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Lightning Release: Purple Electricity


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Lightning Release: Purple Electricity

Post by Itami on Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:14 am

Name ;;Lightning Release: Purple Electricity
Rank ;;S
Type ;;Ninjutsu
Element ;;Lightning
Range ;;Below
Power ;;5
Speed ;;5
Cool Down;;8
Description ;;The user conducts the hand seals Boar,Tiger, Ram, Boar, Dragon, then begins to unleash a stream of purple electricity from their entire hand. It is said to be an alternate version of the jutsu known as Lightning Cutter, therefore the user needs at least base 100 speed in order to use it.

The jutsu is able to extend it's range to 60 meters, however doing so after said post will stop the jutsu all together(You can not extend the jutsu to 60 meters and begin to swing it like a weapon, it's uses is for pinpointed sniping of sorts.)

The jutsu can also be used to make a shockwave like area of effect attack with purple electricity, channeling through the platform and shocking anything in it's path through a range of 25 meters long and 10 wide. The jutsu is also able to spread itself out in a cone like way, ranging to 35 meters long 8 meters wide.(Either uses of this form of the jutsu will stop it's use after the post.)

This jutsu is able to flow easily through water, allowing said jutsu to mix with a form of water will amplify it's ranges by 10 meters long, and 5 meters wide.
Requirements ;;Lightning

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