Naruto: Crisis: Shinobi Fate


Chapter I: Revelations.


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Chapter I: Revelations.

Post by Esdeath on Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:00 am

The Day Blue

He was always a tardy bastard. From the very first day she had met him years ago he was a man hell bent on completion. Reliable, yes, but a perfectionist. Two weeks now she had sent him the letter requesting him to visit her in Hyozangakure and while he had responded in haste the next day, his promise to be there in similar haste was all but false. He should really learn not to keep a kage waiting especially when he was the one who didn’t even bother staying in touch and she went out of her to do such.

The silent squeal of her office days pulled her from her thoughts. Her secretary poked her head in, face pressed with uncertainty. "M’lady, you have someone at the village gates for you,” she announced, more so a question than statement really. She chuckled to herself as she eased back into her seat. She was almost tempted to keep the bastard waiting to repay the favor. Alas, she had no time to be petty with a man who could do it much better.

With a sigh, she parted from her office, taking the high roads of the village. Her feet leaving a small indentation in the snow as she landed, she walked towards the village gates, where the familiar face stood being searched by gate guards. He was down to his underwear; a strip search. She chuckled and set a reminder to give the gate guards a raise later for providing her such entertainment and rewarding payback for his tardiness.

”Don’t get frost bite now, Jon,” she greeted. ”Your gate staff is terrible, Desu,” he responded with his usual stoicism. ”Just procedure. You know how it is. The good side there won’t be a rectal examination like that time in Sleep Village,” she teased. ”Hey, you were examined too,” he responded calmly.

The gate guards’ expressions notably perked up hearing that bit. ”Yea, don’t remind me,” she said with a sigh. The amount of bullshit she had subjected herself to, both in and out of battle, back then was endless. Yet, part of her missed those days. Either way, the guards were taking too long now and the last thing she wanted to see was this man anymore naked than he already was.

”Forget the search. Hurry up and get dress and walk with me for crying out loud,” she issued, waving her hand along.

Turned to Gray

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