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The Qigon Trials Part: 1


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The Qigon Trials Part: 1

Post by Eversoris on Sat Feb 13, 2016 7:16 pm

Zod sat alone in what could be called a "bar" underground, drunkards and slaves lavishing one another with perpetual jesting and mockery. They were loud and contentious, and ever moving as the intoxication in the cave spread like a disease. The stranger, Zod, sat alone in a booth far in the distance with a black robe covering his naked body, the hood over his head. He stared at the stone table, deeply in thought and drowning out all around him. He had remembered that excessive noise was one of the things he always despised about the human race. They always seemed to gravitate towards it as opposed to silence; something quite alien to the alien. Though he was not human, he looked it enough to pass for it. Fully aware of the phyiscal charateristics he possessed that might draw attention to him however, he chose to remain shrouded and distant. Not for his safety but for those around him. It had been so long since he had inhabited a body. Thousands of years, in fact, since he had walked amongs the earthlings.

Rejecting an offered bear by a nearby waitress, he arose and preceded to exit outside of the underground bar. Zod was quite disgusted at the idea of humans being so wicked and despondent at the treachery that existed in Chikagakure's mainland that they settled for living civilized life underground. Was the surface land really so terrifying? Shameful, he thought, for a world to be infested with a species so wicked that they killed those of their own kind. In the world and dimension he was from, it was unthinkable for one to do such a thing. Immediately his brother Meleldil came to mind, a thought that he quickly shoved in the back of his subconscious, not desiring to sink his opinion of humans so low as to compare them to that devil.
Proceeding forth from that bar, he walked out into what Chikagakure called their "City of Light". An underground city in which the past citizens of Chikagakure now lived in for safety reasons. Apparently after a war had many years ago, the place was ravaged by scavengers and criminals. If things were not bad already, a man they called "Father" had now come along and was even organizing these delinquents. Zod couldn't care any less about the affairs of mankind, however, and had no desire to try and fix them. He had his own matters to settle. Proceeding forth to the outskirts of the cool temperature city, he walked to the east end to a large warehouse where an elderly man sat out in front, there to take in villagers who had no home.
Walking towards the man, he saw the fear in his eyes when he beheld the large stranger who spoke nothing and gave no gestures of humanity. Not knowing what to say, Zod simply gave a quick glance, and continued inside the house to find himself a room. When you are 6'8, massive, and in all black, you do things like this.
Walking into the old creaking home, he walked to the top floor where he found the most secluded room possible in the west wing, closest to the earthen wall that enclosed the city. Walking into the room, the smell of rotting wood and mold filled his nostrils. His body was of such an acute funtion that his senses were on an impossibly higher level than that of humans. What smelled poorly to humans smelled horrendous to him, and at further distances. To be, as he was currently, bathing in this temple of dust, would be unbarable if the Aesirian were not so mentally and emotionally disciplined.

He disrobed himself, now naked in the dark room. His golden and black hair flowed down his back as he took to a seated position on the floor, facing the one window in the room which showed the expanse of the small city itself. It was, in a sense, always night there. He hated that, being such a lover of the stars and of light itself. Surely something he would not tolerate for long term, he had no plans of staying, but merely had come to give himself some time to gather himself back as well as decide what his next move would be. He had been walking around the earth for years now, studying and blending in with the human race. It had been so long since he had been around mortals that he needed to give himself time to reacquaint with them - particularly in modern times. Things had changed so much since primitive days. Mainly because of the lack of extra-terrestrials and extra-dimensionals; who so commonly found earth a resting place in latter times.

Spreading himself out, he took a meditative stance, slowly levitating off of the ground. He had spent years gathering social intelligence about humans; it was not time for him to begin the process of growing back his power, and moving towards the path of Ascension.
Closing his eyes, his body began to become inflamed with a flame that could only be described as being rainbow colored. It was holographic even, fascinating to see. His body was soon covered head to toe in it and the dark room lit up as his chakra grew. Soon, the flames spread from his body to the bed, to the dresser, the window sill, and finally to the ceiling and floor. The next thing he knew, it was permeating every inch of the room. The room looked, if one could see, as though it were on fire. Zod remained with his eyes closed, awaiting the voice of Qigon as he sat there. Qigon... His chakra's famous name.

When Meleldil, through his student, imprisoned Zod, in doing so he had separated him from his chakra, which was immediately taken to another plane. Having found him once more, Qigon was that which, in having the will of Zod, communicated with the Senju and Uzumaki that freed him. Now that he had finally gotten used to his physical body, and gained mastery over his Cholorians, he now sought to once more now to master Qigon.
A flash of light filled the mind of Zod, and soon he found himself standing, within his mind, in the midst of a great wilderness. Still naked, he stood around looking for signs of Qigon. This dimension was a place he could go in his mind to communicate with Qigon directly, similar to how a bijuu and its host communicate. Except Qigon was never imprisoned, and always free to change the scenery.

