged her arm deeply with its claws, she maintained an iron grip on her spear.  Her lips parted as a cry of pain split them, a blood curdling scream of both terror and determination echoing along the confines of the lava tube she had been traveling in.  She's brought to her knees as more and more of the tiny dinosaurs pile onto her back, nip at her head and hands, her legs and her face and cause more and more of her blood to pour forth.  

It became a moment for all or nothing, for her to pour every last bit of energy she had into fight or flight, and so she did.  She could hear the panic in Thunderbird's voice, a loud crack of thunder shaking her from the inside as it seemed to think all was lost.  Saya, on the other hand, had slowed her pace.  She had not walked slower because she was weakening, though she surely was, but to conserve energy for this very moment.  Bubbling inside her sat the last of her considerably chakra supply, and she had meant to use it all now.  In an instant she snarls quietly, an animalistic sound of absolute rage overpowering the flight instinct, and spelling a sudden danger for her attackers.

She releases her spear for a moment and tears the beasts on her arm painfully off of her, watching as they bring bits of her flesh with them, along with a stream of little globules of her body and blood.  The pain seems to fade into the background as she continues, flailing, kicking, screaming in anger and agony as she flings one dinosaur after another off of her body.  While she does she brings her hands together and forms a trio of hand seals.  She follows it up with a scream and a stomp, her foot impacting the ground with such force that the entire lava tube shakes with displeasure.  A small quake rocks the area all around her, visible waves of energy pouring through the soil and shaking every single one of the tiny monsters off of their feet.

There is no stopping, no sooner had she begun than a familiar coating of chakra begins to bubble and ooze and seep from the open wounds and encase her body.  Before her next jutsu is cast six tails and snapping angrily behind her, the fully glory of her bijuu cloak providing more light than the cracks in the ground previously had.  She turns on her assailants, the tiny raptors still rocking with the force of her Bloody Unheaval, doing their best to avoid the rocks and dirt now pouring from the ceiling above.  She had been worried that using Earth elemental jutsu would destabilize the tunnle she was in, and she was right.  At this time, however, she had no other choice.  She bends down and slams her palms against the ground.  Instantly a wall is formed, sealing off the entirety of the lava tube and placing a barrier between herself and her pursuers.  There were only two of the small creatures left on her side, and they were quickly backing away from their suddenly very dangerous prey.

SAYA!  We must go NOW! Comes a voice like sudden thunder, though it's words could not have been more pointless.  The ground below her gave out, bubbles of molten stone and searing steam suddenly pouring forth from the fissure.  The wall would not hold long, and the animals had shown no weakness to heat.  She was already moving however, and would not stop now.

She does not even stop to pick up her spear as the ceiling, walls, and floor begin to disolve around her, crumbling into a shapeless heap of broken stones, glowing, and then giving way to the great lake of magma beneath her.  Chakra is forced into her boots, a tail wrapping around the haft of her spear as an after thought as she is suddenly moving with tremendous spead.  Beyond more heat, the sudden appearance of lava was providing much more light, and allowed her to move at speeds unthinkable in such close quarters and near total darkness.

Her slow escape from the dinosaurs was quickly becoming something much more deperate.  In spite of her ability to evade the beasts, the entire world around her had been shattered.  It was breaking down faster than she could fly, and she could fly fast.  Every meter of progress she made, her feet no longer touching the ground, saw the cracks in the walls and ceiling racing ahead of her, and more and more of the tunnle behind her being filled with a glowing soup of melted stone and steam.  The heat grew each second, burning her skin, heating her boots, singing the clothing she wore and shortening the strands of snow white hair atop her head.  It was danger at its finest, but the expression on her face had shifted fully.

It was her second and last wind, her mind now at perfect focus, her spirit aligned well in her heart, and not an ounce of fear could be found within her.  All of it had been transmuted, sapped away from a place of useless dread and refocused fully into the simple desire to beat this situation.  She wanted to win, she had to win, she simply would NOT die here, no matter the cost to her mind or body.  The tails reaching behind her were dangerously close to the growing flood of stone and soup, but she could not feel the pain it was causing.  All she could feel was the pounding of her heart, and the racing of her blood.

The path twisted and turned, wound a sometimes spiraling path ever uphill.  She had walked for what felt like miles, but the lava tube showed no sign of ending.  Stones were falling on all sides of her, rocks and dirt and pebbles bouncing off of her face as she flew, but she ignored even the dirt in her eyes in her last ditch effort to simply live.  Faster and faster she raced, defying the pain in her muscles and the loss of blood clouding her mind.   As the cracks began to get ahead of her larger slabs of ceiling began to fall in her path.  

She slide left, squeezing between the slabs and the wall, narrowly fitting through increasingly small gaps.  All hope seemed to be quickly slipping away as the lava tube was snapping closed all around her, and the collapse was moving faster than she was.  It wouldn't be long before enough of the ceiling was to fall ahead of her and completely block her path.  She leaned right and low, swooping beneath a large piece of glowing, half molten stone so narrowly that it clipped her tail.  The chakra cloak bubbled and stretched, the tail snapping off to evaporate and reform behind her just as quickly.

