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Phyra Uzumaki's First Day at the Academy


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Phyra Uzumaki's First Day at the Academy

Post by zoeyn21 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:40 pm

It was a nice sunny morning in Jokigakure, Phyra Uzumaki was on her way to the Ninja Academy.
She was extremely excited to get to work and see what new jutsu her Sensei was going to teach them. When she walked into the class and saw that she was the first one in the classroom. As she waited other people slowly started to filter in and she saw that they were starting to learn different hand signs and what they meant. they were also learning about the new transformation jutsu the Sensei had been talking about for weeks.

As the training was going on, Phyra learned that there were many different hand signs that combined in different orders can create different effects. These different effects are the jutsu that the Ninja use in their missions. There were many signs that she knew from watching her friends and parents, some of them , the had never seen before and would have to remember for later, just in case. After the lesson, Phyra Walked home alone. When she got home, she ate and went to bed and dreamed about the next day and what new lessons she would learn.
Name: Class Time!
Rank: E-Rank
Location: Shinobi Academy
Requirements: Academy Students ONLY
Reward: 100 EXP
Description: Go to class in the Shinobi Academy and learn some valuable things as a Shinobi so that you can be great like the Sukaikage one day!
Redoable?: Yes

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