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Dust Release Armor

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Dust Release Armor

Post by The War Ender on Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:35 pm

Name ;; Jinton No Yoroi (Lit. Dust Release Armor)

Rank ;; S

Type ;; Ninjutsu

Element ;; Jinton

Range ;; Personal, literally 2 inches from the user’s body

Power ;; 6

Speed ;; 4

Cool Down;; 4 Posts

Description ;; By gathering small qualities of jinton chakra in every chakra pore they possess (a process that takes two posts to perform, including the Jinton +1 Charge rule), the user encapsulates themselves in a two-stage barrier. The first is pressed directly against the skin (clothing, etc), while a second barrier hovers roughly two inches from the first. The space between immediately fills with jinton chakra. For the core object, a thin sheet of glowing material is placed between the barriers to also surround the user. This covers the user in a sharp light that marks the activation of this technique. Despite these effects, the user has no trouble seeing or using any other cephalasensory organ.

The first barrier is semi-permeable, allowing things to enter but not to leave. Once an object has entered the barrier, the object inside will immediately burst into destructive jinton force, obliterating it. Although the object is not able to be removed once it has entered, the moment the captured bit has been destroyed, it will be able to be moved. Because the trigger object is in front of the user’s body, cause and effect has any attacking object strike it before the user, rendering any attack against the user basically useless until it is over. However, if the attacking object possesses a durability 50% higher than this jutsu’s chakra stat, or a speed stat greater than this jutus’s, it will punch through the object and reach the second barrier. The object will then make a check against the barrier’s durability (equal to a power of 5, before striking the user and checking against their own durability.

Because the trigger object is thin, it is capable of regenerating quickly, allowing for this technique to be used over a period of time. After 3 posts, this technique will deactivate. The user has the option to extend the duration of the jutsu by paying the chakra cost again, although the cooldown time for when the technique actually does end will also compound. This can only be done a maximum of 2 times, extending the jutsu’s total duration to 6 posts and requiring a cooldown of 8.

Requirements ;; Jinton, Ninjutsu, 2,000 Words Training Topic

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