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Hyozan's Lofty Crimson Jade || 氷山の孤高の紅翡翠

Hyuuga Hitomi

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Hyozan's Lofty Crimson Jade || 氷山の孤高の紅翡翠

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• Name: Hyuuga Hitomi || 日向・瞳
• Nickname / Alias: Hitomin, Mii-Chan, Hime-sama, Sage of the Dragonlords, The Eyes of the Dragon
• Title: Lofty Crimson Jade || 孤高の紅翡翠 || Kokou no Benihisui
• Age: 22
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Bisexual

• Height: 5'8"
• Weight: 115lbs
• Body type: Slender and Athletic
• Eye colour: Sapphire blue (silvery white Byakugan, fully unlocked)
• Hair colour & style: Fiery Orange
• General Appearance:

• Markings: None

• Persona: As a teenager, Hitomi was a very proud individual, especially in her combat abilities, and exuding an air of confidence and strength. She had a very high opinion of both her appearance and her skill as a kunoichi. She was stubborn and found it difficult to express her true feelings to others. She did not like being looked down upon or told what to do, wanting desperately to be viewed as an adult. She was aggressive and can be very opinionated. However, this personality was a front that protected a very vulnerable and insecure girl, a side of her that could only be seen in her dreams or thoughts. She is often violent and intrusive of other people's space, always quick to initiate or rise to a challenge, and is similarly quick witted and impulsive, especially in heated situations. She also had a strong need to be self-sufficient, and had a hard time coming to grips with her own perceived failures.

In her adulthood, Hitomi has grown into a master sage, communing with the forces of nature and feeling the world’s energy flow through her. She has gained a greater perspective on life, not only through her own emotional maturity, but also through the wisdom and guidance of the great dragons. While at her core, Hitomi is still the same impulsive, hot-headed, emotional, stubborn girl, she knows how to take a step back, and consider her situation. Like her byakugan, she has grown to see the world for what it really is, free from the rose-tinted haze of emotional bias. She, like everyone else, is filled with emotion and vice, but as an adult, she has gained the self-awareness to overcome these impulses. That being said, her, at times unrealistic expectations for herself still cause her a great deal of emotional stress. She has fought her entire life to be recognized, and to prove her merit to those around her. Even in her adulthood, standing as one of the greatest kunoichi in all of Hyozangakure, she is still held down by the weight of her failures.

• Motto: "Hard work and Guts!" ||「努力と根性だ!」

• Likes: Riding her bike across the barren Hyozan tundra, the feeling of the wind in her air, dressing up for a night on the town, spicy food, being praised.

• Dislikes: Feeling helpless, long periods of inactivity, governmental politics, overly strict traditions, people’s lack of self-awareness

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Jūken Shodan || 柔拳初段
    Rank: C
    Type: Physical
    Requirements: Taijutsu as main spec, Hyuuga clan
    Description: The Gentle Fist (柔拳, Jūken) is a form of hand-to-hand combat used by members of the Hyūga clan. It inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Chakra Pathway System, subsequently injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. To do this, the user surgically injects a certain amount of their own chakra into the opponent's chakra pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the chakra circulatory system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage, hence the name "gentle" fist.

    The Hyuuga’s Byakugan allows the practitioner to attack the target’s tenketsu, inserting their chakra into them and forcibly opening or sealing them in whatever manner the Gentle Fist user sees fit. The affected person's chakra flow can either be increased or disrupted completely, eventually preventing them from moulding chakra entirely.

    Due to the nature of the Jūken fighting style, Taijutsu techniques of this style derive their power from the user’s Chakra stat, rather than Strength, acting as if they were Ninjutsu techniques. Their speed is still derived from the Speed stat like all other Taijutsu however.

    This rank of Jūken allows the user to perform Up to C-Rank Jūken jutsu, and increases their Speed and Chakra by +10

  • Name: spiritual stamina
    Rank:  C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their natural stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements:
Main: Water || 水
Dominant: Fire || 火
Dominant: Wind || 風

• Specialty:
Main: Taijutsu || 体術
Dominant: Ninjutsu || 忍術
Dominant: Fuinjutsu || 封印術

• Clan: Hyuuga

• Bijuu: No


Total = 272+10+10+25

• Strength: [50]
• Speed: 89+10 [100]
• Durability: [60]
• Chakra: 82+25+10 [117]

• Village: Hyozangakure
• Parents: Father dead, Mother in exile
• Siblings: none
• Mentor & Idols: Hyuuga Obari (uncle)
• History: Hitomi was born the illegitimate daughter of Hyuuga Yuko, and Ikari Shuunosuke. Her mother, Yuko was the firstborn daughter of Hyozangakure’s main branch of the Hyuuga clan. She was betrothed from birth and enjoyed little to no emotional freedom. It was strictly forbidden for her to wed, let alone seek the company of a man outside of their clan. Her father, Shuunosuke was born of meager blood. His family lineage had never produced any noteworthy shinobi, and served the village hidden in the glacier faithfully, and in obscurity. However, as fate would have it, the two lovers met, fell hopelessly in love, and conceived a child.

The Hyuuga were furious, ordering Shuu be put to death, and Yuko banished to a shinto nunnery to live out her years in shame. The lovers wept and plead for mercy, calling out to any who would listen. Unfortunately, the Hyuuga’s political might was too great, and calling upon the full force of the law, hung Hitomi’s father, and banished her mother, mutilating her tenketsu and removing her eyes.