Zod walked to the edge of this wilderness, only to find that there was indeed and edge. At this edge, he stared across to see a waterfall falling from a great height. Much greater than anything found in the earth. Looking up, he saw the unmistakable entity he knew as Qigon, glimmering and shining in ethereal energy and light. Qigon glanced at him momentarily, before shortly turning around. Zod looked up, remembering that they were, after all, in HIS mind. With a thought he appeared at the top of the water fall, standing ten meters away from Qigon whose backed now faced Zod.
Qigon slowed to a halt, still not facing his master. His flesh and radiance turned a light blue as he slowly turned to face him, the scenery around them changing with seamless flow into a setting upon a planet within the starry heavens. It was as though they were standing upon Mars.

Qigon Appearance

"Master..." Qigon said softly. The sentience and his master had not been in contact since the seal had been broken, Zod wandering about just getting his physical body back under his control. Qigon's relationship with Zod was deeply personal. He was, in fact, an extension of Zod and a part of him that he truly loved. He existed for Zod and for his will, and delighted that it was so. Knowing that Qigon could not be accessed because of the affects of the seal, Zod had come to this place in order to find him once more and begin to train and master his chakra. But first... introductions were in order.

"I have been roaming too and fro among the sons of men in shadows of their society. I have made my body my slave, and now I have come to conquer you once more."

Qigon looked expressionlessly at Zod, his approval so innate and so assumed that further discussion was unnecessary. He nodded softly, and minimally. With that, he began thus to walk into the distance of the dark world they now walked upon, towards a crystaline structure which could be seen in the distance. Reaching it at the speed of thought, Qigon and Zod now stood in front of it, with what appeared to be a "sun" setting on their left. He knew that Qigon would first desire to grow in power and expand, this happening at the same time that he mastered him. They would indeed be training with one another; Zod to begin to master the power of Qigon, and Qigon to expand and grow his power so that he might serve his master to greater degrees.

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Re: The Qigon Trials Part: 1

Post by Eversoris on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:53 pm

Qigon drew a small circle around where Zod stood, continuing to create concentric circles until he was miles away from where his master stood. Zod felt a vibration in his chest and his body was once more inflamed with chakra, appearing as though he was caught on fire with a blue flame. His body, both inside his mind and inside the small room he presently inhabited, began to shake, his cells being lit up like batteries plugged in. His skin began to glow an ambient white and soon his chakra began to pulsate out around him about one meter. He was charging it in the same way a Saiyan would charge their ki. He closed his eyes and looked up as he focused on increasing the vibration that had now spread to every inch of his being. His chakra suddenly burst forth three meters away from him, going past the first two lines Qigon had created around him. There were one-hundred circles in total, and he would have to reach all of them if he was reach the goal he'd set for his chakra. It took concentration, but soon the vibrations began to increase and line after line was passed as his chakra began to spread out. A tightness in his core developed as pulsating this much dense chakra felt like riding on the back of a motorcycle and trying to tighten your stomach so that you did not fall off.

The feeling was prickly, and it surely only because his body cells were perfectly compatible with chakra this dense was he capable of not completely falling apart physically. A humming noise could be heard from him as the aura that pulsated from his being began to spread even further. Within the span of what would normally be ten minutes, he had already reached the 25th circle. It was at this point that the strain would began to be felt by Zod. It was during this slight sensation of pain and pleasure that he was reminded at how rusty he was in controlling his own physical vessel. It had not been since he was a child that he had ever felt such a lack of control over Qigon, his immensely brilliant chaka. His cells were fit to take the beating that such an ethereal substance put upon a body, but they were unorganized and Zod had not yet perfectly gotten them in one synchronized voice. He decided that there would be no better time to practice organizing them as well as ordering them and making sure they functioned efficiently than now. They would need to work together and properly manage the inflow and out pour of energy if he was to grow his chakra.

It was not just the handling of the force on the body, though. His myti-chlorians needed to become synchronized with their master and with his chakra once more if he was to prepare himself for the mastering of elements and energies with which he would not soon after have to be involving himself. He closed his eyes as the angst of vibration began to rattle him, making a challenge to his focused state. He would have to maintain a balance of the physical energy, which was fueling and at the same time managing the effects of chakra. As well, he would need to keep his mind under control or else the body, which naturally was its slave, would lose it. In his multi-dimensional consciousness, a torrent of thoughts and emotions began to rip through as his chakra extended now to the thirty fifth circular line, and his body began to vibrate further.

