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Shin Uzumaki

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• Name: Shin Uzumaki
• Nickname / Alias: -
• Title: Shin of the Iced Chains / The Chained Menace / Deathstroke
• Age: 16
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 179cm (5.87ft)
• Weight: 143lbs
• Body type: Shin’s body has well built, yet not overly developed muscles, the results of an extremely strict training regime that focused heavily stealth, agility and dexterity rather than on brute strength and force
• Eye colour: Silver and green heterochromatic eyes (left pupil silver, right pupil green)
• Hair colour & style: Red hair, no real style
• General Appearance:
General Appearance:
Shin’s Anbu Mask:
• Markings: Shin always has an eyepatch covering his right eye, he has no real reason to do this since the eye itself is perfectly fine, he just likes the look

• Persona: From a young age Shin was very quiet and insightful, he lived at a distance to most people, observing them, their actions and their ideas without getting involved so that he could fully understand them. Although this approach often prevented him from making friends and getting close to others it enabled him to think and act without prejudice and preconceptions, instead judging things strictly based on their own values and merits. Shin has always been an extremely intelligent person, and his mind has always been leaps and bounds ahead of his physical body, he was able to understand things that children his age should not have even been capable of saying, let alone actually understanding them the way that Shin did. Due to his massive intellect Shin, at the age of three, began to study a multitude of different subjects, including but not limited to shinobi, chakra, biology, science, and most of all history, and not just of the Uzumaki clan or the history of Jokigakure but the history of the world in general, and by doing so he gained a much broader perspective and appreciation for what was truly important. Learning so much about history and the world, history and humans in general enabled Shin to understand how events of the past came to happen, and when Shin began to apply that same level of thinking and understanding into the future he became quite concerned for the way that things seemed to be heading.

It was for these reasons that Shin developed an undying loyalty towards the Uzumaki clan as well as the village that they reside in, although more often than not he would place the good of the village over the good of his clan, since unlike quite a few of the more simple minded members of the Uzumaki clan he knew that whatever benefited the village would end up benefiting the Uzumaki clan as well since they also resided within the village. Another reason that Shin would more often than not place the needs and wellbeing of the village as a whole over the needs and wellbeing of his clan was because while he did both love and care for his clan and family he understood that the village as a whole was more important than a single clan, even if that clan was his own.

Shin loves fighting above all else: the sights, the sounds, even the taste of his own blood, yet despite that he is very disciplined in a fight, he never allows himself to lose control in a fight nor does he let his failed plans or attacks upset him, he does not allow an enemy's superior numbers or superior power to intimidate him, because he knows that numbers are not everything as well as that a single opening is all that it takes for the tables to be turned in a battle. Shin is also willing to do whatever it takes in order to ensure that he wins a fight, even if those actions are extremely dirty and underhanded, if that means that he has to throw a handful of dirt or sand into his opponents eyes then so be it, if it means that he has to take a few cheap shots then he will do it with a smile on his face, because unlike some others Shin would rather live with his honour dragged through the dirt than die with it intact.

• Motto: When you aim for perfection, you discover that it's a moving target
• Likes:
- Fighting
- Training
- Reading
- Researching
- Success
- Courage
- Ice
- Rain
- Jokigakure
- The Uzumaki Clan
• Dislikes:
- Stupidity
- Ignorance
- Cowards
- Failure
- Wasting Time
- Extremely Sweet Food
- Enemies of Jokigakure
- Enemies of the Uzumaki
- Hidden Canyon Shinobi

• Special Characteristics:

Name: spiritual stamina
Rank: C
Type: Chakra
Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their naturall stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

Name: Improved hand control
Rank: D-C
Type: Physical
Description: The user has decent control of their hands and chakra molding, as such they can cast jutsu faster than the average ninja. (Must have Ninjutsu or Genjutsu as a specialty) The beginner of learning the handseals. There might be some forgetfulness with this but repetition is a way of mastery of this special characteristic. 15 State point increase.

• Rank: Anbu
• Elements: Water, Wind, Ice
• Specialty: Fuinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu
• Clan: Uzumaki Clan / Yuki Clan (Dual KKG)
• Bijuu: No, I would not like a giant target on my back

A Ranked/ Anbu: 224 points
• Strength: 29
• Speed: 70 (+15 from Improved Hand Control and +15 from Yuki Clan)
• Durability: 40
• Chakra: 85 (+40 from Force of Life and +25 from Spiritual Stamina)

• Village: Jokigakure
• Parents:
Mother: Tsubaki Yuki, deceased
Father: Kensei Uzumaki, deceased
• Siblings: None
• Mentor & Idols: Mentors: Stein / Idols: None
• History: From the moment that Shin came into being his life had been touched by death, shortly after he had been conceived his father Kensei Uzumaki, the head of the Uzumaki clan and one of the most powerful Jounin in Jokigakure, was killed by a group of unknown shinobi while he was doing a rather important mission outside of the village. Since the mission that Kensei was when he was killed was a rather long term mission the village did not become aware that anything was wrong until he didn’t return within three months, and it took a further month of searching before they managed to find the now skeletal remains of Kensei Uzumaki, his body having decomposed and then picked completely clean by various animals and insects. Shin’s mother Tsubaki was completely and utterly distraught when she received the news that her husband had been dead for a full four months, but she took solace in the fact that she still had a small part of him growing inside of her womb.

