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Esha - The Dreamwalker: A Rank Wandering Nin


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Esha - The Dreamwalker: A Rank Wandering Nin

Post by Esha on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:19 am

• Name: Hokoyume Esha
• Nickname / Alias: Princess of the Pines, The Nymph Queen
• Title: The Dreamwalker
• Age: 23
• Gender:
• Sexuality: I aim to please...

• Height: 5'2”
• Weight: 105
• Body type: Slim, athletic, but still curvacious.
• Eye colour: Sky Blue
• Hair colour & style:Snow White
• General Appearance: Lascivious is among the first words to strike the mind as this sensual beauty comes into focus.  Her frame is that of desire, satin skin bleeding through generous curves of sublime appeal.  The soft shine in her blue eyes seems to offer up unspoken promises of nights spent lost in hedonistic pursuits and salacious ecstasy.  Her lips are always pursed, half smiling while they seem to kiss the very air in front of her.  They are painted a soft pink, glistening serenely in the gentle moonlight each night.  Her hair is something from a dream, glowing white, alive with life and vibrancy.  If falls in soft tangles and gentle waves down past her shoulders all the way to the soft curve of her lower back.

Her body is a thing of wonder, a carefully crafted exterior perfectly designed to tickle the eyes, to incite the mind into shallow thoughts of listless lust.  Her shoulders are narrow, dainty things that frame the curves below and only enhance their shape and size.  Her breasts hang light in front of her, generous swells which are not over large, but seem to challenge the hand to fully grasp them.  Her stomach is flat and toned, evidence of years of care and practice both on her feet, and in other situations which delight the imagination.  Her waist is pinched and small, her hips generous and wide.  Her shape is that of an hourglass, whose sand is desire.

A layer of silk so soft, so smooth, and so shimmering lays across her body, masking bits from the eyes and yet only stirring the imagination further.  There is no denying what lies beneath the light pink, a blushing shade of flower petals and flesh.  The satin soft dress covers her, much the chagrin of so many on lookers, in ways that seem more lewd than modest.  More skin is exposed than is hidden, long slits on either side letting the shin length fabric part to expose the full length of each leg, while cutting across the sides of her chest to hang from her shoulders with the narrowest, most unnoticeable of straps.  She is decorated well, flowers and leaves situated among the soft tresses of her hair, unrefined gemstones of dull luster but brilliant color dotting the precious metals of rings and bangles.

She walks upon a pair of small feet clad in supple, soft leather, straps and lacing working their way up past her ankles to end at about mid calf.  Her pace is slow and languid, eachs tep rocking her generous hips from side to side in a manner that is almost hypnotic.  It pleades with the eyes to let them linger, to let them absorb and study, to drink deep the subtle hints of hidden pleasures that are promised with each fluid, graceful movement of her body.  Each step seems careless, and yet gently placed with a sure mind, slow and yet with a pace that promises more than a quiet evening.  Indeed, even the subtle motions of each step she takes seems to seep, to leak, to gently flow with the ever silent promises of pleasures beyond imagination captured with only the soft promise of a kiss.

• Markings:

• Persona: It could be said that Esha is a simple woman, for she does have simple desires.  Doing so, however, turns her away from the exceedingly complicated woman that she is.  She has simple desires, she wishes only to exist, to be happy, and to indulge the odd whims that strike her from day to day.  She exists to sleep, to eat, and to protect the wilds from the brutish hands of modern man.  Modern man, as she sees it, is the single greatest threat to the ancient wilderness that once covered the great continent from shore to shore.  From ice to desert, every inch is under her protection, and she will stop at nothing to ensure that nature's secret places are not defiled.

To confine her only to this life long occupation and sense of duty still denies the base creature that exists within the delicate skin covering her.  Inside she is more than her job.  She is a creature of subtle excess, a being that exists to sate her apatite for self indulgence, for pursing romantic entanglments in one moment, and freedom in the next.  She is capricious, explorative, curious, and has a wanderlust to rival even that of migratory birds that fly thousands of miles from season to season.  She is a creature, above all, of impulse and whimsey.  She does as she pleases, with little regard for the lives of mankind.  Her true friends, those she cares for and protects, are instead the millions of trees, the countless animals, and even the moss covered stones that exist along side her in the wilds.
• Motto: Waste not the blessings of the Mother.

