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Carving puppets and Learning Skills


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Carving puppets and Learning Skills

Post by Kaos on Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:36 pm

.Kaos was home, well in the forge next to his home, looking upon the wood he had bought in order to carve puppets out of them. He realized that not only did he have this to do, but he had scheduled his skill training as well. He laughs to himself, and says, "Maybe I'll just switch back and forth, from the carvings to the training, shouldn't be to bad, I think. Just gonna do some basic puppet models, and some basic skills that will help me along."
He grabs he carving tools, grabbing a stool and sitting in front of the first wood block. He whistles a upbeat tone, as he starts to carve and chisel away the wood, the idea for the puppet already coming to mind.
"You will be a wonderful sensei puppet. All you'll do is be the instrument that which allows me to speak to myself, in a mentoring tone, though you probably won't leave the house so people don't think I'm too crazy when I  began speaking to myself in public," Kaos thinks to himself, as he continues to carve into the wood, seemingly looking like he was randomly carving into the wood, but when someone would look closer they would see the beginning of the body, and the legs. A few more strokes and the arms begin to appear. A few more minutes, and everything below the head was ready. The legs could pivot at the puppet's knees, the arms could bend at the puppet's elbows and rotate around in circles, the fingers on the hand had a basic grip, the puppet could bend over at the waist, and the only thing left was to finish the head. Kaos quickly carved the wood, until a nice sensei-looking head existed, complete with a sensei-like hat on the puppets head. The head had nice simple eyes, that could be rotated by chakra threads, and a moving mouth, that could open and close making it look like it was speaking.
Kaos wipes his brow, realizing that he hadn't really carved his puppets before, and they sure did take a lot of thoughtfulness than he thought. He smiles lifting up a hand, and a single chakra thread shoots out of his pointer finger, splitting up and attaching itself up the various joints, and parts of the puppet. Kaos moves his finger slightly, and the puppet raises off the ground into a standing position. He smiles, and then decides to do his first skill training. he wanted to throw his voice and figure working with his newly created puppet would help him. He smiles, and begins practicing.
"Say Ahhhhh, Puppet." Kaos says. He moves the mouth and practices making it look like the puppet was saying "Ahhhh."
Kaos tried to throw his voice, but failed to do so the first time he tried. He grunted, trying to remember what the ventriloquist -a little one name Joff Donham, who Kaos's father had taken him to see once- had said about this technique. It wasn't easy, you had to control to your breathing, and make your voice sound distance. Kaos practice once again, doing the same thing that the ventriloquist had said to do a long time ago. It didn't really help that it was a few years gap, although, when Kaos had first tried it, the guy had said he had done it perfectly correct and that he was a natural at throwing his voice. He even offered to give Kaos a few dummies to practice, but at the time Kaos had refused. he talked his dad into helping him create his own wood puppets, but shortly before they could work on it, Raxen was killed. For the longest time, Kaos couldn't come into the forge, but Kaos realized that recently, to truly honor his father, he should continue in what his father had taught him, and to learn how to blacksmith, so he could forge his own weapons, the puppet being the first of many to come that he would use in his personal armaments. He continued moving the mouth of the puppet,and tried again. This time he got a small squeaking sound to come out of the puppet, nothing to seriously, but Kaos knew he was on the right track. He continued along controlling his breathing, and threw his voice again, this time being able to get the puppet to appear to say, "Ahhh."
He continued on practicing, and soon, he and the puppet starting have a conversation. He manage to get all the sounds down just right for the puppet, and grinned. Of course, looking at the puppet, nobody would even think to believe the puppet was a Pinnochio, and could magically speak on its own.
Kaos stops, at that thought, and says, "Your name is now Sensei Pinocchio, welcome to life, Sensei."
Kaos makes Sensei look at Kaos, and then replies, throwing his voice into the puppet, "Why, thank you, glad to be here, that I am."
Kaos grins, and walks the puppet over to a lonely chair in the corner. He sits sensei down into the chair, and retracts his chakra threads. The once proud looking wood, sitting proud and riveting sinks in the chair as Kaos walks back over to the wood, beginning his next puppet. He sits down, and a new idea forms into his head, one that he could use on the remaining 9 blocks of wood. Simple training puppets, the likes of which he could use over and over again to practice training on. He stands up, dragging a block over to his seat, having forgotten to do that before he sat down, and begins carving the next model of puppet. He had the idea of making a steady base, something that could move when Kaos wanted it to move, but when Kaos wanted to stand still without the aid of chakra, so in the end, the legs ended up ending in feet that were two x's for the base. He carved the body totem style so as to keep it where it wouldn't fall over because it was too top heavy. the first segment, right above the legs would be slightly thicker than the one above it, not enough to make a visible difference, but it was stil there. He carved the next slightly bigger than the head, again just slightly to make no noticeable difference. The head when he carved it, he left a hunk of wood cut into a T on the forward part to be the eyes and nose of the wood puppet. His arms he made able to bend at the elbows, and free rotate around, while giving a wide circle shield thing at the base of the elbow for the puppet to "protect" himself with, however his hands were just a sphere ball which Kaos planned on using as a simple punch.while Kaos attacked him with the jutsu he was practicing at the time. Kaos grinned, looking over the puppet he had just finished with awe and pride. He then used one hand to control Sensei Pinocchio and the other hand to control the Training Puppet #1. The movements of Training Puppet #1 were clunky at first, but as Kaos practiced, the clunkiness of the puppet didn't really matter. He made the two puppets fight each other, not doing anything too damaging, just a swing here and a swing there, and using Training Puppet #1's elbow shield to blow a punch from the sense. Kaos threw his voice, and making it sound like it's from Sensei, "Good, good. Much improvement you have, you are slow and clunky, but stick around long enough and ol' Sensei Pinocchio will teach you how it goes. Now then, show me the ol' one-two punch."