All at once his myti-chlorians began to communicate to him. Becuase of their lack of organization and, for lack of a better word, coordination, they were not one voice but billions. This alone was enough for the Aesirian to lose his mind; but of course, he did not have an average mind. He maintained homestasis and began to, through a cavity in his subconscious, communicate directly with the myti-chlorians, them calming down like a child soothed to sleep. Each time his chakra reached another rung, the myti-chlorians cried out to him once more, and like an infant being  weaned from the constant presence of its mother's voice, they violently protested any hesitation on his part to forgo giving them commands. This made the training take an entirely new level and kind of difficulty. At the same time this mental turmoil happened, his mind went rampant with memories of long ago. Controlling and keeping back suppressed thoughts was a a skill of the intellectually sound. However in times of great… chaos, this ability had the potential to be obstructed. And thus it was as Zod’s chakra pulsated past the fifty-fifth circle, now 250 meters wide. From a distance it could be seen as though he were the epicenter of a cloud of blue energy and particle. Thoughts of training with his students in the temples of the Isle of Blooming Flowers began to flash before his mind as he drowned out the cry from his cells in an effort to grasp hold of the last remaining stages of sanity still left with in his cranium. The very sight of the students caused his myti-chlorians to react, as they directly were directly connected to his thoughts. It was odd… being able to think while being inside of one’s own mind. It was a strange kind of dual-leveled genjutsu he was pushing on himself as he sat there in that crusty room at the edge of the City of Light. He sat within the dimension inside of his mind, feeling unearthly sensations as his chakra grew now to the seventieth line, pushing past 330 meters. Qigon was something that used his cells as a kind of house. They were mini-cubicles as well as batteries that not only housed but pulsated the ambient energy. As it grew, they had not choice but to grow as well. The cells were infinitely elastic and durable, but through only painstaking means could they indeed grow to facillitate such dense and powerful energy. Being cells of sentience, they were unfortunately also able to communicate this distress to their host who, all at once, received the screams and cries of terror that his trillions of cells that spoke all at once. They seemed no longer at all interested in organization or efficiency. It was every cell for itself. This made the process of growing and maintaining his massive chakra reserves not less possible but more difficult and more painful. His chakra amount now began to fluctuate.

It went from line eighty to line seventy-two constantly. His muscles from head to toe tightened up, his cells forcing this as they strained to pour out more of the chakra as well as handle it. Qigon, in physical form, walked towards his master as he struggled in agony in the center of the square. He appeared in front of Zod and sat in a yoga stance, aiding in the control of the chakra waves that were now ferocious in frequency and density. Zod, however, had sought escape deep within his mind’s eye, deeper than where he already dwelt currently, to his memories. They gave him an intense feeling of emotion, but at the same time a strange sense of acceptance to the physical distress he was currently under. It also calmed his cells as he had tricked them also into focusing on the narrative of the “dream” than the growing work-load they were under. He saw Gaoh, his great student, in his mind and suddenly it felt as though time stopped. He went numb for about thirty seconds as he saw the child-like face of Gaoh as they walked through the fields on one of the Holy Days, picking corn and discussing philosophy. He felt a sudden thud in his chest, almost like his heart had been stabbed. He did not have a heart… But if he did it would feel something like that. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, which had been colored a sky blue, his iris gone. He had reached the one-hundreth circle…

There was a loud cracking sound as he released his chakra and no longer pulsated it out, Zod falling to the ground and to his knees. Qigon, in physical form, floated inches above him calmly, unmoved by the apparent accomplishment of his master. The area around him still glowed strangely, and it appeared as though it had been scorched by some great fire. He arose to his feat, feeling light headed and light bodied. One of the worst aspects of having the physiological makeup that he did was that his body often felt pain all at once. His cells were family after all. And they communicated everything all at once. His entire body, thus, felt both numb as well as broken. It was quite different for him, this concept of pain. It was not a feeling limited to mortals per say… But one that beings of a higher plane rarely felt without consent, and for obvious reasons. War was rare where he came from. It was nothing like Earth where  to destroy living things was so common that it was accepted as an actually necessary practice. Zod knew that to remove or destroy the sword, a sword would be needed. And that sword would have to be mighty. His cells healed within five minutes and he soon found himself feeling slightly mightier than he had felt when he first entered into his mind. His muscles were swollen, a sign that his myti-chlorians had been worked quite well, as that was their reaction to such labour. They would heal within moments, though, and his training would ensue. Before his next session, he wanted to pin down what his mind would need to be focused on in order to deal with the stress of the next session. Memories were nice, but they had hidden in their frame pain and jolts of positive emotion that dared to disrupt his chakra flow. That could not be allowed to happen, and the intellect of Zod was commanded to labour upon other activities and projects.