When she went and visited the hospital she received some rather shocking news, she found out that not only was she pregnant, which she had already known, but apparently she was pregnant with twins, something that both shocked and overjoyed her. But unfortunately one morning close to two months later she woke up and was horrified to find a pool of blood on the bed, emanating from between her legs, fearing the worst she went to the hospital and had some tests to see if she had miscarried. The tests revealed that she had not have a miscarriage like she had feared, but instead something different had happened, apparently it was something that was commonly known as Fetal Resorption, according to the doctors Shin’s twin just wasn’t strong enough to go on and had died, before being completely absorbed by Shin, something that shocked Tsubaki to the core. For the final two months of her pregnancy she was inconsolable, the death of both her husband and then followed shortly by the death of one of her twins was just too much for her to take, and the stress caused by these events ended up killing her shortly after she had given birth to Shin, on January 28th

Shin was raised by some of the more prominent and skilled members of the Uzumaki clan, all of whom both wanted and expected him to be just as skilled in the shinobi arts as his father had been so that when the time came he could take the rightful place as the head of the Uzumaki clan, and not only did Shin live up to all of the expectations that the rest for the clan held for him, he completely smashed them. If Kensei had been a prodigy then Shin was a prodigy amongst prodigies, he would learn everything that the clan tried to teach him with the barest amount of effort on his part, in fact there were quite a few people in the clan that speculated Shin’s almost unnatural level of skill may have stemmed from the fact that he had absorbed his twin whilst they were still in the womb, that and the fact that not only was Shin an Uzumaki, he was also half Yuki, something that stemmed from his mother. When Shin was six years old the rest of the clan decided that since he was so talented they would enter him into the academy, even though he was much younger than the rest of his class and the year was almost over, but much like all of the other things that the clan had expected from him he completely and utterly smashed them.

They had expected him to fail the Genin exam since he only had three months to learn the same amount of stuff that the other students had years to learn, but not only did Shin actually pass the exam, he passed at the top of his class, something that completely and utterly shocked most of the Uzumaki clan, all of the teachers in the academy and all of the other students in his class. Some of the other teachers even demanded that he take the exam again since they could not believe that he passed, but no matter how many times that he redid the test the end results never changed, and as such they had no choice but to pass him and make him a Genin just one month before his seventh birthday. From there Shin was placed into a Genin team under the leadership of a rather unusual man who went by the name of Stein, the rest of the team consisted of a rather talented and mysterious nine year old girl named Lumina and another boy named Itami Uyeno, someone who had managed to pique Shin’s interest solely based on the fact that he was almost as young as Shin himself was at the time

The very first thing that Stein ordered the three of them to do was have a group spar against him, and just as Shin had expected not a single one of them stood even the slightest chance against Stein by working alone, and only by working together against the man did they stand any chance of pushing the man back. Eventually both Lumina and Itami got the same idea as Shin and the three of them teamed up against Stein, and against all the odds they actually managed to push the man back, but Shin did not believe for a second that the three of them actually managed to push Stein back in earnest, the man had allowed them to push him back, if he was talking the three of them even slightly seriously then they would’ve been down before they even knew what was happening. But regardless of whether they actually pushed the man back their combined efforts and team work had impressed him enough that he decided to take the three of them on as his team

Over the course of three months Stein took Shin, Itami and Lumina on a great deal of missions, quite a few of the missions that they went on were only D-rank but the rank of mission that the team took on the most was C-rank in order to build up both their strength and experience, as well as to give them a good feel for the world around them. Despite the fact that Shin’s strength was growing at an incredible rate due to all of the training that he was receiving from Stein he was still not content, he was not content with the level of power he held because he knew that it would not be enough to protect Jokigakure, as was his duty as a shinobi, nor would it be enough to protect the rest of the Uzumaki clan, as was his duty as the future clan head. Feeling the need to get a lot stronger in a short amount of time Shin began to heavily research and train himself in the one art that the Uzumaki are both renowned and feared for their mastery over, Fuinjutsu, something that he found came to him as easily as breathing, but despite how easy he found Fuinjutsu he was truly fascinated by it, and he found that no matter how much he learned about the subject he was always eager to learn even more

