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[Sukai] Kaguya, Shinigai

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[Sukai] Kaguya, Shinigai

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• name ;; Shinigai NateJayy Kaguya
• nickname ;; Near, J, Co-Leader, The Second Favorite. ShinShin
• title ;; Second Brother
• age ;; 28
• gender ;;
• sexuality ;; bisexual


• height ;; 5 foot 11
• weight ;; 121
• body type ;; Slender
• eye colour ;; Light Blue
• hair colour & style ;; White and Messy
• appearance ;;
• markings ;; Tattoos on body of random markings in the color green.


• likes ;; Chaos and Disorder, Two of the main things that amuse Near in many ways. One of Aeon's Favorite sayings are "My Joy comes from hate and my hate comes from joy" Meaning that Near Loves to see hatred around the ninja world, he loves to see sorrow and death, anything that causes sadness and hate, makes him happier. Unlike many, Near has more then two favorite colors, this being Black Red and Blue, as he thinks that they symbolize the beaten body of a human, but also the mix of Red and blue being purple, a common color for chaos. War, as Near says "Is fun to watch", noting his like of carnage and blood to be spread across the field, and his Love for the Seven Sins.

• dislikes ;; He hates everything that can deal with happiness in the world, He hates the flowers, the trees, the human beings that walk its earth, but he still wants it as his own. Though he hates to see the side of evil win, he also hates to see that of the side of good to win even more. Truthfully if either began to win of the other, Aeon would take it upon himself to "Balance it out". He hates to be outdone by anyone, much like a psycho, he will go on an outrage.

• persona ;; Near's attitude to people is cruel and distasteful. People make it seem as if Near acts like he is better then anyone else but really he doesn't want to be connected to anyone else due to his life being a small wreak. J was far from being mentally crazy from the things he saw as a kid. By cutting off his emotions to the world and keeping such a serious face. When facing a person in or out of school he will quickly blurt out what that person is feeling by their expression.

At times after saying that he would say that "Emotions get in the way loser." He has a great since of humor which can some times be taken as being a smartypants. he is free like the wind and doesn't really take orders from someone unless he respects them which would take a great shinobi in order to do.Even though he is a cool headed guy he can be as cold a sadistic as a serial killer when it comes to it and makes serious jokes about killing people when they get on his nerves. J is quite the arrogant, loud battle-hungry person. He can be quite impatient if he knows that there is fighting involved. Most of his free time, J trains just so that he can become an even stronger person than he already is. He personally does not mind having to do work though. It just seems like another opportunity for him to fight someone and show them his power. During missions, j does not care for his partner's opinion as long as he gets to have time for fighting.

Mostly quiet no matter what situation, he would always be calm whether he was fighting, or if anything chaotic was happening. Always the type to try and talk things out as he's lazy most of the time as well. Near has a grudge against other village members, he thinks they had something to do with his being and they had let him be, but he still doesn't know the true reason of his existence and how he reached the place where he stands today.not hoping for a fight but this would usually make people hate him for what he says. When he really cant stand a person he would go in a sense crazy on them. As he would begin to say unforgivable things to that person and would go on asking if they get it a million times while insulting them getting various effects from people when doing this and then making up a fake laugh once done. When around friends he cools down his ways, this is to get closer to them to be able to find his brother and sister.

When it comes down to teachers of the school during class or anytime he would make fun of how their lesson failed and then explain to them what they messed up and how stupid it was to do so. his second person seems to be placed under the category of a boy with a very short temper and a  sharp tongue, due to how furious and how simply irked he can get. He tends to overreact in some situations, and is something of a sadistic arsonist rather. He is not above to enjoy a good fight, and he often blows up his opponents in a very brutal and gory fashion. Despite those brutal actions that are performed by him, his most distinctive trait.

A Faker: Near is known for being a giant fake around people he's just met, Being that his main goal is to gain there trust and use them like a puppet in a puppet collection. By acting like a soft and gentle Boy, who had lost his parents from war, and using his gentle tone to speak, His best way of getting to a person. Once inside of the person "heart" he can show his real colors and cause chaos to behalf that person by spreading lies and such to other ninjas and villages all to add up to his main goal of war.