• Likes: Trees, Animals, Spirits, Fairies, Flowers, Red, Pink, White, Black, Women, Men.

• Dislikes:
Children, Litter, Religious Figures, Authority, Deforestation, Anyone that disrespects nature.

• Special Characteristics: 

Name: Elemental talents
Rank: C
Type: Chakra
Description: The user has natural talents with their dominant element, attacks with that element do one rank more damage the other jutsu of the same rank. Only C rank and lower. (Only applies to dominant element)

Name: Basic Chakra control 
Rank: D-C
Type: Chakra
Requirements:: Requires Med or ninjutsu specialty and no increase Chakra SC 
Description: You have a understanding about the amount of chakra you put out but being a beginner, you have basic knowledge on the matter at hand. with naturally given talents to command the spiritual energies within you are now able to grasp the better concept of using your jutsu. As a result you can use less chakra then other for the same effect.

• Rank: A
• Elements: Earth
• Specialty: Medical, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: N/A

Stats: (+20 clanless)
• Strength: 20
• Speed: 60
• Durability: 40
• Chakra: 124

• Village: Wandering Nin
• Parents: Unknown, but suspected to be Inuzuka
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: N/A
• History: Little is known of the woman named the Dreamwalker, except that she is only ever found in the varried wildernesses that exist throughout the lands.  Though her history is hazy in her own mind, for as long as she can remember she has existed in life kept company by a myriad of trees, rocks, and animals.  They have always been her company, though it is not to say she has no experience in dealing with humans.  Her memories of her parents have not fully escaped her, and she can still recall long nights and days spent with her wild parents.  Both were nature minded, her mother a true beast with a thick mane of white hair that matched the tundra wolf that always kept her company.  Her father was similar, wild and gruff, a man of savage intensity that prefered the hunt to all other things, yet always took tender care to keep his wife and daughter safe.

They are not dead, so far as is known, but when Esha came of age, an age old enough to fend for herself, she was pushed from the safety of her family and thrust out into nature to blaze her own path through life.  They had taught her well, however, and placed in her hands, in her heart, and in her mind all the tools she needed to not only survive in nature, but to persevere and dominate whichever space she chose to claim as her own domain.  The talents they taught her were varried, everything from tracking to hunting, and from trapping to hiding.  They taught her to fight with her hands, but also taught her how to ensnare with her mind.  Mental pursuits were always important, her parents told her, because as a human the most powerful tool she had available was her mind.  Her mother taught her the technique used to slay with a kiss, how to reach out with her chakra and engulf the spirit of those with weaker spiritual power.  She learned to tear that energy out of others, and in slaying them to empower herself.  This was nature, she was always told.  The strong feed on the weak, and in doing so they grow stronger.

Of course, as she branched out into living on her own, into watching humanity from afar and eventually mindling amidst them, she learned that she had other traits that could be used at an advantage others didn't have.  She was stunning, beautiful, even by the time she was 16 she was turning the heads of almost every person she passed.  She was surreal, wearing little more than furs and leather, but all to often showered with gifts from those who wished to win her wild heart.  None did, such a gift was something she could not relinquish.  Instead she learned a new trade, and plied it time and again to get what she want.  Over and over she played the part of the damsel, feigning distress to let those with soft hearts sooth her with attention and gifts.  She saw no harm in doing so.

