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Enter: The Iceberg [Village Meeting]



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Enter: The Iceberg [Village Meeting]

Post by NPC on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:53 am

The frozen tundra of iceberg, which housed the village hidden in the Iceberg, spoke wonders to the travelers that froze to death as they died in their tracks, except for a single man, a chubby man with a single piece of hair that stood up on his head. "Ughh why does this village have to be soo far away." He would say as he waddled past the dead pieces of the travelers as he would finally enter the village. The ninja at the gate would bow as he would suddenly request. "I need to see all ninja in this village in the meeting hall, thank you." He would say as he headed for the Meeting hall. His seat being cleaned and a large turkey being sat in front of him as he sat upon the throne awaiting his arrival. The Daimyo was here.
Garnet Rose

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Re: Enter: The Iceberg [Village Meeting]

Post by Garnet Rose on Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:13 pm

Today was a rather normal day, or at least it was for the standards of Garnet. Wake up, go through your normal routine and then make your way towards the mission office in order to get some cash flow into his pocket. It was mind numbingly boring, but if he didn't do this that it was a sad fact that he would never be seeing the completion of his weapon. Wrapping his ever bright red cloak around him, he began to make out the office in the distance, however oddly enough....somebody was moving towards him?
      Continuing his walk a little bit confused suddenly an average non-important ninja would stop before him, roughly shoving a message into his hands before disappearing. Fumbling the letter due to his surprise it fell into the snow softly before being quickly snatched up by Garnet, not wanting the paper to be soaked through as it would become unreadable if was.
      "All ninja are report to the meeting all by order of....." he trailed off, brushing off some powder snow that was still on the paper to uncover the last bit of the message. "The Daimyo!" His eyes would widen at the last bit, the basic ruler of your country is not somebody that you want to mess with. Suddenly the space where he was would be replaced by air as a flurry of rose petals covered the streets, trailing behind Garnet as he dashed towards the meeting hall at a breakneck speed paying no mind to the biting wind or how the very thing that was supposed to keep him warm was trailing behind him like a cape.
    Eventually appearing in front of the hall a few moments later he would let himself in, passing through the doors and past the rather lazy looking receptionist before entering the actual room itself. Finding the room rather empty save for the daimyo himself with a turkey that was looking really, really good right around now he would awkwardly tiptoe in and slowly let the door close behind him before sitting himself in one of the middle rows of seats, waiting for whatever big thing that the entire force of ninjas in the village had been summoned to.
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Re: Enter: The Iceberg [Village Meeting]

Post by Samaku Hoshigaki on Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:50 am

Samaku would get the summons to go to the meeting hall, so Samaku would stroll up with his hands in his pockets, and a sigh on his lips, blue hair swaying in the wind, his blue eyes staring out and about him, his attitude was completely of that of disintrest for every bit of it, Samaku really did not care why he was summoned, he didnt care for it, even if it was a Daimyo that was summoning him.


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Re: Enter: The Iceberg [Village Meeting]

Post by Futushi on Wed Feb 17, 2016 5:47 am

''Futushi-sama, are you awake?''

Futushi yawned loudly as he stretched the sleepiness from his bones, the muscles in his body feeling like limp noodles as he attempted to gain his composure for the days events. Futushi sat cushioned upon his bed, his movements restricted by the confinements of his beds soft mattress molded into the physique of his sleeping body. The sweat upon his naked finely toned body glistened with a sheerness as his arms stretched further above his head, his yawn echoing through the room of his personal home within Hyouzangakure. It was undeniably a change of scenery from the wooden confinements of The Ryujin, his Ship.

''Futushi-sama, this is Important. All citizens are being called for attendance at the meeting hall. This does inlu-d..''

Before the woman could even finish her sentence the door to Futushi's room flew open with such speed that the poor female was startled not just by the rapidness of the door but by the man that had opened it with such force who now stood in its wake ''Oh, good Morning Mirai, please do come in and explain to me further exactly what the problem is'' Futushi would say as he peered down at the young woman who stood before him, a look of terror dominantly displayed upon her face. Futushi had met Mirai many times before 'The cute Librarian' he always called her due to her love of wearing thick black-rimmed spectacles with a matching dress-suit designed to display the officialese she so desperately tried to create. What Mirai had in looks she lacked in confidence, the woman was much too shy for a job where she had to work with people and her tiny whispering voice just seemed to worsen the situation. Perhaps it was for this reason Futu always bullied her with sexual tension and rude gestures, her beauty and demeanor just seemed to encourage the dirty man more.

