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The First Tail


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The First Tail

Post by Kaos on Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:31 am

Kaos sits inside of Kazan's arena. He was using this area to train himself, and right now, he was doing something different than training of the body. He was sitting criss-cross on the ground, in a deep meditation. People and animals could pass by him, being annoyingly loud, but Kaos was too deep into his meditation that it wouldn't disturb him one bit.
Within his trance, he stood face to face with the beast that resided within him. This wasn't the first time Kaos had mediated to meet with Helix, nor did he plan on it being the last.
"Helix, I believe it is time for me to start training in the use of your chakra, to unlock from within the first tail. This will be the first of many, and it will go a long way in helping with our goals." Kaos declared to the Hydra. Of course, his actual body said not a word, just the body that he used to see Helix with.
The five heads of Helix roars, and as one, begin to speak, "Yes, it is time for us to join forces. To become more than just two entities sharing the same body, but to become one of mind, body, and soul, as all Jins must do, in order to survive any persecution that comes after them."
Kaos nods, and asks, "How do we proceed then? How do we begin combining into one?"
The heads look down upon the body, and again as one speak, "I must infuse your body with my chakra, that is how we start."
Kaos laughs, and says, "Then give me your strength, O Mighty Hydra."
Helix roars once again, a roar that shakes the body of Kaos from his core out into his actual body. Any looking at Kaos now would see Kaos's body vibrate and jerk, but would see that he hadn't moved from his position at all. The roar within Kaos's body continued, but stopped vibrating his body or his core. Helix stops roaring, and instantly Kaos feels a foreign chakra invade his body, threatening to consume him,
and Kaos violently jerks out of his meditation, closing the gateway to Helix, and stopping the foreign chakra from invading his body, and he jerks so violently that he falls over to the ground. He looks up into the sky, the morning sun shining down, directly above him.
From within, Kaos can here Helix, demanding to know why Kaos closed the gateway. Kaos sighs, and rolls around onto his stomach, getting to his knees, and then standing up. He shakes off the dirt, and says, "I didn't realize that I had spent that much time talking to Helix. It seemed like only moments. I really need to be careful about how much time I stay in there because in the heat of the moment, I can't take too much time inside of myself, arguing with Helix.
He stretches and listens to Helix, raging from inside of him; Helix didn't understand why Kaos had fled, and Kaos was a little scared to face that invading feeling he got, but he realized that he couldn't stay a coward for long, so he sat down, and calmed himself, listening to the sounds around him, relaxing into a meditation state as was taught to him so long ago.
A calmness spreads over Kaos, and his mind slips from the here and now, to within his body. There he travels through his thoughts, his memories, the secrets he holds until he reaches a gate. This gate would be nothing special in the land, it was two massive doors that Kaos knew when he pushed in, would open and reveal to him the beast that hide inside of. Imposed upon the gate was the same symbol that appeared upon the right wrist of Kaos, the Ouroboros symbol. Kaos walked up to the gate, and pushed the gate open. At first, the gate didn't want to budge, as if someone or something was forcing it to stay close. Like usual, the seal flashed a bright light, that would of blinded Kaos if he wasn't in his own mind, and then suddenly the doors begain to open. Within, Helix stood, glaring at Kaos, looking like -if he could of- he wanted to eat Kaos. Kaos stop before the threshold of the gate, and declared, "I'm sorry, the invasion of the foreign chakra scared me. If felt as if it was trying to take over and consume me."
"Silly fool. You weren't suppose to let it try and consume you, you were suppose to take it, and join your chakra with it." Helix said, acting like he was all-knowing. Kaos, hardly, thought that Helix cared whether Kaos lived or died, Kaos was only a means to an end. But two could play that game, and Kaos had decided that he would use the power of Helix to strengthen himself. Both were aware of the other's plan, and both planned on being the only one to have their plan succeed, however, both knew that they had to help the other's plan to continue forward to help their plan actually succeed.
Kaos nods, and says, "Alright, I believe I understand know. Go ahead and lend me your strength."
Helix roars again, and a wave of foreign chakra begins to push it's way into Kaos. Kaos realized that the chakra gave off a blood orange color, and as the chakra continued to push, Kaos began trying to assimilate the chakra into himself. At first, the foreign chakra began to resist, but as Kaos kept forcing the two chakras to mix and swirl together, they began to combined, and if anybody noticed Kaos right now, they see a blood orange cloak appear on his back, and a blood orange chakra hand formed from the cloak, wrapping around from the back to touch the hands of Kaos that were formed together. Kaos still mediating, opens his eyes, and looks down upon the hand that had formed, smiling at the fact, that the first tail was his to control.
He returns to Helix, and smiles, saying, "We have done what we set to do today. We have taken the first step to unity."
Helix roars, as Kaos turns, and walks out of the gateway, the gate sealing shut, the Ouroboros symbol on the gate flashing a bright light once, before settling. One-fifth of the symbol know shined a deep blood orange.
Kaos ends his meditation, and stands up, seeing the setting sun before him. He nods, and yawns, leaving the arena, and heading home to catch some sleep. Both Helix and Kaos realized this was the first step in both of their goals.

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Re: The First Tail

Post by The War Ender on Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:41 am

Kaos has unlocked Hydra's Tail, Level 1.1 (aka, first tail version one approved!)


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