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Keito Uchiha (Complete)


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Keito Uchiha (Complete)

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• Name: Keito Uchiha
• Nickname / Alias: Kei, Lord Keito, Slacker, Black Sun
• Title:Butcher of 1000 Suns, Wielder of the Blind Flames, Bringer of Black Ashes, Uchiha Prodigy, Hero
• Age:17
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 6'1
• Weight: 163
• Body type: Cut
• Eye colour: Gold like, Yellow eyes
• Hair colour & style: Light Purple
• General Appearance:

• Markings: None

• Persona: Keito can be seen as one of the survivors of the curse of hatred. He used to be fully intertwined with it, wishing for revenge and to cause other destruction after the loss of his siblings due to war. However with the aide of his remaining family and close friends, he was able to find the path leading back to the light, and get out of the darkness he was once fully consumed by. Now, he tries to stay away from that darkness, and walk his own route using his abilities for good. He also now enjoys the finer things of life, and tries to find more interest other then just battles and the thrill. Keito is not afraid of what he used to be, remembered how enriched he felt with power to avenge his siblings, however he wishes to stay away from it now, that mental state. Now knowing the meaning of love and how his siblings would be proud of him, and wishing him not to be consumed, he stays away from the curse but reaps it's benefits, forming into the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

He is still extremely sensitive and caring of others like any other Uchiha. He is a rather bright and intelligent fellow, enjoying what can be seen as art in many different forms, and knowledge around the world, mainly being found in books. Expanding upon this, even though he himself does not create art, he is very in-tune with it, and spectates it for it's creation and beauty. Keito is not limited to one thought or another, and has a very open mind, bringing forth optimism and attracting others to him.

He's an extremely outgoing person, enjoying to mingle and just be himself at social events, or even to people personally. However, one of the more better ways to explain Keito is the fact that he's a major flirt. He finds the beauty in other's, physical and emotional, to be attracting and fluent in life. It's gotten to the point where that's just who he is, without trying, a flirt. It could come off as a little too direct to some, mainly due to the fact that alongside his flirting, he is rather nonchalant and carefree about a lot of things in life, having no real care for much.

With his flirtatious emotions comes seductive actions towards the opposite sex, and even teasing for that matter. He really enjoys to see the way women act towards him whenever he flirts or teases them, finding it rather cute and funny, laughing after doing so due to the expression that comes onto his face. He isn't afraid to say anything, and would speak from his mind about whatever he sees fit, unless it's extremely out of line and not good for the current situation.

Keito is a bit of a slacker, coming to not wishing to do much. He is at peace and harmony with who he is and how he operates, and sees that he will have fun and do things however he likes. He doesn't like being forced to go to events, or even run to the store unless it's for a important person, and even then he would have a bit of attitude. However, one thing he hates the most is being called a slacker or anything around that, doing so will cause him to go into a trance of rage and anger, being rather surprising coming from a fellow like himself. This is due to the disrespect Keito feels, especially knowing what all he's already been through, the hell he's experienced in his early life. In no way does he feel as if he is a slacker.

Besides all of this, Keito is a loving and caring individual, he accepts others with open arms, and in a very goofy manner. Do not take his extreme kindness to others for a weakness, he definitely is no pushover. Though he tries to mask it, he can become quite upset, the Uchiha blood inside him running rampant. He does not enjoy being taken advantage of, and would take notice of it rather quickly and call someone on it, expecting some form of an apology. Keito doesn't take any sass, and would much rather dish it out in a sarcastic tone, if he sees to it that the person in question deserves it.

Keito enjoys a good fight, he really does. He likes fighting, seeing as one of the main parts about being a Shinobi is battles. He believes if you can't handle battle, don't try becoming a Shinobi. He likes to get into the heat of the battle, being able to test ones abilities under pressure, having that thrill of anything happening in the moment. He becomes more jumpy, and action filled then. Also seeming to be more eager to continue the events taking place.

Despite his usual uncaring tendencies towards more formidable events where he would rather try to make a run for it then stick around, if the time calls for it Keito would step up and act his rank as a Sannin, if asked too. He understands the position he is, and can crack down and become very serious and professional, ignoring all of his usual acts of fun loving and what not. This is just the type of person he is, laid back and carefree until needed to get serious and step up to the table.