It was at this point that Stein told the three of them that he was going to be entering them into the upcoming Chunin Exams, an event that was taking place only five months from that point, and to top matters off Stein even went so far as to threaten to kill them all if they did not become Chunin, and Shin did not take Stein’s threat lightly, he had learnt during his six months as Stein’s student that when Stein said something he meant it, so Shin redoubled his efforts once again and began pushing himself harder than he had ever done before. When the fifth month finally arrived Shin met up with both Lumina and Itami outside of the meeting area, where they were to wait for someone to come and take them to the area in which the first portion of the exam would be taking place. The meeting room itself was nothing special, it was completely and utterly plain, with the only things in the room being the pieces of pure white furniture in various places around the room and the very people that they would end up competing against. They didn’t have to wait long for their escorts to the first stage’s area arrived, and once they reached their destination Shin had to resist the urge to smirk, apparently the first stage was taking place in one of the many rooms of the Jokigakure shinobi academy

Once they reached the room that the test was taking part in the three of them were split up and sent to different parts of the room, something that Shin assumed was being done to stop the three of them from helping each other out in whatever task they were going to be doing. Shin had planned for a multitude of different things to take place during the first stage of the exams, but one thing that he had not expected was for the first stage of the exams to be an actual exam, even if it was to test what they would do if they were stuck in certain situations. Even though this was one of the few situations that he was completely and utterly unprepared for Shin still managed to completely blitz through the questions like they were nothing, his amazing intellect making short work of the questions that he was given and allowing him to finish before most of the other people in the room, although there were still quite a few who had managed to finish around the same time as him, and even a small amount who finished even faster than he had, all of whom looked to have a great deal more experience than he did under their belts, but he was not worried in the slightest, if he did wind up fighting one of these people sometime later in the exams it would be a good test of his skill

When the allocated time was up the proctors came and took Shin’s exam away to be graded, as he awaited the results of his exam Shin examined the rest of the people in the room, and to his surprise he found that a great deal of them looked to be incredibly nervous, something that told Shin that they were not all that confident in the answers that they had provided to each scenario. Shin on the other hand was completely confident with every answer that he had provided, they were all sound strategies and he even provided a couple of contingency plans on the off chance his original plan did not work. Once all of the exams had been graded the proctors began to announce who had passed the exam, and just as he had expected one of the names on that list was his own, and to make things even better both Itami and Lumina passed alongside him. Once the list proctors finished announcing the names of those that had passed the test they told everyone whose name wasn’t called to leave the building, something that all of them did without question and with their heads lowered in a mix of shame and embarrassment. Once everyone who had failed the first exam left the room they were instructed to follow the proctors to an undisclosed location.

The three of them followed the proctor without question and eventually arrived outside of an absolutely massive and overgrown forest, something that managed to stun Shin momentarily when he saw it, mostly due to the fact that he had never even heard of such a place before, much less laid eyes upon it, but the name of the forest was what had caught Shin’s attention, apparently it was known as the Forest of Death, something that Shin though was fitting for what was most likely going to happen. Almost immediately the proctors began to explain the situation to the assembled Genin, and just as Shin had been expecting they were going to be fighting against the other teams in the forest, albeit they were fighting over scrolls, something that Shin had not foreseen, but the it didn’t change the point that they were going to be fighting the other teams within the confines of the Forest of Death, get the scroll that they did not possess and then meet up at a predetermined meeting point deep within the heart of the forest. As the scrolls were being given to each team they were given a scroll of Heaven, meaning that they had to find and capture a scroll of Earth from one of the other teams. The team came to the unanimous decision that Lumina would be the one to hold onto the scroll, since she was less likely to be a target than Shin or Itami due to their young ages, something that they were betting most of the other teams in the exam would see a sign of weakness.

The second the gates to the forest were opened the three of them shot off into the depths of the forest, deciding that their best bet would be to get to the meeting point as soon as possible in order to ambush the teams that made their way there, another benefit of the plan was that if they were headed to the meeting point they would most likely possess both scrolls and as such would be weakened due to fighting another team, plus it would end up taking another team out of the running with every extra scroll that they captured. It did not take long at all for an enemy team to walk right into their ambush, and because the enemy team was caught off guard they had no time to react before they were knocked out and left gagged and hogtied in a nearby cave. Unfortunately this team only possessed a single scroll, and like their own it was a scroll of Heaven, apparently this team had the same idea that they had and was only heading out here to set up their own ambush point, something that had completely and utterly failed in almost every regard. They were about to go back to their ambush position when three Genin from Kazangakure dropped down in front of them and demanded that they hand over their scroll, an act that only made Shin smirk before he, Itami and Lumina attacked. It turned out to not be a hard fight, the strength of the enemy having actually been quite low, the entire reason they had attacked them in particular was because they believed that both Shin and Itami would’ve been nothing more than liabilities