She turned another wide corner, taking the inside path of the turn even as the outside disintegrated and collapsed into a welling pool of luminous stone.  She was cutting it close.  She was cutting it far too close, but she still had no intention to quit.  She had to live, she had to win, she could not allow herself to be defeated.  As if a gift from the gods, she rounded the turn and saw what she sought.  There was daylight ahead, a blazing circle of brilliant light with a haze of sky blue behind it.  

Her eyes went wide, even the Bijuu inside of her gasped with amazement and joy as victory seemed to be within their grasp.  It was still far away, and the tunnel was already closing, but it was there, within sight.  She had so little left inside her, so little fuel, so little blood, so little will, but she pushed herself harder than ever before.  Faster and faster until the crumbling walls around her were nothing  more than a blur.

Without warning her heart began to sink, the stones ahead of her all at once beginning to collapse.  The mouth of the tunnel was closing, and no math seemed to think it possible for her to make it through the breach before it fully closed.

No, we are doomed!Came the loud rumble of thunder as Thunderbird's will almost broke.  Saya narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists, an instant emotion of spite and anger sinking into her heart at the noble bird's moment of weakness.  For once the Bijuu was cowed by the stone determination, by the ferocity of her anger and inward rage directed solely from Saya's heart towards the great spirit.  How dare he think to admit defeat!  All at once her energy moved forward, the tail wrapped around her spear swinging forward with haste and bringing her favored weapon to bear.

She could not attack the stone, that would be an exercise in futility, but she could still use it.  It rockets ahead of her and jams itself into the falling stone, the end cap pressing against the bottom of the cave and supporting it.  The stones stopped falling for but a brief moment, but it was enough.  As the walls sloughed off into the same thick slurry of lambent earth, her spear held aloft a gap in the collapse just big enough for her to squeeze her body through.

The air that struck her the moment she escaped felt like it was freezing, though it was little cooler than a mild spring after noon.  The wind, the fresh air, even the sunlight seemed to strike her with a force of relief she had never imagined, and all at once she was free.  She was free from the stone, free from the dinosaurs, free from the quickly collapsing lava tube.  In her freedom she continues flight long enough to tear the spear free from the gap it had opened, the entire mouth of the lava tube sealing closed only an instant later.

She had done it.  She had escaped with her life, escaped to lord knows where, but she had escaped.  The dinosaurs were behind her, this strange new world now open to her.  She has no energy to land, and so she crashes.  She falls from the sky and lands on her stomach, earth and stone and bushes breaking her fall and slowing her.  She didn't care, the pain was now nothing, nothing but a memory as she was alive, she was successful, and her determination had proven once more to be her finest trait.  If she had given it even one gram less effort, she would be dead..  but she was not.

These thoughts flit through her mind in the moments she is sliding painfully to a stop, but they are soon crushed beneath the boot of misfortune and misery.  Helpless now, her tails evaporate.  Her body falls still, limp and abused, wracked with quickly returning pain.  As she stares up at the sky, she can see the great beast approaching.  It was larger, larger even than she was, and the same as the beasts that had been approaching.  She barely has time to register the different color of its feathers, a rich grassy green, but that didn't matter to her.  She would never be able to fight it.  She would never be able to fight the chain reaction she had started in the lava tubes below her.

No sooner had she registered that the beast was approaching her than she finally allowed her eyes to close.  She breaths a soft breath, perhaps the last breath of peace she had within her, and then the world around her exploded.  Pressure had followed that collapsing lava tube, and it was released in an instant with a terrible explosion of earth and lava and force.  The last thing she felt was the shaking of the earth before darkness finally consumed her.  The pain ended.  The ache and burn and searing wounds covering her seemed to fade away as a numb peace over came her.  It was her last breath, and it no longer seemed to matter that the cave she'd escaped was now a full eruption, as a new volcano was born beneath her.

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Re: highway to hell (Private, CD, Dinoland!)

Post by Saya on Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:21 pm

For the second time in as many days, Saya's eyes flutter open.  For a moment she thought it must just have been a dream, a distant nightmare that stirred within her mind to give voice to hidden fears.  The scratch straw beneath her, however, was unlike the bed she slept in at home.  Her heart longed for Joki no Sato, the land of steam, and the village walls that had once been her perch.  Surely the lonely trees of her hidden practice ground were missing her, as she was missing the stillness of the air and the constant haze which drifted between the buildings.  She doesn't move, her body was still in pain, but somehow she had come through the worst of it alive.

The memories of the past pair of days flit through her mind, though the haze of exhaustion and sleep seemed to removing the sharp edge the contained while happening.  When at last she stirs, a soft hiss is there to greet her.

Sssshhh..   Lie ssstill, little one.