Overall, the man is a flirtatious, kind and loving person. He does slack and feel as if he will do whatever he wishes seeing as it is his life, however he won't take any bad mouthing or tone from others without a fight.
• Motto:"Change creates Oppurtunity."

• Likes:
-Attractive Woman
-Looking Fancy
-Staying in Shape
-Flirty Woman

• Dislikes:
-Boring People
-Weak Opponents
-Being called a Slacker
-Unorganized areas/Messy Places
-Seeing close ones in pain
-Cocky/Arrogant People

• Special Characteristics:

  • -Name: Increased Spiritual Force
    Rank:  C
    Type: Spiritual
    Description: The user has trained their chakra circulatory system extensively, and is now able to mould their chakra to greater effect, producing more powerful jutsu than the average shinobi. They are able to expend chakra faster and with more force than the average shinobi. The user gains +20 Chakra.

    -Name: Improved Spiritual Stamina
    Rank: C
    Type: Spiritual
    Requirements:: Replaces Insane Spiritual Force
    Description: Through extensive conditioning and countless hours of practice, the user has built up a level of spiritual stamina far greater than the average shinobi. Their chakra reserves are greater than most other shinobi of their rank, allowing them to fight longer before feeling the strain of battle. The user gains +20 Chakra.

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements:Fire, Lightning, Water
• Specialty:Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu
• Clan:Uchiha
• Bijuu: No

S Ranked/ Sanin: 350 points
• Strength: 70
• Speed: 90
• Durability: 80
• Chakra: 110

• Village: Sukai
• Parents:Issoko Uchiha(Father, Alive), Samantha Shiteki(Mother, Alive)
• Siblings: Kisuke Uchiha(Older Brother, Dead), Sanya Uchiha(Older Sister, Dead)
• Mentor & Idols: Issoko Uchiha(Father, Alive), Kisuke Uchiha(Older Brother, Dead), Sanya Uchiha(Older Sister, Dead)
• History: Keito was born to a family that was rather prosperous and famous for birthing prodigy Shinobi and Kunochi. Keito was 2 years apart from Sanya, and 4 years from Kisuke. Though he had a lot of expectations to live up too, the line of family he had already been under succeeding as Shinobi, his parents were kind and not the type to push their children in that way, much rather showering them with love and allowing them to follow their own path. This allowed Keito to have a little bit of leisure to himself, and not worry too much about all of the big things as a child, though he was aware he would in fact need to get there someday, he could tell from his gut.

While watching his older brother and sister enter and leave the academy at young ages, he could tell that all he heard from his parents were true, all children born to this family had high gifts in the Shinobi arts. This excited Keito, feeling as if he would have something he be good at and find a passion for in the future, around this time being 4. He would soon begin to start a life that he never have expected before.

Keito began his training at 4, alongside his siblings. It was the training that every ninja in this family would go under, having high pride for birthing ninja always one step ahead of the class they were in, and just age group, needing to be in higher ones. They would train daily and vigorously, learning that their father in fact had become a much more strict and demanding instructor as he began to train them. During these times was when he began to develop his bonds with his sister and brother. His brother had to always lead the example, being the oldest of the three, while his sister was the one who he and her would always talk and share thoughts together, feeling like their was some sort of connection. Either way, he really was glad to be apart of this family, and have such loving siblings, though they would bicker and fight during training and even out of it, he knew he was right where he belonged.

The day of the academy registrations came, and Keito had passed with flying colors when he was 6. It was a landslide compared to the other students, and many of the parents congratulated his father walking by, yet knowing that this was just the norm of this specific Uchiha family. He got into the academy, and began to study the ninja arts while also receiving his family training, hard workouts and chakra training daily. During these days he was able to mingle and talk to his classmates, seeing how truly they were different then him, at a much lower thought process then him and how they pictured such things in life. It truly did make Keito wonder about all of this. He also was starting to learn of the Sharingan and Uchiha blessings, as he went on with his training at home. He would usually just step back for a moment and think to himself, wondering who exactly was the normal one in this situation, his family or the "other" people. This started his thoughts on their being different class ninja in this world, and he must being one of the top ones.

