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Samaku Hoshigaki (Hyouzangakure)

Samaku Hoshigaki

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Samaku Hoshigaki (Hyouzangakure)

Post by Samaku Hoshigaki on Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:41 pm

• Name:  Samaku Hoshigaki
• Nickname / Alias: Land Shark
• Title: -
• Age: 14
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality:

• Height: 5'8"
• Weight: 120 lbs
• Body type: Slenderly  Built
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair colour & style:Spiky, Messy, and Blue
• General Appearance:
• Markings:
a Seal on his back, Hidden away as the number 6

• Persona: In the short time he has live, Samaku has shown mostly disintrest about most things, the only thing he has really cared much about is bloodshed and Sameonna his teacher for the most part and care taker for awhile, he looks out for number one above all however, again in most cases.

Samaku is not one much for leading persay, but neither does he care for being lead, he sees all as equals until proven to be lower or better then him, and then he will treat them accordingly, lower then him he will look down upon, and better then him he will withdraw from. Over all Samaku likes to try to lone wolf it, but does not really care if others tag along or not.

Samaku in a fight is rather laxidasical until it is a fight he comes to enjoy then is when things get scary, a grin almost always on his face at that point rather he is pierced or hit, or bones broken, he becomes completely psycotic.

• Motto: Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.

• Likes: Most Seafood, Swimming, Water , the Smell of Blood,

• Dislikes:
Shark Fin Soup, Dolphin's, Deserts, being hungry,

• Special Characteristics:

  • -  Name: Master of None
    Rank: D-S
    Requirements: -
    Type: Physical, mental
    Description: Master of None is just as it sugjests, One who is skilled in many things but the Master of None of them, specifically Pertaining to stats, this SC gives a boost of 8 points to each of the four stats at D-rank, and increases to 15 for B-Rank, A-rank gets the Master of none a boost of 20 stats to each Rank, and S-rank gets the boost of 25 per stat.
    Open to the public: Yes

• Rank: Genin
• Elements: Water
• Specialty: Ninjutsu
• Clan: Hoshigaki (Clanless)
• Bijuu: Shion, Six Tailed Kraken

D Ranked/ Genin: 68 points + 20 for Clanless
• Strength: 22
• Speed: 22
• Durability: 22
• Chakra:

• Village: Hyouzangakure
• Parents: Dead
• Siblings: Doesnt matter, Dont care
• Mentor & Idols:Sameonna Hoshigaki
• History: There is not much to the history of Samaku, he is a recent graduate of the ninja academy, having given little to no care the entire time for much of anything, however he was a born killer, which may explain his emotionless being.

When Samaku was Born, he killed his mother, and just before entering the Academy he even killed his father, over a spat , his father was no one of importance, not even a ninja, it is due to his ruthlessness he entered the Academy, and has ever since honed the edge that is his killing intent.

Only person who earned his affections and respect was a woman named Sameonna Hoshigaki, she is the reason he seeks to go the route of a ninja.

• Roleplay Sample:
Stein, Satoru, Plus Genin Rank
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Re: Samaku Hoshigaki (Hyouzangakure)

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Re: Samaku Hoshigaki (Hyouzangakure)

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Mind putting this in Hyo's Registered group?

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Re: Samaku Hoshigaki (Hyouzangakure)

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