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Did I Just See a Red Bullet? (Solo Mission)

Garnet Rose

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Did I Just See a Red Bullet? (Solo Mission)

Post by Garnet Rose on Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:11 pm

Name: Catch a Prankster
Rank: D
Location: Any Village
Requirements: At least Genin rank (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 250 EXP, 250 Ry0
Description: Recently there have been a few pranks pulled on the owners of local businesses, they are harmless pranks but the owners of the businesses are getting annoyed and have hired you to put an end to it, you must catch the prankster before he can strike again
Redoable?: Yes

Garnet was currently crouched on top of a building, his obnoxious red cape blowing in the wind as he squinted into the streets like an idiot, looking for any sorts of trouble that could pop up. Since he still had no weapon (curse you, shattered blade) he had decided to stick to some lower ranked missions for a while until he could make a more permanent solution, as while the Wingblade technique was effective it wasn't great when it came to chakra consumption. As such, currently he was on a low ranked mission where supposedly he was going to catch some guy who had been going around and messing with the heads of various shopkeepers like most kids tended to do once or twice throughout there lives. Thing was, where was he supposed to find this guy?
As though to answer him a great plume of pink smoke suddenly erupted in the distance followed by a loud chorus of angry yells. Well, that would probably where he should start looking. Suddenly jumping off the roof and on to the street level suddenly the inhabitants of the area would have the shock of a brightly colored figure suddenly dash past them at speeds that were almost completely invisible to civilian eyes, although certainly not for a shinobi, cutting through alleys before eventually stopping where the smoke was originating from.
What Garnet forgot though, was that his village was one of ice and snow. So when he stopped, he slid and when he slid he ended up crashing into a random figure obscured by the pink haze with a loud "Oomph!", barreling him into a convenient pile of sacks that happened to be nearby for a comfy landing. Gathering himself after the crash Garnet could barely make out that this person seemed to have dirty blonde hair and was wearing a brown jacket....wait, why was he running away? And were those smoke pellets on the sides of his jacket. The suddenly realization of who exactly he had crashed into dawned on him as a white symbol suddenly glowed on the ground before he became a blur once again in hot pursuit,
The poor kid didn't stand a chance, his little legs having no contest against the naturally speedy but also heavily glyph enhanced Rose boy as with a flourish he picked him up from behind and quickly leaped high into the air, forming a row of ten glyphs below his feet to regain momentum before jumping once again and suddenly they were rocketing to the general direction of the police station. The sudden landing of a bright red figure in the middle of the street holding a now small pale boy in a strong grip.
"Listen," Garnet would begin, surprising himself with the lack of awkwardness in his voice.Wait a minute, he was on the clock so that would explain things. "I really, really, don't want to do this to you but its my job. I get that pranking is fun, I do it too from time to time, but you have to learn your limits." He began to open the door. "I know that I'm going to sound like an annoying adult here, but take this as an opportunity to learn from your actions. If you do that, I can assure you that something positive will come from this."
Now through the door and holding the kid who still had a downcast and pale face, he took the kid over to a member of the police who was currently talking to the receptionist with little fanfare, apparently on his break or something. "This kid is the one thats been pranking the shopkeepers. Do me a favor and go easy on him, alright?" He began to walk out the door, already feeling his normal habits returning. He turned around, remembering something. "Oh, and um could you mention that it was Garnet Rose who managed to detain him? I sort of need that on my record..." With a sheepish grin he escorted himself out of the building quick as a flash before disappearing in a flurry of rose petals.
Once again on the rooftops Garnet began to jump back towards the mission office to get his next assignment, mentally mulling over the little incident that had just happened. It was really sad that he had to basically arrest a child, the kid couldn't have been more than ten years of age. A mild look of regret came across his face before he quickly pushed it away, reminding himself that it was his duty. That, and it got him closer to that rapier that he had been creating the basis for as of late. Ever so slowly, closer.


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Re: Did I Just See a Red Bullet? (Solo Mission)

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