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Ankokuken Techniques (Dark Sword Kenjutsu)

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Ankokuken Techniques (Dark Sword Kenjutsu)

Post by Kazuki Mizushima on Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:05 pm

Name ;; Ankokuken: Kuroyanagi (暗黒剣:クロヤナギ - Lit: Dark Sword: Black Willow)

Rank ;; A
Type ;; Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu
Element ;; Shade
Range ;;10 meter wide crescent up 10 meters in front of the user.
Power ;; 5
Speed ;; 3
Cool Down;; 3 posts
Description ;; By channeling Shade Release chakra into their blade a sinister dark-blue aura will pulsate and brew around their weapon, with no prior sign for attack the user will rush forward and deliver a powerful strike, sending a wave of decaying Shade Release chakra along with it in the form of a large crescent slash, with the user then sheathing their blade afterwards.

Upon being hit by the sword any blade, structure or foe within the range of a strike is dealt damage equal to the user's chakra stat [5], along with a durability debuff of a quarter of the user's chakra, reflecting the Shade Release's chakra's ability to decay anything it touches, this essentially makes the technique perfect for cutting down structures such as buildings also, this debuff lasts the cooldown period of the jutsu. (4).

The key for the severe damage dealt is the fact that the user must go from a sheathed sword and deal a long swing all the way around their body to maximise velocity, ensuring that it hits the user with the most power possible.
Requirements ;; Bukijutsu/Kenjutsu spec, Ninjutsu Spec, Uyeno Clan

Name ;; Ankokuken: Jōshō Sakura (暗黒剣:上昇桜 - Lit: Dark Sword: Rising Cherry Blossom)
Rank ;; A
Type ;; Kenjutsu, Space-Time
Element ;; Lightning
Range ;; The technique will strike anyone up to 50m away, otherwise the damage radius is the length of the blade.
Power ;; 3
Speed ;; 5
Cool Down;; 4 - 5 if the Kanashimit-no-Haro variant was used.
Description ;;

Channeling lightning chakra into their body to boost their synapses the user rushes forward seemingly instantly, with no hint of footsteps, sound or movement at all, this is due to the user making a 'cushion' of chakra below their feet which they seem to 'skate' on towards their opponent, taking them by surprise. In addition to this - Uyeno Clan members can seemingly phase through a counter or technique by using the Kanashimi no Haro jutsu just before - and just after the foe reacts to block, meaning that on a one-on-one situation this jutsu usually prevails - making it a great assassination technique.

The wielder rushes forward and delivers a powerful upward crescent, intended to slice open the foe's neck, chest or behead them, once again the user begins from a sheathed position, yet unlike Kuroyanagi, does not require the user to re-sheath, meaning that slicing multiple opponents in a row with one strike is highly possible.

When the user performs the crescent slash there are multiple after-images of the blade to fool the foe's sense of reaction.

Due to the lack of any telltale signs of an attack, the foe's speed is debuffed by 20 while the user's is increased by a quarter of their chakra stat. The debuff representing the shortened reaction time from the sudden burst of speed.
Requirements ;; Bukijutsu/Kenjutsu Spec, Ninjutsu Spec, Lightning Release, Uyeno Clan

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