This team from Kazan actually possessed the a scroll of Earth, and due to the fact that they were now hogtied and gagged alongside the other team that they had ambushed back within the forest of death while Shin, Itami and Lumina were in the meeting place handing in their three scrolls, getting ready to advance onto the next stage of the Chunin exams. Once the three of them made it to the meeting place they discovered that they were one of the first teams to arrive, the third team to arrive in fact, and as Shin looked at the two teams that had arrived before them he found that all of them were people that he had singled out during the first stage of the exams, something that only served to prove that Shin was right about them being skilled and that they would be the ones that he, Lumina and Itami would have to be careful of. Since the three of them had managed to finish the second stage in such a fast time they had to wait for quite a while before the third stage of the exam would take place, and for the entire time that they had to wait only one more team managed to make it to the meeting place with both of the required scrolls. Out of the 13 teams that entered the forest of death only 4 of the teams actually managed to make it through to the final stage of the exams, Shin, Itami and Lumina were the only Joki shinobi to make it to the final round, and out of the other three teams to pass one was from the Hidden Canyon, one was from the Hidden Storm, and the final team was from the Hidden Snow

Shin, Itami and Lumina were all prepared to right against the other teams right then and there in order to become Chunin, but it seemed that the fates had different plans for them, apparently the twelve of them had a full month to train and prepare themselves before the final stage of the exams would actually take place. After they were dismissed the team met up with Stein in order to figure out what sort of training the three of them were going to be doing for the month, in the end it was decided that Lumina was going to be focussing heavily on her Tai and Kenjutsu skills with an intense training regimen that was given to her by Stein, Itami was going to be focussing on improving his skills and learning some new jutsu with his clans signature Shade Release, while Shin was going to be doing some one on one training with Stein himself. Shin and Stein spent the entire month training together in a secret training area known as the Biju Caverns, and since he was from the villages most prominent clan when it came to art of Fuinjutsu he immediately knew what that name meant, he was in the place where the Jinchuriki of the village would train themselves to control their Biju better, and there, in the area where the villages most powerful secret weapons would train to better control their Biju for when it was needed, Stein began to teach Shin a technique for him to use as his trump card, a powerful technique that he was only to use if he felt it was necessary in order to win the fight

Before Shin knew it the month was over, and he felt a lot stronger than he was when he first entered the caverns, not only due to the jutsu that he had been taught by Stein while they were in there but also due to the other training that Stein had put him through while he was in there, he felt that he would be able to take on anyone whom he was paired up against. When Stein and Shin arrived in the area where the finals would be held he found that there were many people sitting up in stands waiting for the fights to begin, and they began right after Shin arrived, mainly due to the fact that both he and Stein had arrived right as the finals were scheduled to start. The first round was one of the Snow Genin’s against one of the Storm Genin, and it was rather anticlimactic, a rather good display of Taijutsu at the start before it descended into an all-out brawl, ending with a double knock out, and the second round was not much better, this time forcing the remaining two Storm Genin to fight each other, but before the fight could even begin one of two decided to forfeit so that he wouldn’t have to fight one of his teammates, a sentiment that Shin most definitely did not share with him, instead making Shin think that he was a complete and utter idiot for forfeiting instead of fighting for a rank-up like the rest of them were going to

The next round was one of the ones that Shin was most excited about, it was Itami against one of the Genin from the Hidden Canyon village, an absolute beast of a man who was completely covered in muscles. The fight started and just as Shin had expected the other Genin charged at Itami like a bat straight out of hell, an insane gleam in his eyes as he attepted to squash Itami like a bug, but the thing that caught Kenshin attention was the fact that Itami was just watching the guy charge at him with a small smirk on his face. As the guy attempted to punch itami he simply sidestepped and placed his hand on the other Genin’s back, at first Shin was wondering what Itami was thinking before he realised, as a member of the Uyeno Clan Itami had access to one technique that even his clan had both a healthy respect and fear for, the Inhaling Maw, A technique that would drain a person of their chakra quicker than any other known chakra draining technique, and due to the fact that the other Genin collapsed within seconds of Itami placing his hand on the boys back he could only assume that’s what he had done, but then again there could be quite a few Shade Release techniques that perform the same sort of effect. Kenshin didn’t really care about the next match, as it was one of the other Canyon genin facing up with one of the two Hidden Snow Genin, and they were two of the most inexperienced Genin that he had seen in the exams so far, so he assumed that the two of them had only been paired up with the other genin so that they would have a third teammate

Due to the fact that Shin was so bored of the match taking place below him Shin see much of the right take place, only bits of pieces from when he had looked down for a second or two, but apparently the Genin from the hidden snow had won, although he had no idea of what technique he had used in order to win. As it came time for the fifth round Shin leapt down from the observation area and landed in the middle of the arena, where he was going to be fighting his own opponent, the final Genin from the hidden snow village, a rather lithe and agile looking girl who was at least twice his age. Once the match was called the girl pulled out two shuriken and threw them at Shin, who proceeded to catch the two projectiles almost effortlessly, before throwing them back at the girl at a much faster speed than she thrown them, something that made the girl’s eyes widen before she jumped to the side in order to avoid them. Seeing that her guard was dropped momentarily Shin used a jutsu that completely and utterly shocked the rest of the Uzumaki clan, the Adamantine Attacking Chains, and the reason that the rest of the clan was so shocked at him using the jutsu was because they had no idea that he had learnt it, nor could they fully comprehend that at such a young age Shin had managed to learn one of their signature A-rank jutsu. The chain flew at the girl at incredible speed, getting larger and thicker the closer that it got to her, until it was 6ft large and 3ft wide. The girl only had enough time to turn her head in surprise before the chain hit her and sent her flying, instantly knocking her out from the force of the impact

