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狼の牙 - Akiyaa Haruna Custom Gear WIP

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狼の牙 - Akiyaa Haruna Custom Gear WIP

Post by Akiyama Haruna on Tue Feb 09, 2016 3:07 am

Name ;; Tenrōgamaru || 天狼牙丸
Rank ;; B
Price ;; Free starting weapon
Durability ;; 75
Description/Abilities;; Tenrougamaru, the Heavenly Wolf Fang, is a simple nihontō, forged at the heart of Kazangakure, like all blades wielded by Kazan Musō-ryū practitioners. It resembles most other katana in its length, weight and overall appearance, but to any experienced swordsman, the way cleanly slices through the air speaks to the quality of craftsmanship behind it.

Name: Pulse of the Mountains
Rank: A
The blade was forged in the fires of King Heat, the volcanic mountain on which Kazangakure was built. The raging fire and unyielding heat flows through the blade, enhancing its wielders natural abilities. The wielder gains +60 Strength.

Name: First blade of the Kazan Musō-ryū
Rank: B
The blade was specifically forged to compliment the fighting style of Kazan Musō-ryū and its various techniques. The master smith's forging the blade infused it with their chakra, allowing it to enhance the wielder's performance on the field of battle. The wielder gains +40 to Speed.

Appearance ;;

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