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Amaya Ren *Under construction*

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• Name:  Amaya Ren
• Nickname / Alias: Night Rain the Bounty Hunter
• Title: Bounty Hunter
• Age: 22
• Gender: Female
• Sexuality: heterosexual

• Height: 5'4
• Weight: 130
• Body type: Lean
• Eye colour: Hazel
• Hair colour & style:Ever changing
• General Appearance:
Amaya is a traveler, she can be seen carrying all of her belongings, the few that she has, in carrying bags. With her is her daughter who is the age of two. Both girls have hazel eyes and olive skin. The daughter, unlike her mother however has brown hair while Amaya's is often changing due to dying to serve job purposes; purple, red, pink, ect. She has a tattoo on her back that can not be seen with the clothes she wears due to the fact she's generally covered up when  she's undercover. Amaya also carries her daughter in a sling on her back most times when she's not on the job.
• Markings: Tattoos located on her upper and lower back

• Persona:
Clearly Amaya is a mother but despite this role she is also a hired hand for anyone really. In order to make a living she does odd jobs and bounty hunter-esque work. For the right amount Amaya fights for others, protects towns from ransackers, and at times has retrieved belongings, this is to include people.
Outside of her work she is calm and kind, mostly caring for her daughter. Aside from this she is a traveler. One of whome stays to herself for the most part. She does socialize when needed, getting directions or when trying to get a feel for the area she'll chat up the local residents. Overall, Amaya is a decent person doing a job not most do. She's not malicious about her work. She gets the job done but carries no depraved joy regarding it.
• Motto: "...The most important aspects of the law--justice, mercy and faith."

• Likes: Sleeping out doors, fighting for sport, visiting new places, sampling mochi, and the ring she wears on her left hand being her most prized possesion apart from her daughter.
• Dislikes: [five needed]
Deviants, flirtatious men, her targets, boring towns and being in one place for too long.

• Special Characteristics:

  • - [Each Person has their own strengths that they have gained through family inheritance or by training. Each level has there own amount they are allowed to start with minus the ones granted through, clans, bijuu, or jutsu. All Characters must start with the basic form of the SC they would like to start with. Academy(E Rank) - 1 basic, Genin(D Rank) - 1 basic, Chuunin (C Rank)- 2 basic, Sp. Jounin - 2(B Rank), Jounin(A Rank) - 2 basic, Sanin (S rank)- 2 basic, Kage(S rank) - 2 basic

• Rank: Jounin (B Rank)
• Elements: Water
• Specialty: [What type of jutsu you are skilled in]
• Clan: [name of the clan and a small description, then link it to the clan page].
• Bijuu: possession of a bijuu (yes/no) and which one?

E Ranked/ Academy Student: 12 points
D Ranked/ Genin: 68 points
C Ranked/ Chuunin: 140 points
B Ranked/ Jounin: 188 points
A Ranked/ Anbu: 224 points
S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points
S Ranked/Kage: 272 points
• Strength: How Strong you are!
• Speed: How Fast you are.
• Durability: How Durable you are.
• Chakra: The amount of chakra you have.

• Village: [no need to explain]
• Parents: Alive but distant, Amaya sends her daughter to them as needed.
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: The woman of the orginazation only known to Amaya as "Claymores" she has heard of them in stories and whispers from the various towns she has visited. Namely Clair, but these are old stories more than likely nothing more...
• History:
Amaya's earliest memories are the hushed whispers of the tall wheat swaying in the breeze around her parents farm. In her youth it was a safe, simple and quiet place. Now, although it's maintained the quietness it's better suited to be called desolate. What was once a flourishing agricultural community has become somewhat of a ghost town with most of it's constuctions turned to ash.
Her town was often raided by bandits and theives. Most of it's residents were elders, making them an easy target to ransack when it suited them. Each time the community would help each other to get on their feet again. But as expected eventually the people grew tired of the constant attacks and rebuilding so most chose to flee. Little by little the towns population depleted. The last time Amaya visited, there were only five families still residing in the town. A total population of twenty five. Over time the raids have stopped, the town is safer as there is nothing to plunder there any more. But the people are still gone for the most part including Amaya.
Once she became of age Amaya chose to leave her run-down town and travel. She was used to defending her self so traveling on her own was hardly a danger. She was the reason her parent's home was still intact. She had a skill set for being vigilant, crafty, and knew how to take out these bandits that came around all too often. Not realizing it, Amaya's home town was a general training ground for self-defense and survivial. She learned to adapt, therefor she was strong, capable and a good canidate to protect the defensless.
On her travels she had wandered into a town, which reminded her of her own. It was quite but the silent prescense of fear lingered within it. Every home had windows that were shut, some bared. There was no laughter from children playing and any one she did see on the streets seemed to busy to chat. Each person shuffled quickly from one point to another all seeming to look over their shoulders. Well that night, Amaya had decided that she would get a room at the residential inn, stay for the night and leave early the next morning at first sunlight. There was something unsettling about this town, Amaya could sense it and she was smart enough to know to leave. (to be continued...)

• Roleplay Sample: [For ranks from jounin and up, you must make an rp sample that shows you are worthy of this high spot. Genin and chuunin and judged by the way their app is put together]

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