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Permanent Execution

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Permanent Execution

Post by The War Ender on Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:20 am

I want everyone to know that this is nothing personal. I enjoy each of your company, and really enjoyed my time here.

But in facing facts, I don't really feel like this is the site for me. I have fundamental issues with the vision for the site itself, as well as the direction most players and staff would like to see the site head in. No matter how much I like a car, if it's driving off a cliff, I have to bail. And again, that's not a sleight at you guys; I don't feel like your'e driving off a cliff or failing, it's just not the place for me.

If anyone needs me or wants to chat or anything, my skype is demonknightt. Have a good one, guys! Train hard and be the very best! Believe it!

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