The human heart is such a fickle thing, as capricious and fleeting as life.  She never killed with no reason, but the gift she learned quickly turned into lethal tools with which she could put an end to those who displeased her.  Still, it was a game.  A bit of amusement and distraction from the life she lived out of the eyes of man.  It was a complicated life, the life of both spirit talker and nature's guardian.  More than other ninja, her enemy was all too often the simple humans plying their simple trade.  Those who cleared forest to make farmlands, those who hunted animals for sport and trophy instead of for food, and worst of all, those who despoiled the hidden wilderness with the refuse and trash of the city life all met her ire.  She worked with poisons, with herbal mixtures, and with plants as her tools to sew the doom of such people.  

This was her true calling, this was her duty.  She was, as her mother had explained, a shaman, and it was her lot in life to work with the myriad spirits that dwelt within the silent places of nature out of sight of mankind.  There she would commune, through song and dance, through meditation, through supplication towards the desires of nature.  She tended their roots, fed their young, and ensured that the strength of the Mother would never faulter.  Even to this day, that is her single task.  She does not bother herself with the worries of city life, with the constant vie for control over imaginary borders.  She bothers not with the din and thrum of the modern human, but instead lives apart from all of this, interacting with others only as a means for self indulgence and slaughter for those who turn from the Mother.

• Roleplay Sample:
“Shhh, sweet one”, came the soft whisper of a voice more silk than sandpaper.  A single digit pressed its soft pad against the man's chapped lips, the howl of winter winds in the background seeming the shrink into the background until they were unnoticed. A pair of eyes more blue than sapphire, airy and light, filled with an odd sense of promise and bliss gazing deeply into the matched pair of brown orbs before them.  Her voice was intoxicating, honeyed tones that dripped with the unspoken promises of a warm bed and lack of sleep.  Her fingertips pressed gently through the soft brown curls covering the man's head as her pink lips tipped at their corners into a small smile of joy and accomplishment.

It was too late for this one, he would never again disturb the forest she lived in.  At one time his ax had felled a tree more ancient that the villages of man, all to build pointless walls and roofs for a multitude of animals that had forgotten their place beneath the stars.  Now they dwelt en' masse beneath the confines of slain trees and stolen stone.  This one, however, wandered to deep into her domain.  He was easy enough to ensare, little more than a witless dolt with no sense for chakra, or jutsu.  She could have ended him with a kunai, but drawing blood wasn't her style.  It was so brutish, so unrefined.  It was something her wolf and lion friends might enjoy, but she was a creature of fluid grace.  A snare, not a pitfall.  

The tips of her fingers are as soft as the rest of her, smooth and callous free even after a long life lived outdoors.  Even after splitting wood for a fire, after climbing trees, digging up roots, even after pressing her pestle into the mortar time and again to grind hard pebbles to dust, they were gentle and light and lacking any hint that she had ever done a hard day's work in her life.  Those supple digits press gently against the man's chin and slowly turn his face to better align with her own.  “There is no need for words of apology.  There is no time to repent for the sins you have committed against the mother.  Your crimes are forgiven, dear child, but you will not escape your punishment.  Now hush.  Close your eyes, all will be over soon.”

The soft words fell on deaf ears, her surreal beauty enough to allow his eyes and hands to overpower the voice of warning screaming in the back of his mind.  With his own fingers filled with softest of her features, cupping supple flesh with a euphoric sense of need and base desire, he was as ensnared by her trap as any fly was once wings touched web.  As her lips pursed and moved closer, his own matched the motion.  When they touched his fate was fully sealed.  His soul would be an easy steal, barely a moment would pass.  Their lips would touch, he would sigh against her mouth with the gentle release of growing anticipation, and then her own soul would reach out.  Her chakra flooded past her own lips, riding the soft flesh of her tongue to press deep into his weak chakra network.  And instant later his heart would lie still, his lungs and mind empty as she claimed every ounce of his essence.  His body would feed her garden, and never again would his ax fell one of her wooden friends.

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Re: Esha - The Dreamwalker: A Rank Wandering Nin

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Looks in order. Go forth and be Approved Smile

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Re: Esha - The Dreamwalker: A Rank Wandering Nin

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Made a correction to this character. Those with EBK may only begin with a single element.
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Re: Esha - The Dreamwalker: A Rank Wandering Nin

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