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Name ;; Mayonaka

Rank ;; A

Price ;; 6000 (Free S rank ability, 2000 for durability, 4000 for A rank weapon)

Durability ;; 200 (Wax Wood Hilt)

Description/Abilities;; Mayonaka possesses no blade, and consists entirely of a hilt. In order to be used offensively, it must be pumped with jinton chakra. No other chakra will cause a reaction with this weapon. This chakra manifests as a solid, blade-shaped object extending from the hilt 3 feet (possessing a curve with a maximum a width of 3 inches and thickness of 3 millimeters. Incredibly thin, the blade glows with a harsh light trademark of Jinton techniques. Unlike most Jinton jutsu, this weapon possesses no barrier. Remaining inert until it strikes something, the glowing object suddenly explodes toward the point of contact, with a barrier forming on the opposite side to protect the user.

Because it possesses no containment barrier, the dust cools and disperses into the wind rather quickly, being active only for the moment of contact. While active, the dust rushes toward and strikes its target at a power and speed equal to 5 in relation to the user’s chakra stat. Unlike regular jinton techniques, the target is able to defend against this with relative ease, requiring only a durability equal to the blast’s power to negate. Because it explodes the moment it touches anything, the blade itself possesses a durability of only 1, just enough to exist without the immediate environment tearing it apart. After use, the blade will regenerate immediately upon the user giving up chakra equivalent to an S rank technique.

Appearance ;; Mayonaka is an elaborate sword hilt, measuring 7 inches in length and one inch thick. The one-handed cylinder is painted black beneath a dark red cloth wrapped tightly in gold lace. Because it possesses no blade, it requires no counterweight, and as such, is merely capped in a thin fold of aluminum painted the same gold as the wrap’s binding. Because the ability auto-protects the user from it’s own effects, it also lacks a handguard, leaving the user’s hand open to the world.

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