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Shopping for an old man


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Shopping for an old man

Post by zoeyn21 on Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:45 pm

One Day, Phyra was walking through Jokigakure, when suddenly she heard an old homeless man say something about having enough money to buy groceries and that no one would help him go buy them. she walked over to the man and asked if he would like for her to buy the food and save him the trouble. He said," Thank you, young lady, i have never met such kindness before." she took the money and ran to the nearest store to buy the groceries. When she got there, the grocer took the money and gave her the food she asked for and the change. On her way back to the man, she took the walk slower and looked at the village and at how beautiful it was. She returned to the man and gave him the food and asked him not to eat it all at once so he could save some for later. She walked home and got some food for herself.
Name: A Moral Dilemma
Rank: E
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Anyone
Reward: 100 Ryo or 100 EXP (Only get one based on what choice you make in the mission)
Description: A local storekeeper was making a racket about not serving a homeless man, even though he had the Ryo to pay for the groceries. The homeless man then approached you and asked for you to buy the groceries on his behalf, you can either make the moral choice and buy the man his groceries (which gets you 100 EXP), or make the immoral choice and walk away with the mans money (which gets you 100 Ryo)
Redoable?: Yes

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Re: Shopping for an old man

Post by Stein on Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:28 pm

Approved, 1 E-rank mission done for Phyra, 100 EXP for buying the man his groceries

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