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Kazan Musō-ryū || 火山無双流 - Kenjutsu Style

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Kazan Musō-ryū || 火山無双流 - Kenjutsu Style

Post by Akiyama Haruna on Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:28 pm

Name:  Kazan Musō-ryū || 火山無双流
Rank: B-S Rank
Requirements: Kenjutsu dominant spec, Kazangakure exclusive
Type: Physical, Kenjutsu

The Kazan Musō-ryū  is a variant one of the most widely practiced kenjutsu styles in all of Kazangakure and its surrounding islands. The style traces its roots back to the first settlers of the volcanic islands, some saying it dates back even further, to the age of the gods, blending techniques that stress wide, firmly planted stances and wide powerful swings, with nimble acrobatic attacks that relying on the flexibility and dexterity only a ninja's training could provide.

Kazan Musō-ryū follows two core tenets:

迷わず大地、燃やせ業火 - Unwavering Earth and Raging Inferno

Two contradictions, two opposites, two halves of the same whole. At its core, Kazan Musō-ryū is an aggressive style of swordsmanship, with practitioners favouring the Ten-no-kamae or Kotetsu-no-kamae. It's practitioners are said to have a fiery spirit, and fierce kiai, and often concentrate large volumes of chakra into their limbs for additional striking power and speed. The style focuses on efficiency of movement, powerful strikes, and deliberate, unrelenting advances. Many of its techniques make use of the old adage: The best defence is a good offence, striking the enemy while simultaneously batting their blade aside. There exist few defensive techniques within the system - most practitioners relying purely on chakra-enhanced acrobatics and well timed strikes to evade oncoming attacks.

At times, the Kazan Musō-ryū practitioner is in constant motion, weaving from side to side, running jumping, leaping, angling around the opponent to attack their blind spot; making of techniques involving elaborate aerial maneuvers, followed by strikes from unexpected angles to catch the opponent unaware, while other times sinking into firmly rooted stances, to deliver earth shattering blows against their opponents, seeking to overpower them through brute force alone.

It is in this duality that the style may reach its full potential, with a skilled practitioner's sword dancing like candle-flame at one moment, before raining down with the force of an avalanche. Those unaccusomted to fighting the Kazan Swordsmen describe them as unpredictable, chaotic, and barbaric, in a constant frenzy of attacks without care for style or grace. But one versed in the Kazan Musō-ryū is capable of appreciating the harmony among the discord that is their sword, and revere the swordsman's shifting form and unpredictable sense of timing.

The main weapons of the Kazan Musō-ryū are the Katana or Tachi, some practitioners opting for No-Dachi as well.  

Kazan Musō-ryū is taught in three stages, each building off the last:

Shoden 初伝 (entry-transmission): B-Rank (1500 Words)
The practitioner has gained an understanding of the fundamentals of the Kazan Musō-ryū, and has learned its principal teachings. They receive +40 points to Strength and are able to perform up to B-Rank Kazan Musō-ryū techniques.

Chūden 中伝 (middle-transmission): A-Rank (2500 Words)
The practitioner has gained a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the Kazan Musō-ryū, and now understands the deeper meaning behind its teachings. They receive +70 points to Strength and are able to perform up to A-Rank Kazan Musō-ryū techniques.

Okuden 奥伝 (inner-transmission): S-Rank (4000 Words)
The practitioner has mastered the fundamentals of Kazan Musō-ryū, and unlocked the secrets behind its innermost techniques. They receive +100 points to Strength, and are able to perform up to X-Rank Kazan Musō-ryū techniques.

Kazan Musō-ryū practitioners begin at Shoden rank, and must train each subsequent rank individually,

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Re: Kazan Musō-ryū || 火山無双流 - Kenjutsu Style

Post by Esha on Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:01 am

The stat boost on this needs to be reduced on the A and S ranks, to 60 and 80 please.

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