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Kikato Rinku (Kazangakure) [ANBU]

Kikato Rinku

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Kikato Rinku (Kazangakure) [ANBU]

Post by Kikato Rinku on Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:48 am

• Name:  Kikato Rinku
• Nickname / Alias: Prince of Life
• Title: Living Death
• Age: 18
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: heterosexual

• Height:6 ' 4"
• Weight: 162 lbs
• Body type: built
• Eye colour: Brownish Red
• Hair colour & style:Red and spiky
• General Appearance:
• Markings: none

• Persona: Kikato is an individual who is  ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, sensitive, impatient, takes on more than he can handle, want other people to get to the point, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. He is Also often a high-achieving "workaholic" who multi-tasks, push himself with deadlines, and hates both delays and ambivalence.

In a Fight, Kikato has a habit of being Merciful, but the definition of his Mercy may be up for debate, there was times his Mercy left them alive, and other times it was a quick and painless death, up until that moment, Kikato can be rather ruthless in the fight up to that point.

If Asked to be a Leader, Kikato would do so dutifully, but he can also be a follower, and either position does not matter to him, What matters above all is respect to him, Show it and you get it, no matter the position.
• Motto: "There is a Balance, In both Life and Death, the question is, which side of the scale do you belong?"

• Likes: Nature, Storms, a Good Fight, Cycle of Life, Sushi

• Dislikes:A tease, Tyranny, Unscroupolous Evil, Mourning, Whining

• Special Characteristics:

[*]-  Name:  Jack of All Trades
Rank: S Ranked
Requirements: Must Be Senju Clan (can Start with this SC)
Type: All
Description: The Senju Clan are known as the Jack of all trades which means they tend to be talented in most of anything they do. The Senju, like everyone, can train for all Specialties, but everyone else can only use the bonuses of the Specs if it is their top three. Senju can uses the bonuses from all specs they have trained.

Name: Inheritance of Tobirama
Rank: D-Rank
Requirements: Senju Blood | Water Release
Type: Chakra | Elemental Affinity
Description: Some members of the renown Senju Clan are more proficient in certain elements that others, these select few gain what is better known as The Inheritance of Tobirama, a Special Characteristic that grants the user a range of passives dependent on rank that purely affect their proficiency with Water.


| Water Release Technique training Costs |
At each rank the user gains a training discount on all Water Release Techniques base Wordcount total, these are as follows. These do not stack but are able to alongside Elemental Excellence and Almighty Elementalist.

D-Rank: No Wordcount discount

| Water Release Technique Rank Increase |
Rank Increases:
At each rank the users Suiton or Water Release Techniques rate of damage is up'd by one rank. Additionally at higher ranks jutsu are granted a broad range allowing for large AoE or Area of Effect possibilities. Does not stack with other Special Characteristic's. Only enhances Water Release and not KKG based Techniques that use Water.

D-Rank: B-Rank Damage

• Rank: ANBU
• Elements: Water,Earth, Lightning
• Specialty: Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Genjutsu
• Clan: Senju
• Bijuu:No

• Strength: 24
• Speed: 70
• Durability: 30
• Chakra: 100

• Village: Kazangakure
• Parents: Both are Dead and names have been lost to the ages
• Siblings: He does not care if he does have any
• Mentor & Idols: Zettai
• History: Kikato Rinku, Father was a traitor and killed alongside his mother who was a Senju, Kikato was taken in by the Senju clan due to his mothers roots and he was raised in their ways. Other then that up till his academy days, there was not much to say about the boy.

Once inside of the academy, Kikato was a typical kid, kept up on his duties as he should, trained for awhile, and played with the other kids and communicated fine, and so he would go through the academy with no issues and became a Genin within a reasonable amount of time.

As a Genin, Kikato had formed bonds with his teammates, but none more then his Sensei, Zettai, who thanks to the man learned how to harness the Earth element, and when his sensei thought they were finally ready, they would take the Chuunin Exams to take the next step in their ninja careers.

As Chuunin However , the missions got more difficult, and some choices had to be made that made Kikato a much harder person, some may even say cold at times, but he always made the choice that was needed, be it a hard one to make or not. Eventually he would be picked to become a Jounin, at least that what the public was told, in reality, he was selected to become a ANBU member, by the kage themselves.

Now as a Jounin/ANBU Kikato's Cold Nature has lead to his nickname, and title, Living Death, and Prince of Life, he was Merciful in some ways, sometimes a Merciful death, or letting one live, and in some aspects of that title, it was his choices that decided if you died of lived.

• Roleplay Sample: Stein,Samaku, Satoru
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Re: Kikato Rinku (Kazangakure) [ANBU]

Post by The War Ender on Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:34 am

Well, Stein, if this were any other individual, I would claim the app too sparse to be worthy of a top-level A rank class; however, considering the amount of effort you put into your other characters, I am going to approve this under the condition you show me the same excellence with Kikato that you do with everyone else.

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Re: Kikato Rinku (Kazangakure) [ANBU]

Post by Satoru The Calamity on Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:27 am

Mind putting this where it belongs, In Kazan's Registered Ninja

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Re: Kikato Rinku (Kazangakure) [ANBU]

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