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Max vs. Jayy: One Sided Battle Anyone?

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Max vs. Jayy: One Sided Battle Anyone?

Post by Garnet Rose on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:37 pm

Once again we find ourselves in the middle of a vast desert littered with massive dunes, the sun shining down upon the sands almost completely unhindered by the clouds as though to make sure that things were as bright as possible. Within this desert we can again find a certain Coliseum surrounded by half buried ruins that most certainly wasn't based off the one in Rome before going inside of it to investigate further. The inside was most certainly not abandoned, the seats packed with people buying snacks, fiddling with their phones or something of that kind of sort you would expect a person waiting for a show to begin. Not quite Romans, obviously. On each end of the large open area in the middle two Imperial Boxes were set up for each contestant, one of them seemingly now occupied by the red light on the outside turning green to signal that it was now occupied.
          Max himself shut the door to his box behind him with a click as he gazed out to the bare field before him, wondering just how exactly he was going to do this. To be completely honest, today he had no idea what character he was going to use and frankly wasn't quite ready to make a decision as of yet. Pokemon Trainer, Ninja, Hunter, the possibilities were endless but the ones that would succeed were likely to be few. Sinking in his beanbag chair that he would open up his phone and tap on the Arena Battles app, a wide selection of faces spreading before him in boxes on a orange background for his selection. Adjusting his boxing bear sweater a bit in order to get comfy Max would hit the random button causing the selection to fly all over the screen before landing on an orange haired and eyed male. Sun.
         "Aw man, no!" Max would cry out as he heard the iron gate below him creak and open, signifying that his selection had now appeared in the arena. "I didn't want to use an Emblem!" Massaging his temples, Max simply hoped that Sun wouldn't be hurt too bad simply because he knew that by himself he wasn't very strong, which could be a problem seeing as he was alone at the time. For now, he would just have to watch and pray while awaiting Jayy's choice.
         Below Max in the small archway before the iron gate which was currently swinging open Sun would appear, dressed in his battle gear which in all honesty could be mistaken for a mix of formal and casual attire. A red short sleeved dress shirt paired with a black tie alongside some tan slacks and black sneakers seemed to serve the purpose of making his shine as bright as his namesake, along with his red gloves and tinted goggles that currently were tangled in his short hair to help top off the appearance. "Geez, he has little faith." Sun remarked while glaring slightly at the area above him, seeing as the walls carried sound rather well in this place allowing him to hear Max's little comment. "I'll show him." He would then step out onto the sand, awaiting his opponent.
Sun has entered the arena! Who will Jayy choose?

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