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Order Senju



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Order Senju

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• Name:  Alex David Senju
• Nickname / Alias: Order
• Title: The Watcher
• Age: 17
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 5'4"
• Weight: 165
• Body type: Muscular, lanky
• Eye colour: [colour] Gray
• Hair colour & style:White, Medium Spiky
• General Appearance:
• Markings: the
is emblazoned on the left side of his clothing and on the back

• Persona: Order is a calm, collected sort of individual. He calmly watches any situation, making instantaneous judgments based on what he can see in the here and now. And with that instantaneous judgement, he makes snap decisions and immediately launches them.
Though he usually remains calm, he is prone to a violent streak as soon as someone insults him. He isn't above breaking a few bones, or making someone lose a few fingers, to prove he is more than serious about what he is saying or doing. He also doesn't like it when people comment on his height, whether it's just something they are pointing out or insulting him about.
Despite having a violent streak, Order remains ever caring, and wants to help people out, no matter what he is classified as being. He watches out for his fellow man, and makes sure that nothing unnatural tries to hurt them. He calls himself the Watcher, as he feels like it's his job to guide people.
• Motto: I am the light in the dark, watching the people struggle. I shall guide them to the light, and watch over them as only I can.

• Likes: Light, Night, cats, tarts, and people

• Dislikes: Ignorance, anything that stand in his way, dogs, puppets, and puppeteers

• Special Characteristics:

Name: Master of None
Name: Inheritance of Tobirama

• Rank: A-Rank
• Elements: Water, Earth, Lightning
• Specialty: Ninjutsu, Fuin, Med
• Clan: Senju
• Bijuu: No


• Strength: 40
• Speed: 100
• Durability: 40
• Chakra:

• Village: Kazan, Wanderer- A-Ranked
• Parents: Dran Senju and Nadan Senju (Both Alive)
• Siblings: None
• Mentor & Idols:Father
• History:
Order, born to Dran and Nadan Senju, grew up using his real name Alex Senju for the longest time. He never really felt his original name lived up to the destiny he believed that he had, so for the longest time, he make up nicknames for himself, changing them from one day to another, never really finding one he liked.
He went to the academy when he was 8, graduated when he was ten. He set out to make a name for himself, even as a genin. When he was 12, he set out for his first chuunin exams. He was able to make it through the first two, but fell short in the arena. He vowed that next time he took the exams, he be more than ready for his chuunin exams. He studied hard, and practiced hard, taking his next set of chuunnin exams when he was 13. There he impressed many people with his improvements over the last year. When he made it to the arena for the second, he was a crowd favorite to go all the way. He and his opponent got down to business, fighting each other with all they had. Through his cunning, Order was able to overcome the older opponent, and knock him out.  He later learned that he was chosen as one of the few to make it to chuunin rank.
He didn’t stop improving himself, and in a short few years, he made it to jounin, once again, impressing everyone that a 15 year old could make jounin. Even as jounin he still craved something, and thus, he started to expand his skills even more. Once he felt like he could challenge the ANBU captain, and win, he did so.
At 16 years old, the ANBU captain didn’t take Order seriously. However, Order was unrelenting, and eventually the captain agreed to a spar, figuring that he would take down Order easy enough. Order surprised him when he showed great resiliency, and a great cunning. As those two continued to spar, Order kept up with the captain, not showing any sign of wanting to back down, or wanting to quit.
Finally, the captain stopped their spar with two words, “Welcome aboard.”
And with that, Order became an ANBU. During the missions for ANBU, Order began to become disenchanted with them, and felt like everybody was just stumbling through the dark, without a light to guide them. Then rumors reached his ears of a group of anarchist, the Taoreta. Not much to put stock into anarchist, Order began to realize that maybe, if he could infiltrate them, he could change the anarchists into a guiding beckon of light for the villages to flock to. Sure, Order knew blood would have to be shed, and that he have to escape his village, and possible start being hunted down as a traitor.
Order thought about it, and after six months as an ANBU, Order made his escape,  discarding his real name, he took on the name Order the Watcher, as he wanted to be a light that shone through the dark to people of all the villages.
Order found where the Taoreta hid, and began to prove his worth to them  He descended farther and farther into the darkness, always knowing that deep down, he would be the light that shined in the dark, whenever he was done with the Taoreta.
And upon the age of 17, he proved himself a member of the Taoreta, quite eager and ready to move on up in this organization, to use it for his own end game purposes.

• Roleplay Sample: Order runs around in circles, as for most other ninjas having another character would already prove that the player behind Order can actually rp. So instead of trying anything, Order just runs around in circles, confusing everyone whoever reads this, every time they read it.
Order stops running in circles, and looks, looks beyond his surroundings to beyond the screen, to the people who look at him.
"Yeah, I'm looking at you. The very same person who is reading this and wondering what's going on. Well, I'm in the mood for a story, and I'll tell you mine."
"It all started one cold night, in a little town of Bethlehem. There was no room in the inn. So my folks had to sleep in the barn with the animals, and man did it smell. Not that I really know that. I wasn't born yet. Well, that very night, with no crib for a bed, a little me was born to this world. And there I was born, without a peep, and there I laid within a trough filled with hay. All the little lambs, and some of the horses nibbled on my bed of hay while I slept. We stayed there for a few years, spending my first few years in the barn, living in the hay."
"Three years later, with a star for a guide, three wise men came and visited me. They told my parents many things, and among those things that they told my parents was that I had a great destiny before me, and they liked to buy me. They offered my parents myrrh, frankincense, and gold. My parents refused of course, and kept me along, hoping that a better offer would come along one day."
"Thirty years later, a even better offer came on the table. I was to be sacrificed for all of mankind, and in exchange, all the sins of men would be forgiven. My parents were excited. They signed the dotted line, and all their sins forgotten and forgiven. And I was sent up, bundled off to Jerusalem, where they beat me, and mocked me. Then they crucified me. My last words were, "It is finished."
Order sighs, "Of course, that didn't end anything, but started a whole slew of things. And now, after hearing my story, you must wonder how I am still alive. Well, it's very simple. The story I told you, was the story of me in your world. This world, this reality of mine, I am still alive and breathing. But thank you for listening. Hope you have a good day, and go and hug something."
Order looks back into his world, and begins to run around in circles again.

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Re: Order Senju

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