Kaos then makes the Training Puppet do a one-two punch into Sensei, and he makes sensei reel back and then say, "Now that's what I call a good old one-two, very good. nicely done. You have the making's of being my greatest champion."
Kaos smirks, then says, "Now, now, Sensei, I have that potential, but time for you to go sleep in your chair."
He has Sensei walk over to his chair, and sit down, Kaos ends the chakra threads to both, and as before, sensei sags a little in his chair, however, Training Puppet #1 does not fall over, he stands tall, just as Kaos wanted him to. Kaos nods, and smiles, proud that it worked out as he had planned it to.
Kaos sighs, yawning, and thinks, "Hmm, the way I was doing this chakra control, reminds me of another skill I need to work on, one that i was actually working on moving my puppets around, a basic chakra control, beyond the simple on that I have. I liked the way that as I moved my puppets around, I was also getting better control of my chakra flow, and the puppets flow. Interesting, it really helped with my grasping of the chakra control that the skill was getting too."
He begins controlling the chakra flow around his body, sending it to concentrated points of his body, noting with joy, that the chakra seemed to be flowing even easier than before he had started today. He hadn't even realized it while working with the puppets, but he could feel it now, his chakra was definitely flowing faster, easier, making even the seemingly simple, but sometimes difficult, surface walking jutsu hardly noticeable to him now. He continue moving his chakra, testing it's fluidity, finally ending up satisfied that it was indeed flowing more smoothly and not a trick of Kaos's eyes, or just a fluke. He nods,  happy with how it ended up,
He turns, back to the wood blocks that lay before him, scattered within the forge. He nods to himself, walking to a wood block dragging the wood over to his chair. He can feel the muscles groan in protest, even though it was only the third block he had moved, which made him think of another skill, something that makes him slightly stronger than an average ninja. He could feel the muscle and realized that it might help if he dragged the wood blocks back and forth a few times to help increase his muscle mass and even though the muscles would groan and complain before he even finished, that later on the strength he acquired would make him stand apart from his fellow ninja. So squatting down, he began to power push the particular wood block he had grabbed back to it's original position, a few feet away. Looking around, he decided to push the others out of the way, to clear up room for him to push the one back and forth much farther than what he had just done.
As he cleared  a space, he made a nice push way of five meters, with the wood block resting straight in the middle. He pushed hard against it, using his shoulder to move it. It move slowly across the floor reaching one end. Kaos decided to grab a rope, and ties two of the blocks together, creating a harness of sorts for him to drag both across. Grabbing the end of the rope harness, he began to drag both of them to the other side of the room.He doesn't get far until the rope harness slack ends, and the blocks refuse to move. He continue tugging and manages to jerk slide one of them forward a inch or two. Kaos snarls, almost angry at the fact that he couldn't drag the two blocks across the room, easily. He continues to tug and jerk slide it, before he manages a nice good start, and manages to slide the wood blocks across the forge. He continues on, and the jerking movements of the blocks turn into a nice, smooth ride, not easy, but certainly manageable. He turns, grinning when he sees both wood blocks resided side by side.
Deciding that wouldn't just gain him too much strength, Kaos bends over, undoes the rope harness, and picks up- with some difficulty- one of the wood blocks,setting it on top of the other. He frowns at it, and decides that it could have another stacked on top of it. Pushing another over to the stacked blocks, he lines it up as it they were giant stair blocks of wood. He then pushes another next to the one he had just pushed. He stops for a moment, stretching and popping his shoulders, he pushes yet another block of wood, this time in front of the pushed blocks. He then bends over, and picks up the one he just moved, and places it on top of the outside wood block,he then stands on top of the first step in his wood stair blocks,and turns, grabbing the block he just placed on the other block. He steps down admiring his handwork, his tower of blocks, then smirks. He places his shoulder of the base of the bottom and begins pushing, his muscles groaning in protest, as he tries to push the three stacked high wood blocks to across the room. His first few attempts has his feet slipping in the ground, but he finally plants his feet using some surface jutsu, and manages to push the wood blocks fowards, and he, slowly, every single moment seemed to be an inch, and every muscle seemed to scream out in hatred of him. He finally manages to push the stacked blocks over to the other side, where he turns, and sinks down in relief, feeling the muscles in his arms turn to puddy, he sighs, and grins. He stands up, and goes over to a single wood block, and tries to push it over to where his chair resided but his arms refused to push it, the puddy feeling making them ache already. He shakes his head, and stumbles over to his chair, where he was able to pick it up, after a few attempts, and carry it over to the block of wood. He then picks up his carving tools, and begins work on his next puppet, Training Puppet #2, similar to the same make and model of the first one. As he carves, every once and in awhile he has to stop, and stretch his muscles out, to help him continue on his work, else he might get too stiff and just not be able to move or work. After he finishes working, he uses chakra threads to move Training Puppet #2 to stand next to his brother #1. For #2, Kaos had carved a giant number 2 into the middle section of the puppet, as to give distinction between the first one and the second.
Finally done with carving three puppets, Kaos gives  up the idea of continuing with any more of his puppet carving. His muscles too sore to really do much else, he grabs a broom, and starts sweeping up the wood leftovers. He takes out some of the bigger pieces, the pieces large enough to make small figurines to carve later, and set in canes, or sword hilts, or will to sell as small figurines. After he finished cleaning up, he turned, looking around the forge,glancing at the other projects he should also start working on. His unfinished quarterstaff idea, the pile of wood leftovers that still needed to be carved into simple figurines. Kaos walks over to the pile and grabs a good size leftover, taking it out with him, back into the house where he can wheedle the block with his knife inside the house before he falls asleep for the night.

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Re: Carving puppets and Learning Skills

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