Surprisingly, in only about 6-7 months Keito had already graduated, though it was one month shorter then his brother Kisuke. His brother was a kind person who would look out for his siblings and really act like the older bro, so even after getting home Keito was presented with a knuckle tap and a big fat smile from his brother, congratulating him and welcoming him to the Ninja world. At that time he was becoming a Shinobi, born and raised, his Academy days feeling like a blur. Full of work and training, but paying off in the end. However, this story was just getting on the road for Keito.

A few months into his Genin life, he had received his team and leader, the whole package. He was grouped with these much older ninja, maybe around the age of 10 or so, one guy named Uzuki Shuuhei with the blackest hair ever imaginable, and Ohona Mishi with red hair that lit up the air around them. The Jounin in charge of them was a kind face middle aged man named Satobu Sensei. It would be them from their on Keito would call his team, his comrades, allies, etc. It felt nice having a group of teammates around, at first they seemed a bit weirded out due to Keito's age and all, however at the end of the day they accepted him with open arms and welcomed him to the team. The team went on quite a few missions together, many actually. They were mainly D ranks, transitioning to the C ranks every now and then in order to get some practice in. Along with all of this, the team had been receiving training with their sensei on several occasions, always keeping them in shape.

At home, workload was still the same, they continued their own workouts and methods of training in order to stay at peak condition, however once they all became Genin their father laid off a bit of the intense training to allow them to their duties and giving rest days. Kisuke had already became a Chuunin however, with Sanya making her way up to his leagues any day now. He would look back at them and think about how powerful they really were, Kisuke already unlocked his Sharingan to the third tomoe, meaning he must of already been through some things and seen some stuff as is. He would still act the same with us, and treat us the way he would treat anyone he considered his equal. Sanya unlocked her's to the second tomoe, leaving Keito behind to have unlocked none. They would show off every now and then in order to just do so, looking at their own eyes in awe, much to Keito's jealousy.

One day however, Keito felt as if he should be able to obtain his Sharingan as well, and went to his father about it. He voiced his reasoning, much to his father's disapproval, notifying him that this process couldn't be forced usually, and that he would have to unlock it naturally. This way of being told no made Keito very anxious to get his eyes, and to become a little bit stronger to catch up to his siblings. Therefore he upped his training method in order to be ready when the time came. A month after he did this, he was called on to go do a B rank mission with his squad. The higher ups believed to give the squad a chance due to the amount of C ranks they completed with haste.

The B rank mission involved going to a secret village, taking out any forces down the line, and defeating the Lord there who held the people captive. It seemed like a good mission to Keito and the rest, therefore they took it on and went to the spot immediately. It was out on a desert, and while they were walking to the destination, something caught a hold of them from below. Or at least, his other teammates. It turned out that they stepped inside a trail of chakra infused quick sand, and the ninja who was taking advantage of this made his way beforethem out of the sand itself. He looked menacing, having on a gas mask, and looking to be rather equipped with weapons and war ready. However, Keito couldn't back down now and allow his team to suffer, he would take this guy down. However, he was not expected to have been jumped by the man's teammates on the way, catching him off guard, he received a boot to the chest and fell down. Now they began the quicksand and speeded it up, and Keito was only able to watch his teammates scream in terror. You would think that their sensei could get them out of trouble, however once the two ninja came up to attack Keito previously, it should be noted that the first ninja actually shot him with a poisonous needle in order to render him immobile. Now their standed Keito, pride in hand wondering if he would be able to do this alone, facing three ninja.