He decided instead to think of his plans for the shinobi world and where he would go next. Before going further in that direction, he commanded Qigon to arise and create for him another way to train. Qigon arose indeed, and with the swinging of his arm, the ground beneath them both became as black as night. This metallic looking substance was furthered across the lifeless red planet until in every direction the ground was covered in it. It was rubbery as well as thick, and Zod was quite confused as to what point Qigon meant to make by manipulating his brainwaves to create such a thing in the mental dimension they currently inhabited. His blue friend said nothing and simply created the same circles around his master until he was miles out. He went further out this time, and in doing so raised the suspicion of Zod that this would somehow press him to a greater degree. Noting the change in scenery that took place, including the darkening of the sky, Zod calmed himself and his cells, which were now prepped for round two. This time, when he fired up his chakra initially, it flared out to the tenth circle. He was confused admittedly, and began to gradually increase the intensity of outflow. He noticed that for some reason, as he pushed, his chakra’s distance shortened. Wandering at this, he kept pushing. It took him a minute, but he realized, by staring straight down at the strange substance, what was going on. The substance, though entirely a mental construct, was sucking up his chakra. The substance was ten times less permeable than the previous land that he had been using. Worse still, the more chakra it absorbed, the thicker it became and therefore the more efficient at eating his chakra. He refrained from panick, as he knew that would mean physical pain as long as his myti-chlorians were untamed. He calmed himself and began to fire his chakra off and knew that he would have to press hard and continue to do so or else have his place marker dragged back. This time, not because of strain but because of the substance itself. At this rate, he would be too rattled to complete the exercise, now only on the eleventh circle. Zod closed his eyes once more, as that always seemed to help while training. It was something he taught as well, though it had been a good while. His thoughts went to where he had initially pointed them before he had began this round. The villages that comprised the main societies of mankind were drastically different than any he had seen in the previous ages. He was, sort to speak, locked up during most of the time; but nevertheless he pondered this change of culture. Humans now had what were called “Kage’s. Renowned leaders that were revered for having superior capabilities both socially and physically. The atrocities, lies, and failures of morale in each society were apparent to Zod, being an entity of superior nature. The flaws of human tendency and nature were to him as clear as was the sun in the sky on a cloudless day. Still yet, observing them these past years had been an experience he found quite intriguing. He’d found humans so much more peaceful when he had first visited earth. Then again, they were more primitive. They had less history of hate and therefore less monsters in the making among them. They were also so ignorant and incapable that they needed one another a great deal. A great deal more than this common “civilised” society humans had put together did not. That being said they found things like long-suffering and forgiveness to not only be admirable, but necessary for survival. War had made them forget that as a whole. What was more humorous to Zod was the concept of humans ruling over humans. He had never heard of such a thing, nor was it a concept that existed while he visited the earth. As diabolical as it might sound to a lower being, he knew this also to be one of the reasons humans were so beset by their own sins and evil desires. He felt his body go numb slightly, and had to awaken from his train of thought. He had reached the thirtieth line without a horrible degree of strain. This was a fall back from rung forty eight, as that slight numbness had created a lull. All along the ground in various places could be seen uprising bubbles. In these, chakra of his had been absorbed and contained by the substance upon which he stood. It disgusted him to see his efforts so obviously mocked. He closed his eyes once more and returned to his thoughts. He had to be somewhat appreciative that his myti-chlorians were not losing their minds, figuratively speaking, quite yet.

He drifted back to his thoughts of his observations of human beings. It almost disappointed him that he was not able to be around to see them progress. But then again, had he been around certainly their progression would have been different. It had not in the least surprised him that the current system of operation in the governments of mankind was essentially based upon military force and ability to swoon allies. How typical of mortals to fight to the death to avoid death. Thinking of all of its corruption, he became disgusted. So did his cells, which jolted for a moment, forcing him to lose his spot. He opened his eyes once more to find himself on level sixty. He clenched his jaw tightly and pressed forward, his body beginning to tighten once more now. He began to shake as a feeling of increased gravity overcame him, the natural taste of suffocation following it. This is where the mental strain came in. His myti-chlorians could no longer be ignored. They were more synchronized than last time, but still like a ring of untamed insects let free from a cage. Scattered absolutely everywhere and crying out. He breathed out quite loudly as his chakra waves pushed through to the seventy-fifth circle where he thought he would never get to. In his mind, it had felt like he’d been now training for five hours. In real time, however, it had been five minutes. Training within the mansion of one’s psychological landscape had that advantage, and only the truly psychologically gifted and skillful could pull off such a feat. He became weary and without warning, however, collapsed as his chakra pushed to the ninetieth circle moments later.