Shin had immediately left the field and began walking up to the observation decks once more, but on the way up there he passed by Lumina, as he walked past he sent her a small smile and told her that no matter what happened out there he would stand by her, even if she lost the fight and didn’t get a rank up to Chunin, something that she quietly thanked him for before continuing on towards the battlefield. As Kenshin reached the observation deck he saw the person that Lumina would be facing up against, the final Genin from the hidden Canyon, but the thing that Shin was nervous about was the grin that this guy had on his face, it was a grin that screamed nothing but complete and utter sadism, as well as confidence that this fight was already over. For her part Lumina simply drew her sword and waited for the match to begin, and the second it did Shin knew something was wrong, because Lumina dropped her sword and let out a bloodcurdling shriek, he wasn’t sure what was happening until he saw the seal that was slowly spreading across her body and the Handseal that his opponent was holding. Shin and the rest of the Uzumaki clan in attendance were quite visibly shaken and distressed as they watched the scene unfold, mainly because unlike many of the people that were present in the audience they knew exactly what was happening to Lumina, her opponent, the Genin from the Hidden Canyon village, was using a very specific seal that quite literally made the victims blood boil within their veins, a seal that killed whoever it was placed on in an extremely slow and painful manner

Shin felt completely helpless as he watched the disturbing scene continue on for what seemed like hours, Lumina’s piercing pained screams only getting louder and even more pain filled the longer that it went on, and despite the best efforts of the entire medical team that they had on standby there was nothing that they could do to save Lumina’s life. Shin knew that no matter how hard the medical team tried to save her there was nothing they could do, it was a seal that was specifically designed to execute traitors in the most agonising way possible. This seal was completely unique and impossible to remove by any means, as it had to be placed onto the victim a full week before it could be used, but that is the reason the seal was so deadly, because by doing so the seal becomes tuned to the victims chakra network and when activated uses the victims own chakra to boil them alive from the inside out, in fact the only thing that the medical team could actually do in order to lessen her suffering would be to just kill her themselves, and put her out of her misery. Shin grit his teeth in anger as he saw the extremely satisfied look on the Canyon Genin’s face as Lumina’s red and steaming body dropped lifelessly to the ground, the medics around her looking sombre and angry at the sheer cruelty shown, before carrying her body out of the arena. As soon as the image registered in his brain he didn’t care whether or not he passed the exams and became a Chunin, all he cared about was avenging Lumina’s death by killing the guy who killed her in the most painful way he possibly could, in fact the only reason that he hadn’t leapt down there and tried to kill him already was because of the hand that Stein had placed onto his shoulder, not because he didn’t want to see the other Genin pay for what he had done, but rather so that Shin did not get disqualified for attacking one of his opponents outside of their turn to battle

Due to the double knock out in the first round only five of the Genin were left, so what they had to do was have a three way battle royal between Itami, the Snow Genin and the Storm Genin, although Itami and the snow Genin were both at disadvantages to the Storm Genin, Itami because of how shaken up he looked upon seeing Lumina’s death, and the Snow Genin because he had fought in the last round, whereas the Storm Genin had gotten a free pass in due to his teammate forfeiting. The round turned out to be extremely disappointing, with the Storm Genin managing to take the Snow Genin out of the fight extremely early on, but Itami, who was still extremely shaken up from Lumina’s death, managed to capitalize on a major hole in the Storm Genin’s guard right after he took the Snow Genin out and managed to knock him out by smacking him in the back of the head with the butt of one of his kunai, something that sent Itami through to the final rounds of the exams. Without even waiting for the medics to carry the two unconscious Genin out of the arena Shin leapt down to the arena below and waited for the Canyon Genin to come down, his eyes wide and fixed onto the area that the Canyon Genin would be entering from, if the spectators looked closely they would be able to see him clenching and unclenching his hands in an irregular manner due to the sheer rage he was feeling, and if they looked even closer then they would see sharp tips of four chains protruding from his lower back, ready to be used in a moment’s notice.