Watching his friends sink quicker, faces plunging into the earth, Keito began to feel fury and anger from all of which was happening, not being able to obtain his eyes, losing  his friends, his respect, his high prowress and all the training he did being a waste. Then, in a short burst of anger, he awakened the Sharingan, and dashed towards the enemies shouting at them with fireballs coming in hot. He was able to stop the quicksand suddenly due to the two ninja unable to hold their hand seals, however they could continue it anytime. So, he went on to send two more fireballs after throwing out a kunai, using the kunai as a distraction to get them into the air, before incinerating them thoroughly. Looking rather upset, Keito looked at the previous guys as he watched his buddies leave the Earth all together. He then charged at Keito, overpowering him quickly in a power struggle between two kunai, and Keito began to feel himself pushed back. He felt as the man began to reach for his eyes, the greedy man wishing to acquire the Sharingan. Feeling as if he needed to obtain more power in order to overcome this all, and wishing to be stronger to stop this man and control the tide of the battle, he was able to unlock the second tomoe of the Sharingan and predict the next moves the man would make, after moving out of place. With quick stabs in order to stop him from moving any longer and reaching, the man fell with a quick thump, ending the battle for that time. However he had no time to celebrate, seeing as the mission would be coming to an end soon. The commotion from before caused the rest of the legion and the Lord mentioned earlier to show up, and only Keito was there to fight. He knew that his comrades would be immobile, and helping them out would take too long to do. Therefore, he had to face them all alone, rather stupid yes but still, better to die fighting then doing nothing at all. Keito grabbed his explosive tag kunais and threw them in a 180 degree motion towards the whole wave of ninja in front of him. With one throw, they all detonated after a few seconds, causing all the ninja to be caught up in the radius. Bodies found on the ground, they all would charge Keito in order to stop one child from foiling their plans. At this time, Keito saw how they were all mashed together like chickens, while the Lord stayed back. So he took this oppurtunity to use the Uchiha Flame Formation, trapping them all in there. He then ran up to the Lord and commenced with battle. He was strong, much stronger then the last guy. Someone he somewhat wanted to strive for, being so powerful, however this wasnt the time to think like that and he fought.

He fought and fought, continuing to feel cuts and injuries made on his body, as he knew he would lose unless he could force  out the final stage of the Sharingan. He needed his eyes more then ever, these injuries wouldnt last him for long and he  knew rather well, also his sensei needed help. Soon the Lord had a knife to Keito's neck, only being guarded by one kunai, and as the kunai broke and Keito saw the blade coming by, he was able to unlock the third tomoe and see the pattern at which it followed, dodging backwards in a leap. With this, his training for the Sharingan had completed, much to his own satisifcation. He continued to fight, beginning to overpower his enemy before finally it all ended in his demise. After which Keito digged out his teammates, and hurried back home for his sensei to be treated. After which, Keito was looked at like a hero, able to take down a whole arsenal of ninja at such a young age, and still a Genin. This made him receive his Chuunin rank, much to his sister's anger being passed up. He returned home with praise, and rivalry words from his brother, while Sanya began to feel in Keito's pace, needing to catch up. For once, at age 8, he felt as if he was perfectly fine where he was.

His Chuunin times consisted of him visiting his old teammates. Luckily, his former sensei made a full recovery, the poison being inferior to the village's medicine, and praised him heavily for what he did, and personally believing he should of obtained Jounin. However that's not how the Shinobi world could work. He would make rounds to them every now and then. This was the time of where he had more freedom in his work line, and trained more then usual. His father gave him more freedom and respect at home, seeing him as a Chuunin, and only 3 months after Keito's promotion, Sanya got one as well. It was the coming of a very good lineage.

The time of Chuunin was when the three of them began to go on missions together more, and bound more then ever. It was one of Keito's most enjoyable ranks and times due to the bounding with his siblings, what they all did together like eat out and what not, and even go places with their parents. Their mom would always get on their case saying to be careful, and to avoid any trouble. Though let's be honest, you couldn't avoid trouble being a Ninja. When Keito pointed this out to his mother, it became more of a sarcastic and humorous thing to say together, making a good laugh before going off some where. The life of chuunin was fun, yet quick. Kisuke became Jounin at 15 while beginning to up the solo missions he did in difficulty, Sanya did a similar method through that by 13 years old. And of course, Keito would come next.

While his siblings were out on their own missions, he was called in for his very own mission to do alone. He proved to be rather useful in this subject seeing as what he did as a Genin, he had beeen getting called in rather recently, indicating his use rising. He was told to make an infiltration mission in order to recover data from an enemy nation, this being an A rank mission, to which he accepted. Taking over, he scheduled to do this mission at night, and arrived at the perfect time. He began to infiltrate the building necessary to complete his mission, sneaking by different guards and taking out those who were necessary. He came to see killing as a means of being a Shinobi, completely unaffected by the thought. While entering the room of which he needed to obtain the scrolls to leave, he was met by a rather familiar face. During the briefing about the mission, it was said that the Oda of this enemy village was Kanteso Yutuke, who also had a rivaling brother named Nogunba Yutuke. And of course, Nogunba was present there to spoil Keito's plans. He battled with the man, who proved to be a rather strong yet slow enemy. Towards the end he was expecting more of a challenge, however he expected this shift of power from him due to all the training he compiled along with the Sharingan, and defeated him. After doing so, Keito got the scrolls and left as quick as possible, and made it back claiming the mission a success by the mission leaders. He was awarded Jounin, seeing as Nogunba was actually an A class warrior, this surprised Keito thinking he actually was rather powerful for his rank AND age. He was 12 at the time.

