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Another Carving Session


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Another Carving Session

Post by Kaos on Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:24 pm

Kaos stood inside of his forge, looking at the seven other wood blocks that need carving. He sort of wished that he hadn't decided to make 10 puppets, but since he had already ordered the wood blocks, figured it be better to carve the puppets, instead of complaining about how dumb he was for wanting 10 puppets. Of course, these wouldn't even really be his combat puppets, those would ocme later. For now, these puppets were just to use to help him with controlling his puppets.
He groans, dragging a wood block to where his chair that he usually used resided. He had started to dub this chair his puppet making chair, and had even etched it into the chair's back. Smiling at his humor, he left the wood block next to the chair, and returned to grab his wood carving tools. He sat down, and sent a chakra thread out to one of his training puppets, having it walk over to where Kaos sat in order for him to have a visual reference to how he wanted this puppet.
Taking quick visual references, Kaos began to carve the puppet, starting with the feet first. He needed the base to be strong, else the whole point of this puppet was no use to him. Besides making the puppet usable to him in a spar, they also were going to be his punching bags, to test the mettle of the weapons that he created. He carves the legs, getting them just like the other two, before proceeding to the other sections. On the chest he carves into the wood "#3" to designate what puppet number it was. He carves the head out pretty fast, and then begins work on the arms, making the shield at the elbows just like the others. After he finishes, he pauses, steps back and compares the two training puppets. With a nod, he sends a chakra thread into it, making it stand up, and then makes it walk over to the number 1 training puppet. When he ends the thread, he watches, making sure that the puppet doesn't fall over. Satisfied with the finished product of the training puppet, he moves over to another block of wood, dragging it back to his puppet carving chair. Leaving it there for a second, he stretches, and pops his bones, helping to keep him from getting too stiff.
He sits down, and begins carving into the wood, starting with the base once more, carving the legs in the same way as the other three puppets, creating a solid base that would allow it to stand when not in use while allowing for mobility whenever it was in use. He forms the base, and then moves to the mid section, carving a #4 into the mid section, to make sure the puppet was at least distinguishable from the other training puppets. He finishes the mid section, moving onto the head, carving it simple. He then carves out the arms, making the joints bendable and able to rotate all the way around. The hands on the puppet is the same as the others, just a simple sphere going to be used for punching. Finishing up with it, he sends a chakra thread into it, making it stand up, and then move over to where #1 and #3 were standing. Ending the thread to it and watches making sure it didn't collapse. He nods, and then gets out of his seat, going over to another wood block, dragging it back to his seat. He pauses, and decides to finish this one up, and call it a day.
He begins to carving it's legs, the same as the others. While he does so, he starts to muse, "I think I'll call you guys brothers, instead of just refering you to each other as "the others" that way I don't sound so impersonal to my own creations. I mean, I am giving you guys a sort of life, albeit using my chakra threads to move you around."
He finishes the legs, moving onto the mid section, making sure to carve a #5 into this one's chest. He smiles and says, "The fifth brother. The youngest right now, but when it's all said and done, you will be the middle child. How does it feel to be the middle child? I wouldn't know, heck, I don't even know what it's like to have a sibling which I feel that makes you #5 lucky indeed. You are to be the one who watches over the others, always watching, but never getting any credit for what you do."
He finishes the mid sectioin, and carves the head out, making sure to carve the T-style eyes and nose into the head, just like the other brothers. He finishes the head, and moves onto the arms, doing the same thing that he had done for the other four he had created. Smiling down upon #5 after he finished it, he sends a chakra thread into it and #2, making #5 stand up, and them both walk over to where the other brothers stood.He arranged the puppets where #1 stood next to #2, and #2 stood next to #1 on one side, and #3 on the other, and #3 standing next to #2 and #4, and #4 standing next to #3 and #5, and #5 making up the end of the line of training puppets.
Kaos nods, and takes his leave of the puppets, letting them get a chance to get to know one another.

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Re: Another Carving Session

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