As soon as the Canyon Genin walked into the arena with a smug smirk still plastered onto his face Shin resisted the urge to just send his chains flying forth to impale him right through that smug smirk, doing that would only end up getting him disqualified, but then again that wasn’t what worried Shin, what worried him was making sure that his death would be anything but painless, and he had a plan for that. The second that the proctor declared the match Shin sent the four chains flying out of his back and at the Canyon Genin from all different directions so that he couldn’t escape them, Shin manipulated the chains so that the Genin was completely wrapped in the thick chains, the only part of his body not completely wrapped up in chains being his head. Shin saw the Genin open his mouth, presumably to forfeit the match, but Shin refused to allow that, and before the Genin could get a single word out more chains sprang from his back and slowly but deliberately wrapped themselves around the other Genins form, his words silenced as a chain wrapped around his mouth. Tears were flowing from the other Genin’s eyes but Shin did not care, in fact they actually made him want to kill the Genin even more, what he was about to experience would be nothing compared to what Lumina was forced to endure before he died, but did he care when Lumina was screaming as her blood boiled within her very veins, no, in fact he had laughed about it, so Shin did not show him even the slightest form of mercy

Shin manipulated the chians so that they began to slowly and painfully squeeze the life out of him, they twisted and turned as sound of bones snapping and muffled screams began to fill the arena. Slowly but surely blood began to seep through the chains as the broken bones begin to pierce through his skin, the sounds of snapping once again filling the arena as the chains began to compact themselves tighter and tighter around the Genin, the chains completely covered him from head to toe by this point, and Shin was getting sick of hearing his muffled screams, nor did this make him feel any better about what this asshole had done to Lumina. Shin retracted his chains and allowed the crushed and disfigured form of the Canyon Genin to drop to the ground with a wet squelch, the boy would never truly recover from the injuries that Shin inflicted upon him as revenge for what he had done to Lumina, but he did survive thanks to the efforts of the medical team that they had on standby. The next round was scheduled to be Shin and Itami, but Shin had been through enough today and he really didn’t want to have to end it all by fighting his only surviving teammate, so before the match even had a chance to begin he forfeited, making Itami the overall grand champion of these Chunin exams. In the end all of the Hidden Storm Genin were promoted to Chunin, as was Shin himself, granting him the rank of Chunin just four months before his eighth birthday, unfortunately Itami did not showcase enough of his skills to get Chunin rank in these exams

Shin’s Chunin career would be described in the following words, short and boring, mostly due to the fact that as a Chunin he was no longer able to go on missions with Stein and Itami, nor was he put on a team at all actually, sure he was occasionally placed into teams when the mission required it but they only lasted for as long as the mission did, and once the mission was complete they all went their separate ways. During his time as a Chunin Shin’s strength and experience grew by leaps and bounds, and for every mission that he took on his pools of strength and experience only grew larger and larger. His immense strength combined with his extraordinarily young age meant that he gained both the respect and admiration of a great deal of people, and only three months after his Chunin career began he was given the Jounin exams, something that he managed to pass, if only barely, making him a Jounin only one month before his eighth birthday. The transition from Chunin to Jounin was not that easy for Shin, mainly due to the fact that while he had held impressive levels of strength for a Chunin he was actually one of the weaker Jounin, he went from being a big fish in a little pond to a small fish in the ocean, and that was something that Shin refused to allow, he had always been the type of person who trained himself to the brink in order to get stronger, but it seemed that wasn’t enough for a Jounin, he had to push himself beyond the limit if he wanted to get stronger and earn the respect of his new peers.

After Shin became a Jounin the rest of the Uzumaki clan decided that it was time for him to take up the mantle of his father, and thus he was given the position of head of the Uzumaki clan, even though he was beginning to show the signs that he had indeed inherited the Yuki Kekkei Genkai from his mother. Even with the extra duties that he had inherited along with the title of clan head Shin refused to allow himself to fall behind with his training or his duties to the village as a Jounin, and he continued to train his strength in order to catch up to the rest of the Jounin in the village, with one person in particular that he wanted to surpass, his old sensei Stein. As Shin grew stronger and stronger he began to hear news from the other Jounin about a certain Chunin that was beginning to make quite the name for himself, mostly due to his young age and high level of strength, much like Shin himself had done when he was a Chunin, and just as Shin had expected it turned out that the Chunin was none other than Itami, apparently he had taken the Chunin exams once more and this time passed, although once again he was the grand champion of the exams. Shin had to admit, he looked forward to the prospect of working with Itami again, but he knew that would only be likely to happen once Itami became a Jounin like he had, although hopefully Itami would be stronger than he was when he first got a promotion, otherwise he would’ve gotten a rude awakening just like Shin himself had gotten, although now he had managed to master quite a few new things and had increased his level of strength so much that he was now regarded as one of the stronger Jounin in the village, especially since he had mastered his second element, wind, along with his affinity of water, and finally combining the two elements to form the element that his moths clan was renowned and fear for wielding, Ice Release, something that when combined with his Uzumaki chakra reserves and his chakra chains was quite a fearsome combination, and that was without him even using the Fuinjutsu that his clan was most famous and well known for using