The Jounin years was probably the most gruesome years of his life. It was the years of heartbreak and lonesome, and what temporarily changed Keito. It all started a year after becoming Jounin, coming into his chores and what was needed, both of his parents proved to be proud of them all, very glad to have such excellent ninja and knew they would get that far. However the day of depression was coming soon. Keito, Kisuke, and Sanya had received orders about a S rank mission involving all three of them. It included fighting a S rank Missing Ninja, alongside his lackies and maybe a few other variables. It was emphasized that this was very important to accomplish, this ninja having very lethal intel. After killing we were to burn the body and all posessions. Going to the site, they were all happy to be doing such an important mission together but also had their game faces on. It scared them though what they came to see. It was a rainy day, by a waterfall full of a plain, rocky field. Keito and his siblings were on one side looking towards the Missing Ninja and about 10-15 of his goons. Facing off,it was a terrible fight. They all fought for their lives, the low number of goons showed how powerful they were. Each one took quite a bit of effort in order to defeat, but still the trio fought and were winning, until a turn of events happened. They all suddenly began to smell a sweet sort of scent, and then their worlds were beginning to change. Being Uchiha, they could tell that they were in fact inside a Genjutsu, and broke out relatively easy, however what seemed like a second in that world was minutes in the real world. When returning back, all Kisuke and Keito saw was Sanya being strangled by the missing ninja 10 meters away from them. It seemed as if it had been going on for awhile, they both jumping up to save their sister, but they had no chance to reach her, seeing as the man then threw Sanya up to the air and blew a fireball at her, overall being so strong it burned her to a corpse. The two stopped in their tracks and looked at what just happened, their new reality. The sight of their once sister falling to the ground, burnt drastically and seeming to be lifeless, the looks of tears streaming down her face, now dried up. It was so much anger and hate, so much that Keito couldn't bear. It caused Keito to black out it seemed, along with Kisuke filled with rage, and the both unlocking their Mangekyou Sharingan in the process. Soon it was all a blur, visions of Sanya wrapped around his head, and coming back to his senses all he could see was the bloody face of the Missing Ninja, and Keito standing above him.

The two took Sanya and the Missing Ninja back to the village, upon entrance received many medical ninja to their add, though they were more worried for their loving and caring sister. Keito had no clue what to say or do, he couldn't even look at his parents, the two of them gathered together outside on that rainy, cloud filled day. Filled with darkness and despair, once yesterday being a bright blue sky. Keito couldn't hold back the tears, crying and filled with so much hate. Something he's never felt before so much, like some force was eating at him and he allowed it. His brother was no where to be found, but he had his eyes on the sister he once had. His new eyes, questioning if he even wanted these new eyes or not. Out of respect, the village named them The Uchiha Prodigies.

That next year felt empty inside. Keito and Kisuke tried to pull together, actually their bond strengthened seeing as they knew Sanya would want them to stay together even closer, but still home was a very difficult situation to deal with. It just felt so odd and different. Keito still ran his missions, and saw that they in fact were becoming more and more espionage based. He would go on them with his brother, his only sibling now. Though whenever he went on a mission with his brother he would only be reminded of his sister, that last site of her. Of course, that Missing Ninja was in jail, though Keito wished to incinerate him.

With the espionage missions, soon Keito joined the ANBU, and guessed so did Kisuke most likely. With that their lives became more difficult and time consuming, having work to do a load of the time, but still he needed something to get off his mind of this ninja world.