Zod’s body steamed blue has he laid down unconscious for minutes on end. It was hardly understandable how one could go unconscious while inside of their own mind - but he did. In a short while he awoke, Qigon still sitting nearby emotionless and glowing. Zod arose, feeling a sense of dizziness and decided that he needed to get his cells in order before trying again. He calmed his breath, not feeling anger or remorse, but simply focused. The voices began crying out in indistinguishable words that only he could understand, and he began to quiet them down now with song. Zod loved to sing and it was, on his world, the most divine of all vibrations, second only to light itself. His voice was rich and deep and it sang in an alien tongue, one that his body was used to hearing. Soon, they began to be lulled by the rhythm of his voice and he soon found it easy to get them in unison of thought and action. Through the song, he now began to give commands in order to test out their organization. Surely, the cells followed suit. He command that his arm alone be embalmed with chaka; and it was so. He tried this with just about every limb and part of his body, rotating them for quite some time before being satisfied with his own coordination. It took him an extra “hour”, but he got to the point where his cells, when generating chaka, would do so in a more coordinated and unified fashion. Now that they were synchronized, chakra control and chakra emission would be a much more fluid and efficient process. As well as less time consuming. The Aesirian girded his loins once more in the center of the multitude of circles and was ready to try again.

Firing up his chakra, he immediately reached out to the fiftieth circle, a feat he had not yet accomplished. His body hummed with vibrations from his cells, but this time it was almost pleasurable. The harmony and unity of it made it so that each cell worked perfectly together to anchor such massive stores and quantities of energy. It was not only the amount of Qigon but also the density. To his cells, the more density, the more “weight” they had to lift. Therefore the stronger they had to become. Fortunately for the Aesirian, he was built with the most powerful cells in existence, capable of the fastest adaptation as well as compensation. They were groomed to be pushed like this. And pushed they were as he pushed to the eightieth line. The sense of calmness that came over him began to feel quite nice. He now slowly increased the output, never at the risk of  un-harmonizing his cells, but always with the intent of pushing the line. It took him another half-hour but he go to the one-hundredth line. He took down the cloud of chakra once reaching this point, and put his hands on his hips as he walked out in the dark.

Qigon had not moved in some time, having meditated itself straight through the almost eight hours of training Zod had just put himself through. It was an ironic relationship between them indeed. Zod was master, and Qigon his slave. Yet Zod was now labouring for Qigon’s growth and increase in power. Surely, however, the tables would soon be turned. For as soon as he regained his basic and fundamental master of Qigon, he would be capable of powers that could bring the world to its knees. Qigon himself arose now, his master having disappeared into the blackness of the night, looking after him. The climate would soon be changed to something… brighter. A sign that at least one level of harsh training had been passed. Qigon now thought of a place that would be adequate for the next phase…
Zod would continue to walk and at one moment seeing nothing in the distance, would see a rising star that, if he did not konw better, he would swear was but ten feet in front of him. As it arose in the height of the sky, his faces was lit up, as well as the land around him transformed. He went from standing in the center of a Mars-like war, to standing in a child-like forest, with a bright sun above. He chuckled slightly, as he turned to face Qigon, who now stood fifty meters away in silent appeasement.

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Re: The Qigon Trials Part: 1

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Fresh leaves crunched underfoot could be heard from a distance as the young girl sprinted across a hill, a ravenously fast blue mist following her behind about eighty meters. She ran so elegantly, yet the distance she covered was astounding; much like watching a gazelle or a cheeta when in full stride. She looked to be about twelve years old, small for her age. She had very long blonde hair and long black eyelashes. The dress she wore was one that appeared to be constructed purely of red and white roses, and her feet were bare. It was quite exquisite the kind of things the mind could create when pushed, Zod thought as his chakra pursued the young girl. It took him a while to recall, as he pondered on the vastness of the dream world he currently inhabited, that this was his mind. In other words, he had to know the terrain far better than the child who left his pursuit. On the thought of how on earth the earthen paradise they were in was so elaborately detailed, it occurred to him as well that the young girl must be someone he knew.