During this point Shin approached the Second Jokikage in the hopes that she would allow him to take on some higher ranked missions, since all of the ones that he’s taken on recently had been much too easy for his tastes, but the answer that he had gotten from the woman made him smirk a little, she had simply told him to go and seek out the Anbu commander. And just like that he began to search for the Anbu commander, in the hopes of joining the prestigious Anbu Black Ops of Jokigakure, and eventually he did manage to find the Anbu Commander, although he had the feeling that the only reason he actually managed to track him down was because the man had let him do so. Shin eventually met up with the man in the Biju Caverns, the area where he had trained with Stein for a month before the Chunin exam finals, and much to his surprise the man began to take of his mask as soon as Shin had arrived, revealing the smirking face of none other than his old Sensei, something that only got a smirk from him, it seemed that his old Sensei always had one more trick up his sleeve. The two of them got to talking and before long the subject had swayed over to Itami, who Shin was rather shocked to learn was actually Stein’s son, not once during their time as a team had either of them made any mention of being related to one another and in Shin’s opinion they did not look alike at all, plus the fact that Itami’s surname was Uyeno. In the end the two of them got down to business and discussed the possibility of Shin joining the Anbu, something that Stein himself actually expressed his interest in because of his impressive track record

In the end Stein decided to give Shin a test to see whether or not he was worthy of joining the Anbu, and in the end Shin managed to pass Stein’s test, granting him a spot in the Anbu black ops at the age of eight, four months before his ninth birthday, although Stein warned him that he was not to let anyone know he was Anbu, so he continued with his Jounin career as if nothing was happening even though he was now a member of the Anbu, and the ruse was successful, nobody in the village, apart from the other Anbu, knew that Shin was actually an Anbu, not even the rest of the Uzumaki clan. Almost a full year Shin found out that Itami had finally reached Jounin rank as he had, although he only found this out when the two of them were placed on a team together for an A-rank mission, something that ended up being the first of many missions that the two of them took together, and something that he noticed Itami often talked about was how lucky the two of them were to be Jounin at an age when children were usually still in the academy, obviously not aware that Shin had become a Jounin only three months after he became a Chunin, whilst Itami himself was still a Genin, and when Itami finally became a Chunin and started making a name for himself as one he had become an Anbu, although during the year that he was Anbu he had actually reached the rank of Anbu Captain, although he knew that he had a long way to go before he became a Sannin or even Became the Anbu commander, although Stein was still the Anbu commander so he would be better off going for a Sannin position

This continued going on for another year, Shin and Itami being paired up on missions together, the two of them got along extremely well together and actually had a perfect mission record, something that was extremely rare for Jounin, and something that also gained the eyes of the village’s higher-ups. The two of them were summoned before the Jokikage, who proceeded to tell the both of them straight up that they were being offered positions in the Anbu, something that confused Shin a little because he was already an accomplished member of the Anbu, one who commanded his own squad and was so accomplished that he had become known as Deathstroke, but then again he understood the need for secrecy and wondered if the Jokikage was only acting as if he wasn’t already a member in case Itami turned down the offer, so that his identity was not compromised. Shin was actually quite pleased when Itami had accepted the offer and joined the Anbu like he had close to two years ago, he had seen how Itami acted during their missions together and had relayed that information to Stein, so that would most likely be why Itami got the offer in the first place. For the next few years Shin and Itami continued their partnership even behind their Anbu masks and with Shin’s duties as an Anbu captain, although Shin was not sure whether or not Itami had actually realised that or not, mainly because he had never mentioned it to his partner nor had his partner asked him about whether or not he actually was or not.


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• Roleplay Sample: I am Kenshin Uzumaki but sure, why not
Kenshin’s shot open as he felt something small and hard smack him right in the side of the head, he had no idea just what had hit him or how it hit him but one thing was for sure, he was not happy about it. He sat up and faced the direction that the object that hit him had come from and was immediately hit again, this time it hit him right in the centre of the forehead and he noticed what he was being hit with, stones, small stones were being thrown at him, and when he saw what was throwing the stones he had to resist the urge to laugh. It was a monkey, he was being attacked by a monkey armed with small stones, and the funniest thing was he recognized the money, it was the same one that had been tugging on his silk earlier, the same monkey that he had thrown a stone at, and now it seemed the monkey was taking its revenge by throwing stones at him

But that amusement quickly turned into annoyance as the monkey threw a third stone at him, he grabbed the stone in mid-flight and quickly threw it right back at the monkey, hitting the small primate right between the eyes, at first it seemed to daze the monkey but before long it released a small screech of pain and fled into the bushes, it obviously had not been expecting him to return fire. Kenshin stood up and looked towards the tree that he’d attached his silk threads to but what he saw shocked him, his silk had completely fallen apart, and that meant that he’d been sleeping out in the open with no way to wake him up if anybody entered the area. He came to the conclusion that it must have fallen apart because unlike true spider silk his webs weren’t created from protein and as such they must decay a whole lot faster than regular silk