Some time into the ANBU, Kisuke and Keito went on a mission together. They went as ANBU, though aware of who they were underneath the masks. Keito and Kisuke were to infiltrate the same man Keito infiltrated long ago, and kill him. They did as instructed, and went into the man's village, then home, and went to assassinate him and did as planned. Leaving the village, they were found to be surrounded by enemy ninja. Fighting the enemy forces with swift manuevers, it was rather an easy feat. However, the man who they were supposed to kill showed up, surprising the brothers. They had no clue he was still alive and assumed what they poisoned might of been a clone. Once again they fought with a whole army aiming towards them, the two took down the whole army and even the main target, though face a terrible loss. Before the death of their target, Kisuke was punctured through the chest in a lethal way. He was beginning to die already as Keito landed the finishing blow. He then hurried to Kisuke's side, not wishing for his final sibling to leave him. He was hurting inside, not wanting the same thing to happen again, his family leaving him, however Kisuke only smiled. He spoke, soft yet reassuring, that he would live on with Keito, seeing the world through their eyes together. He also went on to inform Keito to not give in to the darkness that consumed their clan. It seemed that the whole time Kisuke knew things like this would happen, due to the wisdom he had stored. He pleaded for Keito to be a loving person who wasn't taken over by hatred due to being apart of this clan, and to live for him and Sanya and be happy with his life. Kisuke removed his eyes from their sockets, the Mangekyou Patterns still visible, and struggled to hand them to Keito as a peace offering. However, Keito was too caught up with the tearing of his family, his last sibling he couldn't hear what his brother said to him. Keito cried, as his brother drew his final breath. He carried his brother back to the village, and went through the same protocol as before.

Medical Ninja arrived, his parents as well, saddened and crying to lose another. While Kisuke's eyes were in Keito's hands. Keito was fully clouded in darkness. He no longer cared, nor had a reason to care for the life of others. His brother and sister were both dead, gone. Who else was going to follow route. He couldn't accept his brother's offer yet, no until he could come to terms with the slight wishes his brother had, he couldn't live with using his power.

Keito went on as an ANBU, becoming more and more sinister. He followed the curse of hatred fully, destroying his opponents and seeing only darkness in his eyes. More and more, his sight began to fade, however he didn't discuss such things with outsiders, knowing if so he couldn't continue his mission of revenge. The mission of sacrificing to the Gods the amount of souls which were worth his brother and sisters soul. This was the mission he gave himself in order to feel as if he was doing right, though truthfully doing wrong. It seemed this number was never satisfied, going from tens, to hundreds, to months of slaughtering foes as the ANBU Leader. He worked alone, not wishing to have anymore burdens on his shoulders. Killing as he pleased.

Keito was filled with darkness, and his eyes reflected this. Usually showing a broken boy, lonely and wishing to redo his life. All his companions saw this, his mother and father saw this. They needed to help him, seeing how reckless he was it could only be assumed he was trying to get a good death, to see his siblings once again. His father came to Keito, and spoke to him, wishing that Keito stopped this and came to his senses. However, Keito refused, he saw no meaning behind what his father proposed, only understanding the code of battle. His eyes, looking clouded now, barely able to fully see his fathers features anymore, he only grew more arrogant.

Therefore, in order to make a means to an end of all this foolishness, Issoko challenged Keito to a battle. Wasting no time, he donned on his own Mangekyou and fought Keito. It was two forces, one filled with darkness and hate, and the other a survivor of such hatred. It was a full on battle, outside the gates of the village, and ended with Issoko on the ground, defeated yet still humbly alive. He only shook his head and laughed at Keito, who was now crying due to the belief he killed his father, due to a genjutsu Issoko placed on Keito. It only proved Keito wasn't prepared to lose any others, and he was truly broken inside. Throughout the fight, the language of battle was teaching Keito, of Issoko's intent and why he did all he was doing to help Keito, because he as well has gone through such hell, and wanted to help Keito, his only son. Now fully awakened, Keito began to change at that day, accepting the world as it was and trying to live with the past. He thanked his father, and weeks later of questioning what he has done up to this point retired from the ANBU, seeing it as the first way back to being whole.