Putting things together quite quickly as he often did, he realized that the place had the eerie feeling of "real" was because it likely was, in fact, somewhere he had been to at some point. The young girl as also someone he knew. He gritted his teeth at the thought of Qigon, his chakra, surfing the planes of his subconscious and drawing up this place from it as though it were some kind of tourist destination. Back to the present moment, he decided to spread his chakra both north and south in order to corner the girl as she headed for a much greater wood far in the distance. She, once more, seemed so effortless in her movement, it was as though she had been here before. It was about an hour before he could sense through his chakra that he was near her, and at that point two waves of blue ambient mist would pursue her both from behind and from her right side. She seemed not to be bothered nor perturbed as she continued in blissful glee.

She picked up speed, noticing that the mist persuing her grew more and more aggressive. The part that Zod curiously began to become agitated at is the fact that the girl seemed to be as quite ignorant of why she was running as Zod was as to why she had appeared in his mind and not someone else. She reached the edge of a cliff and fluidly lept just before she would be consumed by the mist. Zod smirked as he saw this happen through the medium of the mist that had been pursuing her. He was rusty, but still a tactical mastermind. As the girl fell to the ocean bed below her, the chakra above her stood consuming all around her the woods from above. She fell plush into the water of supposed safety, only to be consumed by the pool of chakra that had been mixed into it as he had been chasing her moments before. Qigon stood up from his meditative stance, the same look of apathy and bewilderment that he so often had on his face.

"You... caught her." He said softly remorsefully.

Zod grinned. "If I did not know thee better Qigon, I would say thine heart is downcast at my victory."

He stood up from the ground and took a deep breath. He found the chase with the girl amusing. It was meant to test his quickness and preciseness in spreading his chakra flow; a benefit for sure. But it was tedium in comparison to what he truly knew to be chakra training.

"Let the real work begin now, Qigon." he said simply.

Qigon nodded and began to walk into the distance, beckoning Zod to follow naturally. He did, and no surprise, the scenery around them, that is, the environment itself, changed. In less than a blink he and Qigon stepped out of the fields and sunny trees to a flat land with mirky skies. The land was dry and simple, no fluctuation in it at all. For miles there could be seen nothing save for a gentle mist that seemed to hang over everywhere simultaneously. The sky was seamlessly cloudy, though a heavenly body could be seen in its cloak above, greatly hidden from sight. Qigon stopped and turned to face his master, the immediate cue clicking to Zod. They were to train together now, to grow one another. Qigon intended to push Zod, and in doing so, they would both benefit simultaneously.

Fighting one's chakra would normally seemed counter intuitive, but in the case of the extra-terrestrial whose unique kekkei genkai made his chakra a sentient being, it was the perfect equation. Zod's struggle with it would grow its strength, durability and speed, and at the same time grow Zod's chakra mastery - no pun intended. He needed to master Qigon in physical form, so that in battle he could do so in the incorporeal sense.

"Come." Zod, said softly, his naked body beginning to glow a dark red as Qigon stared at him, emotionless.

Came, he did. Qigon moved with unusual speed... soundless speed, even, and caught Zod off guard with a blow to his stomach, burning his myti-chlorian shell that appeared as flesh as he did so. Zod made no moan of pain, his cells not even phased which allowed him to retaliate immediately with a right hook to the side of Qigon. He felt silly forgetting that Qigon was made of pure chakra, and therefore quite easily could make himself permeable; Zod's fist going straight through his head and into empty air. This ability to flux his physical nature made Qigon actually quite the opponent, and having been so locked up from his physical body for so long, the Aesirian deity now began to change his battle strategy. He glided to the right side of Qigon quickly, his chakra squaring up to him in return. Zod figured speed would be the answer, he would have to find a way to fake a strike, forcing Qigon to phase out, and when he materialized a deafening strike would be his demise. He burst forth with such dynamic speed that he was certain that Qigon would not be able to react. He did react. And as soon as he perceived a change in nature, Zod flitted with almost teleportative speed behind the man whom he had just, less than a second ago, been in front of to deliver the first blow. Now behind him, he timed it so that he would make contact with his neck as soon as he was timed to materialize.
Once more, he found himself disappointingly striking nothing but air.

Qigon was, in the most literal sense, a being composed of physical and spiritual energy. The key word was energy. This allowed him to spend more time within the mind of Zod than Zod did. He knew the inside out of Zod, including his myti-chlorians, better as well; a fact that annoyed his master at times without doubt. That being said, wherever they were, he was sure to have a feel for the environment that could not now be competed with; he would need another strategy. Physical attacks could not work on a being who was so familiar with his surroundings that he could almost be said to be a part of them. The Aesirian stopped for a moment, now standing ten meters from Qigon, who stood unmoving or hesitant. He started on a trail of thought that he knew would end up in a solution far more affective than what he had been trying. He was strikingly quick at learning from mistakes in general, and never made the same one twice. Thus, the next round would be dramatically different than those previous undoubtedly.

