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The First Annual Tournement of Jokigakure!


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The First Annual Tournement of Jokigakure!

Post by Stein on Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:36 pm

A Massive amount of birds was sent , one to each ninja in the village of Steam, the letter that was sent out to all ninja of the Steam village read as stated :

Dear Ninja Of Jokigakure

I know things seem a little stagnent around here, so I will be holding a Tournament, this will give you a chance to prove your not only the best amongst your peers but maybe even those who are your betters by rank, for more details please come to the Jokikage's Building and sign up for the Tournament, hope to see you all there

Signed your Jokikage, Stein

Outside of the actual office room of Stein's at his receptionists desk was a clipboard with a sign up sheet attached, he was going to use this time to see who has grown, who was worthy of rank ups, and maybe even give a special prize to the over all winner as well as smaller prizes to the winners of each bracket.

(As to expedite things for getting Rping going in Joki, you will have 48 hours to Sign up, at that point Registration will be closed and the Games will begin)


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Re: The First Annual Tournement of Jokigakure!

Post by Kenshin on Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:08 pm

Shin was leaping along the rooftops of Joki clad in his Deathstroke Armour and Mask, he had just gotten a message from the Jokikage about a tournament that was going to be held between the rest of the villages shinobi, something that definitely got his blood pumping. Shin leapt through one of the open windows of the Jokikage building and quickly made his way up to the Jokikage's office, outside of which he saw a small clipboard with a sign up sheet attached, something that Shin could only believe was the sign up sheet to the tournament. He signed up not using his real name but rather using the moniker that he had earned through the countless assassination missions that he had undertaken whilst he was in the Anbu, Deathstroke, something that in his opinion was the perfect way to start off the list. As soon as he had finished writing he vanished, the only evidence that he had ever been there being the now opened window and the name scrawled onto the sign up sheet

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Re: The First Annual Tournement of Jokigakure!

Post by Kay on Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:26 am

Kashen's steps were light as he began to walk to the Kage's chamber, earlier that day Kashen had gotten a letter that read of some important event which would be held through his home town of Joki, it was a rather gruesome call as Kashen hadn't been on many missions lately he was currently less active than most of the other Joki ninja however he knew that maybe if he were lucky he would be able to go round two with his long time rival of sorts Saya.

Kashen opened the Kage Chamber's first door walking up the inclined stairs with much haste, Kashen hadn't noticed the previous man due to the fact the man disappeared before Kashen's arrival, however he did see the sign up board and with a deep grin carving itself into his cheeks he began to walk over grabbing the pen gently as he pressed the pen against the paper the ink began to show as Kashen wrote his name in full "Kashen Heart" upon the sheet without a smudged mess up as he finished he'd step away from the paper walking to the open window with a grin.

Kashen would jump out of the window but instead of jumping from building to building Kashen would simply hide in one of the narrow ledges on the Joki Kage's chamber as he knew his Kage was rather busy he didn't want to interrupt anything if he hadn't already from jumping out the window.

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Re: The First Annual Tournement of Jokigakure!

Post by zoeyn21 on Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:00 am

Phyra was walking through the village and saw a bird coming towards her and held her arm out to accept the letter. It was from the Jokikage, it was about the first annual tournament of joki. She looked around and realized she was pretty far from the Jokikage's office so she started off running towards it as she was running, she wondered what kind of tournament it would be. She walked into the office where the sign-up sheet in it and quickly signed the list. she walked out and ran home to prepare for the tournament.

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Re: The First Annual Tournement of Jokigakure!

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