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The First Creation


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The First Creation

Post by Kaos on Sun Feb 14, 2016 10:53 pm

Kaos looked around the arena, the place he had chosen to do this momentous occasion. He and Helix had been conversing, and Kaos was surprised to learn that he could clone himself, using the Hydra's own regeneration powers. He had debated using such power, and finally had decided to do it today.
not wanting this momentous occasion to go to waste with only himself to bear witness to it, he had decided to invite Kikato to bear witness, and was currently waiting for him to show up.
Kaos drew out his katana, thrusting it into the ground, and sat down, and began to mediate, to speak with the Hydra while he waited on Kikato to make his appearance.
He closed out all the noise around him, relaxing, allowing his mind to appear before the gateway, where beyond was Helix.
[i]He saw the gateway before him, and noticed that one fifth of the symbol on the doorway was colored a blood orange.
"Strange, I never noticed that before," Kaos muttered to himself.
He pushes open on the door, surprised that starting opening faster than it usually does.
"Weird," Kaos mutters, as the door flashes a brilliant light once before opening up.
He walks through and finds the Hydra in his usual place, well it's not like the Hydra can go anywhere else. Helix roars his greetings, and Kaos nods to him in greetings.
"Are you ready to unleash the true power that resides inside of you, young one?" All five of Helix's heads ask, as on. Kaos nods his head, and says, "For now, I'm just waiting. Hopefully Kikato shows up, else I'll have to do this on my own."
"I'm gonna go for now, I kind of don't know why I came, I really just wanted to relax and meditate before I began." Kaos says, and turns to leave. Behind him, the Hydra roars once again, before Kaos makes it through the gateway.
Kaos slips out of his mental mindset, back into the real world, and continues to meditate, listening to the sound of nature all around him.
After waiting for almost an hour, Kaos decided that Kikato wasn't going to show. Kaos knew that as Kikato was ANBU he had certain priorities for the village, so he wasn't too worried about it.
He sighs,and stands up, dusting himself down. He grabs his katana from out of the ground, and being careful, places the katana in his left armpit.
He takes a deep breath, and quickly pulls it up. He cries out in pain, as his arm is sliced off. He drops the katana to the ground, as the pain overwhelms him. He looks at the arm, and collapses to one knee. He begins the regeneration of his left arm, watching the arm he just chopped off. At first, nothing looked like it was happening, but suddenly, the arm began to seem to start to grow. Watching, he was fascinated by the way that he could regrow limbs as his left limb finished regenerating. He moved it a few different ways, messing with the fingers and smiles as his left arm seemed to be doing just fine.
And laying on the ground before Kaos, laid an exact copy of Kaos. A wave of dizziness passes over Kaos, as he could feel some of his knowledge being leeched from him to his copy.

James, the Hydra Clone:

Because an arm was used to grow this, +20 stats to strength

Total Stats: 79
Durability: 10
Chakra: 25
Speed: 17
Strength: 27

Specialties:  Fuin, Weaponry, Nin
Element(s): Wind, Lightning,





Chakra Suppression
Enclosing Technique
String Light Formation
Reverse Lift
Electromagnetic murder
Wave of Inspiration

Wind Cutter
Gale Palm
Vacuum Blade
Genjutsu kai

Unsealing Technique
Body Flicker

Surface Walking
Tree Climbing

The dizziness that Kaos fades, and Kaos looks closely on the clone, watching as the clone opens his eyes up.
"Hello there," Kaos says. The clone sits up, looking at Kaos, and smiles, "Hello."
"You know you are a clone of me, correct." Kaos says, and the clone nods. "Hmm, I don't think we should go by the same name."
"I concur, it be too confusing." the clone says.
"And I can't keep refering to you as the clone in my head, so what name will you take?"
"Hmm, I guess James for now, since that is the name we were born to."
"Alright then, James it is. Welcome to the land of the living."
"Thanks, glad to be alive."
Kaos stands up, and James follows suit. Kaos wipes the blood off the blade onto the grass, and sheathes the blade, and then grabs one of the extra set of clothing he brought along. He nods towards the other pieces of clothing and says, "There's some clothing for you as well."
James nods his appreciation and gets dress quickly. They both look at each and nod.
Kaos takes the lead, and they both exit the arena, heading towards their home.

TWC 763
Hydra Clone grown
700 exp x3 2100 exp

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Re: The First Creation

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Re: The First Creation

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Re: The First Creation

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