Zod did not move a muscle, and suddenly fire exploded from the earth like a hot stove and spewed its innards at Qigon, who stood there with a look of complete immovability. The fire struck him, Zod was sure; but it hd no affect. He was not so foolish as to think that a being such as Qigon could be harmed by phyiscal attacks of course; yet he wanted to test as to if he possessed the mental control to affect the environement within his mind. He did. Which meant that he was one with it every bit as much if not more than Qigon. He calmed himself, and began to go into a silent reposs. Into which, he decided he would harness all the power he could potentially have within this realm and take this match from a battle into a submission. As Qigon saw his master take a stance of relaxation, however, he charged forward, disappearing as he reached two feet in front of Zod, and reappearing simultaneously with a blow to the side of his head, sending his master flying forty feet.

Zod arose quickly in slight frustration. He knew he had to be on to something if Qigon felt the need to be aggressive. He decided to make space in order to gather his thoughts. What he was really after was a focus on his cells in order that he, like Qigon would learn to faze in and out of state so as to become virtually impossible to physically strike. Qigon charged at him once more, this time with nearly blinding speed. Zod jetted to the right at forty-five degrees just before receiving yet another heavy blow to the temple, looking back at Qigon from the side. He wouldn't have time. He began to think greatly, now forseeing that he and Qigon would be clashing physically in but anther moment. Feigning injury, Zod hobbled towards Qigon in a mild sprint, his chakra showing no signs of hesitation as he burst forward as well. Zod picked up speed a moment before impact, where both struck one another in the abdomen, only Zod feeling the blow. It knocked the "wind" out of him actually, and he fell back on the cool ground as Qigon walked up to him silently.

He was out of shape and out of control; and this began to indeed frustrate the Aesirian who was not easily made this way. He tried to arise but could not, his myti-chlorians still in shock. It was irritating that they were still so unsynchronized as to take a phyiscal blow of medium power so heavily. This added to his mild anxiety, which seemed to slowly but surely be converting into anger as the blue entity approached him. Refusing to show signs of harsh breathing, the alien instead reacted on instinct and stuck out his had towards Qigon, nothing happening at first. At first, that is. A moment later, the "skin" of Qigon began to ripple slightly, and the key to the puzzle began to be solved. Zod arose slowly as Qigon backed away in wonder.

Zod had forgotten a lot of things since being locked up in the mountain. This is why, he reasoned, Qigon had been taking him through memory lane. So that he could figure out certain things naturally within the confines of his own mind. And he had figured out how to beat Qigon now. Qigon was his chakra. In other words, directly tied to his physical and spiritual energy. Since Zod was, by definition, in direct and absolute control of that energy, fighting Qigon would go from being perilous to being foolish. Qigon could no more pose a threat to him than could his own foot. Qigon knew this, but needed Zod to figure it out in a direct way. He reached his hand out and pointed it at Qigon, his body raising off the ground as it did. He closed his hand, as though he were crushing a fruit of great size, and the rippling, vibrating body of Qigon vanished in a poof of ambient energy and smoke.

Reforming moments later behind his master, he clapped his hands slowly as Zod shrugged off the battle and began to float into the atmosphere.

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Re: The Qigon Trials Part: 1

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As he floated upward into the expanse of the imaginary sky that existed in the realm of his mind, Zod's subconscious, like a tsunami, crashed in upon him with a flood of suppressed memories coming forth onto the shore.
He found himself walking in the fields of large corn, a small young male who looked to be about five years younger than he walking in tow behind him. With the young boy were two other children, one slightly younger boy and one much younger female. It was one of those strange dreams that was so quickly and fluidly melded together with the reality one lived in, that you hardly noticed the change, though drastic. In addition to that, strangely enough Zod found himself appearing in the dream, or memory, mid-speech as he walked elegantly through the sunny fields. The point in the conversation where he began to hear and understand the words he spoke was around the following point:

"Of course. K-Pax is the closest to the Outer Rim of the Cochlean galaxy. It's diversity of species is truly extraor-"

Zod stopped himself. He paused within the shoulder-high corn stalks and turned back to look at the expectant faces of the younger pupils who followed. He stared at the older boy's face for a moment, a tingling sensation burning all across his chest and neck area as he eerily recalled with whom he spoke. It dawned on him, at that moment, that he was wearing a white robe, in similar fashion to the classical greeks. Upon his head sat a crown of gold and crystal, which appeared to be fashioned in the same way as a crown of thorns. He was suddenly unsure of what to think of or say at that moment. Was he reliving a memory, or concocting some mix between his present conscious reality and one that he had owned previously? Being an extra-dimensional such questions and equations were not a foreign concept to him, yet he stood there puzzled trying to figure out where he currently was or why he was in this space.

