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Neah Senju

Neah Senju

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Neah Senju

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• Name:  Neah Senju
• Nickname / Alias: Smiley
• Title: Neah Of the snakes
• Age: Twelve
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: five foot six inches
• Weight: 95 pounds
• Body type: Lean
• Eye colour: Silver
• Hair colour & style:black, unruly kept short length  
• General Appearance: Neah is a slender looking boy though he may not look it he is quite well toned body He has short-length black hair and silver colored eyes. He stands at a height of five foot four inches and weighs a hundred and five pounds. Neah has a lean, muscular physique. He has some muscle to his body but most people just think hes looks like a weakling but underneath his shirt His chest and abdomen are the only thing that show that he is really physically in great shape. Though he is not the specimen of perfection. He was born with a small conclave chest the size of a spoon could fit into.

He is usually seen wearing a black vest with gold buttons along with a white dress shirt as well as a red string tie with a pair of black pants and black leather dress shoes. He owns a long white trench coat it was the last gift he had received from his father after becoming a Genin and he never takes it off. The coat is to him a very precious treasure and will only take it off to bath,eat or sleep. The coat is made from a fine leather and has a adjustable belt around the waist. Neah's tends to wear mostly simple clothing almost like that of a farmers child, he has a pair of black suspender pants that he wears when he is out being casual. Though he changes into his better looking attire when he is out on a mission.
• Markings: N/A

• Persona: Neah has a kind and caring personality. He is also very generous. He also is somewhat private about his life. Though he tends to open up to people he trusts. He is also a determined type who will never back down. Neah is also a very compassionate person. Neah is kind and caring especially to children and the elderly. He is usually seen helping elderly people with their bags or helping maintain their gardens and lawns. Neah is private about himself because he doesn't want people to think that he is weird for being a ninja but also is a musician. His determination is a part of him its part of his nindo to never give up in training and in a fight.  Neah istype of person who loves meeting new people, having friendly competitions with them or his friends,

Neah like everyone else gets angry and upset though there are a few certain things that will really get under his skin. Such as disrespecting his father and family or hurting one of his friends. If a person should dare harm one of his friends he will do what they did to his friend and will not stop until justice has been given. He is a very loyal to his country and his fellow shinobi. Even teh thought of betraying his country would put him into a furious state or even be offered it. He wishes to become a shinobi of respect and honor  and strength one that the village views as a shinobi of worth. He is a firm believer in the Will of fire regarding it as a personal guideline for him. Though he may act goofy and care free when it comes to battle or serious matters he becomes serious and some would consider him cold and analytical.
• Motto: "Don't get mad Get even!"

• Likes: Music, learning new jutsu, training, making friends, Girls

• Dislikes: people who hate music, enemies of kazan, beans, being underestimated, bullies

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Jack of All Trades
    Rank: S Ranked
    Requirements: Must Be Senju Clan (can Start with this SC)
    Type: All
    Description: The Senju Clan are known as the Jack of all trades which means they tend to be talented in most of anything they do. The Senju, like everyone, can train for all Specialties, but everyone else can only use the bonuses of the Specs if it is their top three. Senju can uses the bonuses from all specs they have trained.

• Rank: Genin
• Elements: Suiton
• Specialty: Ninjutsu
• Clan: Senju
• Bijuu: No

• Strength: 8
• Speed: 20
• Durability: 20
• Chakra: 20

• Village: Kazangakure
• Parents: Mugen Senju- father, Deceased.  Kana ryotoji, Mother , Deceased
• Siblings: None
• Mentor & Idols: Hahirama Senju, Idol,deceased
• History:  Neah was born on the eve of the 25th of December, His mother was a traveling Musician. Where as his father was a Shinobi from the hidden Volcano Village named Mugen Senjuu. Neah's Mother was known through out the five great countries as a prodigy and a musical genius. Though his mother had stopped traveling and decided to stay in the Volcano village when she met Neah's father. It was love at first sight for Neah's parents. From the moment they met and laid eyes on each other they were almost inseparable.

His mother was in labor for over 12 agonizing hours.Sadly Neah's mother passed away but she got to name him before she passed away. Neah came out screaming like a banshee like every baby does when they're first born. His father was still in shock at the loss of his wife that he failed to notice the the new life before him. The nurses had finished cleaning up the new born baby Neah. The nurses handed the new born baby Neah to his father as they covered the body of Neah's mother up. After a while Neah's father finally noticed his new born son in his arms. Neah's father cried tears of both joy and sadness at the loss of his wife's love and the birth of his very first son.

Over the next few years Neah's father took care of him. Neah's father still deeply missed his wife but he still had his son so in a way he still had a part of her still. Even as a baby Neah would always crawl towards his fathers instruments. Neah's father would always crack a big grin at that and scoop up the infant Neah just before he touched any of his mothers instruments, Neah's father would always say after he picked him up "your gonna make a fine musician someday son and a fine shinobi. When he turned 5 his father began training Neah on how to read music. Neah was a quick study while studying on learning to read music. His father started Neah off with the piano for his sons first instrument. Neah took to the piano like a duck to water his father said. When not teaching Him about music his father would train his son about how to be a shinobi from molding chakra to learning about tracking.

At the age of 8 Neah joined the ninja academy. He showed a aptitude for ninjutsu skills. Over the time at the academy he was mostly shunned by the other student because he looked different and acted different from everyone else. Neah mostly thought of music when he should be paying attention to his his lessons. he eventually graduated the academy after a failure at age eleven and succeeded at age twelve.

• Roleplay Sample:N/a making genin

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Approved, welcome to the site Neah
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