In order to preserve the purity of the Hyuuga name, they order the child be drowned, thrown from the glacial shelf to be claimed by the arctic waves. The man charged to carry out the gruesome task was her uncle, Hyuuga Obari, a man few thought highly of, and possessing little status within the clan. He looked deep into the baby’s crystal blue eyes, and saw only his elder sister, Yuko. He couldn’t take the life of an innocent child, and fled from the prying eyes of Hyozangakure, to a small fishing village in the lowlands. He gave them the child he named Hitomi, and returned to the village. There, Hitomi lived out her childhood, learning the way of the tribe, learning how to hunt, and in secret, training in the art of the ninja with her Uncle.

It wasn’t until hitomi was fourteen that she returned to Hyozangakure. As if some act of karmic justice the girl of half-hyuuga blood possessed greater strength and aptitude for the clan’s techniques than any before her. She felt the rhythm of her chakra, feeling its ebb and flow, moulding it and weaving it as an extension of her body.

[December 23rd 1121, Deep in the Tendo Peaks of Hyou no Kuni]

Hitomi’s legs were asleep. She hadn’t had this problem while meditating since she was a student. She wasn't focusing. The morning winds whipped through the glacial canyon below, its usual eerie yet calming howl doing nothing for redhead sitting in lotus position. She could feel it, the world’s spirits calling out to her, the natural energy of the sacred peak trying to talk to her. Tell her… something. She was listening. Really hard even. But nothing. It was like she was underwater, hearing someone calling her name, but not knowing it was her own.

Hitomi flashed open her sapphire blue eyes and rose from the snowy stone ground. She gave up for now.

“Not like you to give up so quickly Crimson Jade.”

“And it’s not like you to hover over my shoulder like a whelp, Atarka.” Hitomi spun towards the deep gravelly rumble of a voice. The great dragon Atarka, render of worlds, and her oldest companion among the Tendo peaks.

The two stared at one another, Hitomi’s orange hair blowing around her shoulders. Clear signs of snow collected in the recess of Atarka’s orange scaly hide. He had been standing there for a while.

“Well… what is it this time?” The girl paused

“It’s them. They’re on the move. I know you’ve felt it....”

Hitomi bit her lip. She knew exactly who he meant. She knew exactly what he meant for her to do. She knew exactly what she needed to do. She turned towards the stone temple building carved from the ancient glacial mountain and picked up her helmet from the ground next to her. She needed to go back.

• Roleplay Sample:
She looks down a low wall of gray stone, topped by red tiles washed to a dull brown by the moonlight. Here and there, kudzu creepers from the surrounding forest have caught on the wall, working their way slowly up its face, finding small natural pockmarks in the lava-rock and cracks where the wind and rain have done their work, then winding between and over the feeble defense of the tiles, falling down into the well-kept orchard beyond. She places the sole of her sleek skin-tight combat uniform, on a vine finding purchase. When she vaults over, she is as quiet as an owl leaving its tree-bower to hunt. A cricket chirps and from a dozen other places down the wall her deshi rise and follow, spilling over the wall to pool under the boughs of the plum trees. They are her disciples, she has trained every one of them from a young age and now they move as extensions of her own will. They are moon-shadows, the thin blue of watered milk and no more solid; their movement through the air is the swaying of rushes; their soft footfalls the scampering of mice in the fields.

The villa proper is clearly visible through gnarled, leafless trees. Here is the summer residence of an affluent samurai merchant who once profited from his trading house's location on the road that stretched between the high walls of Kuwabara Castle and the spice-ports of Heiwajima. Since the war began, he had been forced to abandon his wares and live here full time, with a small retinue of guards and his sole heir, a young noble by the name of Kio. All this Hitomi has read in a scroll that she destroyed in last night's campfire. She burned the words, turning their meaning to ash, and tonight, they will kill every man here and finish what she started. In three days time, a harried official will arrive escorted by Joki shinobi from Kuwabara, begging for the noble to release his stores of rice to feed the war effort, and he will find an intricately wrought puzzle of death. With shaking hands on abacus he will subtract the calm expressions of the corpses from the obvious traces of violence and the residue of his calculations will reveal nothing but blue-gray shadows and the glint of steel in the moonlight. Kagami checks the tactical sheath securing her short blade, and slips forward, toward the inner wall. A gentle night wind blows up from the road that approaches the villa's front gate, stirring the torch fires on the inner wall and shifting the dim light that trickles through the boughs of the empty orchard.

* * *

The wind was always tricky in the valley where she was grew up, under the shadow of the lofty Sokenzan mountains. Even on a warm summer day, the clouds could shift high in the peaks, sending a stiff breeze down the Hyouzan glacier to snap the hanging festival flags to attention and set the gilt-green leaves of the gingko trees to shivering in an early anticipation of autumn. Down between the rice-cake stalls and the soot-darkened eves of the merchant quarter, the girl would crouch and wait for the wind to pass, one hand kept on the yellow shawl that covered the basket of apples she carried for her mother. In the market, the gourd hawker would stop his song and scowl at the whirling street-dust. Standing in a doorway nearby, the tea-seller would pause before pouring another bowl and smile. Cold weather is good for business, and the recent droughts had made his money-pouch lean of late. Two months later, on a windy autumn evening, the tea-seller would be killed by a bolt of white lightning falling from a clear sky.

It was windy the night that the ninja came to the girl's village and slaughtered her family and everyone else she had ever known. From under the loose floorboards, she could hear the wind buffeting the broken shoji screens that ran between the veranda and the gathering room. In there the masked men carved her sister into pieces while her father cursed it and waved a smoldering poker from the firepit where they had just cooked dinner an hour before. The girl saw them-- cloaked in what could only be described as the night itself, wearing serine animal masks flecked with the blood of the only people she had ever come to know, gleaming snowflake icons adorning their foreheads. She watched as they turned the corpses, slowly examining the eyes of each and every girl, ignoring the men and simply piling them one by one in the village square. She lay hidden under the floorboards of her house as the wind carried the scent of burning flesh through the valley and into the recesses of her memories.


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