Mirai stood, her mouth a gape as she sheepishly stared at Futushi, his body completely naked other than a small blanket covering him from the waist down. Futushi allowed a smirk to caress his lips as he watched Mirai watching him ''F-Fut-Futushi-sama! It is imperative you make your way over to the Meeting Hall. Your presence is demanded by that of the Dai-m'' Futushi would silence the woman, lightly placing a finger on her lips causing a tiny Oof to escape the woman's throat ''Now now deary, is it all work and no play with you? You of all people should know I don't awake from my slumbering before 9 o'clock, even the Hyouzankage knows this. So tell me child who is so Important they expect me to get up at'' Futushi would pause as he grabbed Mirai's wrist to look at the watch upon it causing a blush to cross the females now pink-hued cheeks ''7:30 in the morning?'' Futushi would finish his question by removing his hands from Mirai's lips and wrist both allowing her to answer him. Mirai began fidgeting as she looked up at Futushi with such innocence ''Ahem.. As I tried to explain earlier, The Daimyo is calling the attendance of all Citizens within Hyouzangakure. The details have not been explained further other than that..'' Mirai would finish as she watched Futushi with a keen interest. Mirai was nothing if not persistent in doing her job as one of the Kage's assistants, too bad the poor woman was personally selected to handle Futushi's overbearing perverseness and love for dramatic flare.  

Futushi stood with a look of complete horror as his left eye began twitching slightly ''T-The Dai-myo you say? Oh how w-wonder-ful. I'll make my way over at o-nce, Thank you Mirai you may leave now'' With a quick shove Futushi took Mirai to the front door of his home and threw the woman onto the street. In what seemed like an instant the front door to the home was forcefully closed as the sounds of locks clicking into place were audible to Mirai outside. ''Futushi-sama, the Kage expected this reaction so she sent Anbu to accompany me to collect you. You should know they are still inside'' Mirai would say as she heard what sounded like an altercation coming from within Futushi's home. ''Hey!.. What are you doing!.. I can dress myself!.. Were you hit with the ugly stick as a child!.. I AM NOT WEARING THAT!.. Move! I'll select my own outfit thank you. This is just plain rude.. OI! Don't touch that!.. Stop pushing me I'm going as fast as I can!............ I WASN'T TRYING TO ESCAPE OUT THE WINDOW, I JUST NEEDED SOME AIR!.. My body was outside the window because my entire body needed air! Thank you very much Captain Obvious!..''

Thirty Minutes later a sulking Futushi made his way alongside Mirai toward the Meeting hall, escorting behind them was an entire flock of Anbu black ops awaiting Futushi to try to run once again, like he had five minutes earlier. Miriai walked with an obvious prep in her step as she regarded Futushi next to her in triumph ''Oh Futushi-sama, don't look so glum. Why do you not want to meet the Daimyo? Being a Sannin of Hyouzangakure you should be one of the ones who most respect him'' Mirai would comment as she noticed the sweat dripping down Futushi's face. ''Okay okay... so I may have accidentally raided one or two of the Daimyo's personal cargo ships, In my defense... they did scream 'RAID ME!' so umm.. yeah The Ryujin is a ship one knows on sight so I'm sure he knows... Can I leave now?'' Futushi would say as he attempted once again to flee.

Their arrival at the Meeting hall came quicker than expected and with a simple ''Good Luck Futushi-sama'' Mirai departed with the Anbu after pushing Futushi into the building. Sulking Futushi slowly crept inside the Meeting hall, avoiding eye contact with those inside. Trying to remain inconspicuous Futushi shuffled his way through the crowd of Hyouzangakure citizens trying to locate an area he could blend well into. Utter utter failure. Instead of remaining hidden Futushi was spotted almost immediately by a crowd of people, his adorning fans consisting of men and woman of the like, their cheers and praises of 'We love you Futushi' audible for the entire room to hear. Futushi stood in defeat as the crowd of fans grew with each passing minute, a look of approval, fear and annoyance upon his face as he dealt with the men and woman currently flocking to him. Atleast he wasn't visible to the Daimyo right? Right?


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Re: Enter: The Iceberg [Village Meeting]

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