A month went by, and Keito believed he was worthy to carry on his brothers wishes. Though feeling still iffy, he knew he could do it. Therefore, he got the transplant of his brothers eyes into him, and gained the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, surprised to see the world so bright after months of darkness. Keito took time to continue to train yet feel alone doing so. It was even more worse then before, but then again he had to honor his brother's wishes. He would visit his old teammates, who stayed at Chuunin helping children and actually formed a relationship, and also his old Sensei. It was nice to catch up, though it would always remind him of his siblings.

2 Years later he obtained his rank up to Sannin, having a huge honor to it. At that point, Keito began to slack on training feeling that lonesomeness even with friends in his life. He didnt see the point training as much anymore, even though he was strong and trained every now and then not as much. He would more so live for himself and be happy like his brother said, and began to really recover from his families deaths slowly. It took til up to a certain time when he finally began to accept it all and lived with it somewhat well.

• Roleplay Sample:There he stood, on the battlefield. Hours have passed filled with horror, and agony due to the countless deaths that have clouded this part of the world. Lyoko had been sent out to end the tide of the battle, the long lasting tug of war between the two villages needing to come to an end. His village needed it to end that moment, though they showed the facade of having many reinforcements to the enemy, they were beginning to run low on fuel. Soon, in about thirty minutes or so, the amount of forces would run out and they would be overrun, losing the battle in an instant.

This battle was not just any battle. It was the one to decide the tide of the whole war. It had a lot riding on it, due to the previous battling leading up to it all, more and more becoming hectic and chaotic. This would be the final battle, to see who was more powerful. And of course, Lyoko’s village would have to win. So there he stood, in the midst of a war, being sent on the field as the secret weapon for his village. The enemy village sent out theirs as well, showing that they in fact were nearing the end as well. These two had known each other for their combative abilities for quite awhile, therefore was not surprised to see each other once again. The two’s allies which were still battling looked towards them, seeing them as the final battle in this war, however fell would be the loser in this war, shaming his village. They all began to be more absorbed into these two’s battle then their own, and watched from afar.

Lyoko looked towards his opponent, as the opponent answered with the same glance. In one swift blink, the two clashed kunai’s together rather quickly, signaling the begin of the End. With one of his hands being used to hold up the kunai, the other was being used for Hand seals due to being able to make one hand seals. Seeing this, the enemy jumped back as a fireball began to form and incinerate all around Lyoko from his mouth, nearly missing the man. The two clashed once again, trying to obtain an upper hand over the other in any way possible. However these clashes also was a size up to see a good measure of the other’s powers. This went on for several minutes, until Lyoko backed up and saw the equation needed to kill his opponent. Lyoko began with his majestic fire Jutsu, catching ablaze any area within his vicinity, and his opponent backed away with relative ease, however a kunai came from the fire which quickly stabbed the opponent’s leg, much to the surprise of him. Then after, the kunai turned into Lyoko himself, able to teleport right in front of his victim, and left a big sound across his chest with the kunai that was still In his hand. Lyoko’s enemy, now feeling his pride broken and endanger of his life, seeing as the many eyes looking with judgement and hate, began to unleash the full extent of his power, which Lyoko was glad to see.

Lyoko began to see a wave of wood appear before him, signifying that his opponent was in fact a Senju, or had Senju DNA. Lyoko began to jump around and evade the many wood trees that was being launched at him and attempted to successfully grab him, however due to his superior speed that failed inevitably. Finding himself above the forest, he went on to incinerate it in order to clear it all, and made a shadow clone in order to team up on the enemy. The two of them clashed the wood user, with him using his own wood abilities in the process, however missing them mainly due to the skill at which Lyoko was at.

Lyoko was overwhelming his enemy, to the point of where their was no turning back. At this point he continued to take many hits from Lyoko’s kunai, and was taking heavy damage, until he began to stagger and fall back. However he knew that this guy most likely was trying to use more wood Jutsu, though he was sick of playing around. Lyoko kept up with him, and punctured the man through the gut. He began to dangle from where he stood, leaning on Lyoko, his body now limp and his soul fading away. Once this was done, Lyoko looked out at his people mixed in with his enemies. The enemies looked all in terror, seeing as their biggest
Weapon falling in a moment. They all dropped their weapons and forfeited to the war, to where Lyoko held up his bloodied Kunai and yelled with victory alongside all his bretheren. They won the war with ease, Lyoko feeling the glory that game after winning such a thing.

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