Being that he has, as he says it, The number one release of all. Near finds himself as the top notch shinobi and labels himself as "The God of Thunder" As he would usually talk  about his lava so much that his speech slowly turns into that or metaphors or riddles.

Although the other sins don't govern over the body of Near as much as Pride and Wrath, They do have a great influence when it comes down to the lust for Men and their sexual organs(Lust), His want for More power and the world all to himself(Envy and Greed), And his large appetite and his long resting periods(Gluttony and Sloth). But out of those 6 Wrath beat all, His want for the world to be obliterated in a fight to the death between citizens, Students, Genin, Chuunin, Anbu and the rest of the ninja ranks and world out there. Though when it comes down to him and his ways, Near doesnt allow for his enemy to get the quick death they always wanted. His pride and his wrath mix, Causing him to pausing during each severing of a limb and Talk about his power and just why he calls himself the thunder god. Laughing during each second, much like a sadist.

• motto ;; Sometimes the things you can't see... or touch... are the things that will change your life.


• Strengths ;;

  • - Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

    -Name: Improved Endurance
    Rank: D
    Type: Physical
    Description: Through intensive training and being hit many times, the possessor of this talent has an increased durability stat of 15 which makes them slightly tougher. They can withstand greater damage that could otherwise stun them in pain, and continue fighting. [this reduces the effects of stuns (excluding poisons) by one post] ( Needs taijutsu or weaponry as a specialty)

• rank ;; Sukaikage
• elements ;; Lightning, Wind, Water.
• specialty ;; Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu
• clan ;; Kaguya

Stats ;; 272
• Strength ;; 66
• Speed ;; 90 + (20) = 110
• Durability ;;66 + (25) + (15) = 106
• Chakra ;; 50


• village ;; Sukai
• parents ;; Unknown Mother and Hakazan kaguya
• siblings ;; 2 brothers.
• mentor & idols ;; None
• history ;;

Birth: As the fetus grew in the young woman and created the young child known as shinigai, the couple knew not of what to do with it. They had seemed to of been scared as they lived in a growing community of the young boy's bloodline, the kaguya. After months had passed and the boy finally arrived, the two who had created him began their fallout. As they had parted their ways at the young boy's age of one, He would only remember the mothers face as she would walk away with tears in her eyes.

Death by Father: Kazan, coming under attack by a mysterious man, took a huge blow to its left side as a volcano became active on the day of the assassination of the anbu. As this occurred many of the villagers also died in the riot of a man who called himself Father. After leaving the village to rebuild and think over the actions of the man, a young boy was left to see his father bleed to death. His tears flowing down his face as the man died. And upon that day he left the village in search of something to live for. Three years would pass, and at the age of 5 the young boy would find the village hidden deep underground. He would find his Father's killer and would learn from him. Becoming yet another Child of his. And upon that day his brother would be born.

Departure: As Shinigai left Father, much like the others at the age of 10, he would begin to travel north to the cold. His baby brother being 5 now as he would make it into the frozen village. The villagers would find him cold and unconscious and a woman would claim the boy. Mother and Son had finally met again with two new additions.

Sukai Pride!: Shinigai would begin to live his life as a boy of the village. With no ties to the others that could be found and no ties to that village that was held deep in the world of the underground. As he would enter the Academy late but graduate early he would continue on through the ranks and each and every day the villagers would speak of the young boy's Village Pride. Proud of her son she would constantly praise him, but he would simply ignore it and constantly hear the echoing voice of Father. On His faithful day of being awarded a spot in the Anbu team, the words of Father would show. The Attacks on the Kage's had been set into motion and had left the kage in the spot for the last attack. As they waited for the attack to occur, the young man would turn and look at the kage. Later He would be appointed as Kage