Tilting her head to the side she finally saw the source of the voice.  She'd seen it before, the great beast that was looming beside her was much taller than she was.  Though her mind reacted with horror at the visage of the great dinosaur, her will allowed none of that fear to show through on the outside.  She'd come to far, to far to allow her will to break now.  Inside her of her Thunderbird was already stirring.

You sssomehow essscaped the fire tribesss domain.  That isss mossst impressive for something so tiny, and ssso lacking in natural weaponsss..  Tell me, little one.  Can you ssspeak?

Though the feathers gave it a bird like appearance, the reptilian face and drawn hissing sound of it words helped to solidify the reptilian nature it no doubt had.  Saya's light blue eyes close for the moment, no longer wishing to study the creature that most likely saved her from the explosion.  Out of the frying pan and into the fire, it seemed.

Are you going to eat me?She asks quietly, her voice weak with exhaustion but no less willful, or defiant.  “If you plan to do so, then do so quickly.  If you give me time to rest, I will run you through with my spear before you can lay a claw on me.”

Her words draw a laugh of amusement from the raptor, a hissing and tittering sound which seemed more mocking than friendly.  Ssso defiant, ssso much ssspirit.  I am not going to eat you, little one.  If I wished to sssee you dead, I would not have sssaved you.  Do you have a name?

Saya, she states flatly.

Sssaya, the large dinosaur repeats. You are lucky to ssstill live, Sssaya.  Not many essscape the tunnelsss and cavernsss of the fire tribe'sss domain.  They rule the underground, and they kill any who tressspasss..

I am not easy to kill.Saya notes quietly, her voice slow, and though filled with pain it holds no fear.  The pain was slowly returning, the dull ache of her body turning once more to the searing agony of her woundes.  She was wet, slick with warmth this time, though her wounds were not exposed to air.  Instead she was covered in globs of mud, coated in a fine layer of dried herbs and aromatic scents.  She makes an attempt to sit up, but no sooner does she tense her muscles than her large caretaker leans forward and pins her easily to the ground.

He uses only a single hand pressing down on her chest, the splayed fingers easily gripping the entirety of her body with four long fingers, and claws like something from Hell.  Do not move.  You ssstill are not healed.  The herbsss and medisssin will take daysss before you are well.

Saya lays back down with a sigh, and shakes her head.  Who are you.  Where am I?

“I am Kusssamaru, and you are now in the domain of the open sssky tribe.  We rule the sssurface, and keep thossse of the fire heart contained below ground.  There hasss been war between usss for longer than my father remembersss.. and he remembersss much.

Kusamaru…  What are you?

The dinosaur answers with soft hissing laughter, amused but somehow holding an edge of condescension.  “I am the eldessst ssson of hisss majesssty the great Onitori.  Thisss land is oursss.  It isss our hunting ground, and our breeding groundsss, and hasss been our kingdom since the great cataclysssm.  We alone keep thossse of the Fire Heart below ground.”

Saya sighs quietly, a pained sound though she is doing an admirable job in contining the pain wracking her body.  Their healing herbs seemed to do nothing to dull pain, but she was alive so she had to give them credit for that.

The dinosaur turns his back on her for a moment, suprisingly soft steps carrying him away.  He returns with a large gourd in his hands and leans down low towards Saya.  He moves the gourd to her lips, and slowly tips it forward.  Drink, little Sssaya.

She does as instructed, and though much of the liquid spills down her cheeks and chin, her tongue and throat delight at the cooling touch of clean water.  She drinks and drinks until the gourd is once more moved away.  Lefting panting softly from the effort required, Kusamaru is nice enough to continue speaking to save her the effort of more questions.

Your body is remarkable, Sssaya.  You were covered from toesss to head in woundsss from the Fire Tribe'sss children.  They are a voraciousss ilk, but dim witted and driven by their inssstinctsss.  I do not know how you ssssurvived, but it isss a ssstory than can wait until you have recovered.  You have no ssscales, you have no clawsss, just the pointed ssstick I found bessside you.  It isss sharp, but we of the Onitori need only our clawsss and our teeth.  Oncesss you are healed sssome, I would like to bring you home to the Sssky tribe.

Why?, she asks weakly, her eyes closing once more.  The sensation of the water filling her stomach was a sort of heaven she had not experienced in some time.  Life was quickly returning to her.  Thunderbird had fallen silent within her, but she could still feel him there, filling her heart with his power.

You sssurvived.  The explosssion that followed you was ssstrong, only my ssspeed let us outrun it.  You are lucky I wasss there to sssave you.  You owe me your life.  All I asssk is that you come to my home.  Meet with my father, the great king.  No harm will come to you.  I promissse.

I do not see that I have a choice.

There is always choissse, little Sssaya.  I could leave you here, if that isss what you desssire..  but in your ssstate you will not lassst.

Just let me rest, for now..

Hee hee hee..  I will let you ressst.  Tomorrow, there will be rain.  We will need to move you before then..


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Re: highway to hell (Private, CD, Dinoland!)

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Re: highway to hell (Private, CD, Dinoland!)

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