The smell of sweet honey and burnt wheat was all to distinguishing. He was in a memory of his time in the Isle of Blooming Flowers. The pupils who followed him were the three small children whom he had practically adopted from the ruins of the Temple of Thermopolae. They looked so... young, it was almost disturbing to the Aeserian. To see their faces again, that is. He looked away suddenly, unable to face any more the young man directly behind him who he knew would be the person to betray him somewhere in the future timeline of that previous world. He could not decide what to say next, and suddenly his heart rushed with the fantasy that perhaps somehow he had gone back in time and, knowing what he knew now, could fix things. His reason retorted, saying that he could not more go back in time by visiting a memory than could a man go into the future by visiting his bathroom. He could not think of a reason as to why he was here and with a blink of his eye quickly found himself elsewhere.

This time he awoke within a time frame much further forward. He stood within a thick wood, humans running all around him in what looked to be a small population or clan; and far away in the north a great mountain to which seemed to be the "true north" of the camp. He walked through the crowds of families who surrounded the wood, their various huts all around the edges of it. As he moved forward, he saw a great multitude gathered about ten meters forward who surrounded what appeared to be a great flame. It was mid-day, surely a strange time for such a flame to be a lit. In the center of the crowd, in front of that flame stood a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties, humanly speaking, and seemed to be screaming a message at the crowd to which they hailed quite seriously.

"Fear the Holy One, lest His wrath break out against you and your children! All of Elah's people shall eat the best of the land, but the disobedient shall be counted among the defilers! Choose ye today, shall you be for Elah, or for the strange gods whom your fathers served?"

Zod listened intently and began to feel the same burning sensation on his chest that he did when in the fields with the three initiates. As he walked through the crowd and cut around their noisily movements, he saw the face of the evangelist who stood in the midst of the great flame. It was Kachi, the Uzumaki priest whom he had annointed to serve him at the mountain. He did not know if this was a present or future time, but he reckoned that it had taken place during the time in which he was imprisoned. He had gained access to a view of the village below that he had not quite been able to see before, yet this was still somehow a memory. Kachi continued to roar with the laws and commandments which Zod had given him upon the mount, preaching word for word what had been delivered to him. Kachi was a man in whom Zod had great respect, as far as human men went. His faithfulness, until the end that is, was blameless. When first meeting him, he was terrified as expected. Exceedingly meek and reverent, Zod had not met nor heard of a man in ages who was like this one. Chosen specially to be his priest, he had called him in a dream to come to the mount and deal with him personally. Through his zeal and enthusiasm, the Uzumaki clan had been convinced to stay within those borders and worship the god with whom their children could find refuge. He promised to neither leave nor forsake them...

And Kachi believed this up unto the day his sons went missing. Zod had realized long ago that it was human nature to be dualistic and undulating in one's practice. That is, that all men were inconsistent and quite fickle. Kachi had not been the exception, and he had known that his way with his family lacked the same reverance as with his god. He was a man who, in the direct sense, was given over to a rich sense of piety, but who in another was given over to gluttony and excess neglect in regards to his family. He beat his wife and was emotionally abusive to his children. Zod had observed and sutdied this trait in the man, quite curious to see such a dramatic difference in his character between the two spheres of activity. It was no doubt that his drunkenness was largely a result of bearing the burden of stress of being the mediator between his kin and the strange deity who possessed the power to keep them from destruction. Who could provide food where there was none, and drink where there was none.
If there were men who broke a holy ordinance, it was Kachi who commanded their execution, in order that they be saved from the wrath of Elah. If a festival was to be held, it was him that made sure that the food was prepared according to the command and truth revealed. A lot was on his shoulders; perhaps too much, and Zod saw that now, from this flesh-to-flesh position.

He stood in the crowd pondering Kachi, and the area around him soon began to vanish as it always did when these lessons would be swallowed whole by the confused Zod. Next thing he knew, he was atop the ledge of a great hill, and silently looking out into the expanse of what appeared to be an endless mountain range. Tired of the changing scenery, he took a sigh and a seat atop the edge as he pondered all that he had seen. There was something he was meant to get out of all those small glimpses into the past, though he knew not what. It was quite agitating to be befuddled by one's own intellect and mind. Qigon, in bodily form, floated from below to make eye level contact with him as he sat in the dreamworld alone, thinking of so much at once.

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Re: The Qigon Trials Part: 1

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