• Roleplay Sample ;; Animal Path: Chikushōdō began to run up a building by jumping from side to side of the two buildings. As things were about to get hectic in the village hidden in the leaf. Their friends were all ready to go and this was just a spot a lot of people wanted gone. Chikushodo's hair moved back and forth from the left and the right. Finally to the top of the building she stood there looking toward the village's gates, as she saw them, the people who were apart of her own self. As her Black attire had only covered most of her body, her legs were out and her boobs were almost able to be seen. The girl was very young for her age, But that was only because the girl was actually already dead. This was Tifa Shinoku's body which had been brought back by the mysterious man. As her soft Voice began to speak she said. "Bring on the pain, to the damned to Hell village....." Stopping in her tracks.Asura PathOnly second after the girl was speaking a man had jumped down right next to her. He had a smile on his face as he had black curly like hair. his and the girls eyes were the same with the rippled eye in them. something strange had been going on. As the same people from before stood there and watched the two speak loudly over the village. He began to talk as his voice was different from the girls but further from the guys. ".....And show them what true power is. Your Hokage has committed treason and has threatened my village...." He said as the villagers begun to hear the man. He stopped talking as another thud was heard. The wind from the person blew up his red and black hair and made the bandages around his head blow off easily.Naraka PathA man with Blond hair came down. Falling right next to Shurado, His name was Jigokudo. Jigokudo looked around at all the people as the wind from his landing blew up his hair. As the hair fell down Jigokudo began to talk once again. "........I do not take lightly the act of threatening me and my village. I have no fear and i have nothing to worry about if i was to destroy you with this village......." Jigokudo had now stopped talking as he shifted his eyes back and forth looking at the village the ripples had become a crystal type of color. His clothing had resembled that of a konoha ninja' clothing, with the leaf Head band on it as well. This man was the once great J uzumaki senior.Preta PathAnother man had came from the sky. His name was Gakido, another person from the group seen by the gates not to long ago. He showed up at the point of the last word from Jigokudo, they had all been standing in a row of how they had gotten there, Chikushodo, Shurado, Jigokudo and Gakido. As he had a great big smile on his face, Taking his hand and moving the blue hair, Which had fell into his face after his landing, out of his way. Starting to talk like the others had done. "......And after i take out this village i will be on my way with the bodies of the elders and the Hokage himself, im going to let this whole village be a witness of this great battle and their own destruction. And watch you all stand in awe as i win over the useless village........" Gakido said in his deep manly voice, with the smile of a tiger. His eyes had greenish blue paint around them. This man was the one known as the Crystal Giant, Hikane Crystalic.Human PathNingendo, the fifth of the seven paths, Had shown up only walking to the side of Gakido. The man had silver hair and showed on his face that one of his eye sockets had been cut during his life, By J uzumaki. He wore skin tight clothing that could reach over his nose but he had choose not to wear it in that way. ".........if you would like to leave now, you may, but be warned if you don't leave i shall not spare your soul if you stand in my way as i walk, or attack as i talk........" Ningendo said to the public as low a voice he could as if he didn't want them to hear him. He took a look to the front of the group to see the final of them all come in to the group. Ningendo looked back at the girl. This was the body of Kutono Kaguya.Deva PathTendo was now standing in front of the whole group as he had a serious face on. His figure was like a normal emotional person, or as would some people call them an Emo. Tendo wasted no time to get to the building with the others. His voice was the deepest and the scariest. "Now shall we begin the massacre of the village hidden in the leaf, show them what person like me can do to you in only a few seconds. Attack Six Paths of Pride!!" Tendo yelled as his arms went out in a sense as if telling them to scatters out through the village. his black hair blew back only a second after that had went on and he went on ahead with them. This man was the body of J uchiha jr. Chikushodo to the West, Tendo to the north, headed for the kage's office, Ningendo to the East, Gakido to the south, Jigokudo went with Tendo and Shurado to the south with Gakido.Outer PathNear had already been gone from sight of the village taking his leave to the middle of the forest till he had been needed. Controlling the bodies near spoke through each of the bodies toward the village, having fun with this as if he was talking to himself but really talking to a whole village without actually facing them, He had left the girl, Wrath at the gates alone as he turned into lava and went deep under ground to keep himself safe during the whole attack. things were about to get hectic and he needed to be far away from that village as possible keeping hisnew Summoning near him the whole time. This was Neo-Near.

lyrics belong to nickelback - this means war.template created by yuuki kurama of naruto crisis 2.0

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