Kenshin released a small sigh of annoyance when he figured it out, but even though the technique was actually a lot less useful than he had first thought it was still quite a useful technique. Kenshin walked over to the remains of his silk and picked up the ten bells that had fallen to the ground when the silk had decayed, he then stuck them back into his weapon pouch and walked back to his rucksack, he was feeling very well rested and felt that it would be a good time to get back into his training, so he grabbed one of his Fuinjutsu scrolls and began reading

Apparently the technique within the scroll was known as the Mark Seal, the seal was originally designed to be a prison seal, it would be placed on any and all prisoners so that they could be tracked down in case they ever managed to escape, and it didn’t take too long before seal came to the attention of shinobi, as it provided them with a very efficient way for them to track and hunt down their targets. Eventually a group of shinobi improved the seal so that it could be used for a number of other techniques, including human summoning, but unfortunately that group of shinobi disappeared from the face of the earth, whether they disbanded or were killed nobody knows, but the latter seems more likely as the secrets to their new and improved seal appeared in the black market. Ever since then the seal’s design had become extremely widespread, and it had become the basis for a large number of new seals that had popped up all over the shinobi world, and despite the extreme simplicity of the Mark Seal some of the seals based of its design are used by the highest levels of military of all over the world

The things that Kenshin liked the most about the seal were the fact that it had no hand seals, it could be applied by even the lightest of touches and that the entire seal was a small dot that was mere millimetres wide, and to make things better shortly after the seal is applied it becomes completely invisible to both the naked eye and chakra vision, the only way to reveal the seal was to have a Fuinjutsu specialist examine it. Another thing that impressed Kenshin was that the seal never faded away, it could only be removed, either by the user or by a Fuinjutsu specialist, meaning that for as long as the seal was active its user always knew exactly where the marked party was and could use it to track them down. Kenshin closed the scroll and placed it into his rucksack, that scroll held a lot more background information than any of the other techniques that he’d read, but he wasn’t complaining, he had actually found learning about how the technique was created and some of the history behind it to be quite interesting

Kenshin frowned, he understood just how much chakra he needed to use and how he needed to mould it in order for the technique to work but he had absolutely nothing that he could test it out on as he could only place the seal on a living being, and he highly doubted that he could perform it on himself, although he had been wrong before, so he decided to try it out on himself. He placed his left hand upon the palm of his right and began trying to place the seal, but just as he had expected it proved to be impossible, no matter what he did he just found it to be impossible for him to place the seal upon his own body. Kenshin released an annoyed sigh as he realised that he’s actually need to test the seal on someone else in order to find out whether or not he actually had the seal down. He decided that the best thing for him to do would be to just continue with his current course of action and keep training, so he grabbed one of the two remaining Fuinjutsu scrolls and began reading

The technique was known as the Fuinjutsu Lock, and as the name suggests it allowed the user to place a Fuinjutsu lock on a targeted surface, such as a doors, chests, scrolls, really anything that can be opened. The user applied the lock by simply placing their index finger on the object that they wish to apply it to, this prevents the object from being opened unless the person attempting to open it either have enough raw strength to force the lock open, have a jutsu powerful enough to destroy the seal or have a technique known as Fuinjutsu Breaking and possess chakra powerful enough to bypass the seal, at which point they are able to either completely break the seal, or just dull the dull the seal temporarily to ‘unlock’ it. But it was the next part that really caught Kenshin’s attention, unlike most techniques this one actually had multiple ranks, the lowest rank of the Jutsu being E-rank while the highest is S-rank, and the rank of the jutsu wasn’t the only thing that determined how strong the seal was, the more powerful that the chakra of the user was the more powerful the seal would be, but obviously the higher ranks of the jutsu had higher strength than the lower ranks regardless of how powerful the users chakra was

Kenshin closed the scroll and placed it down on the ground in front of him, according to what he had read about the technique he’d be able to perform it on the scroll and at the moment it seemed like the perfect thing for him to test the technique out on. Kenshin extended his index finger towards the scroll, the digit starting to glow a bright blue colour as he touched the scroll, and when he removed his finger a 6 inch Fuinjutsu array had been inscribed on the position that his finger had been, thereby sealing the scroll shut. Kenshin picked the scroll up and attempted to open it, just to test out whether or not he had applied the seal correctly, he had to put quite a bit of his strength into doing so he still managed to open the scroll, the small seal that had been on it fading away once it had been opened. Kenshin frowned slightly when the scroll opened, if he had applied the seal properly then no matter how hard he tried he wouldn’t have been able to force the seal open, he just didn’t have enough raw strength to be able to force it open, nor did he possess a jutsu that had enough power to destroy the seal so that he could open it that way. Kenshin once again extended his glowing blue index finger forward and place it one the scroll, and once again when he pulled his finger away inscribed in its previous position was a 6 inch Fuinjutsu array. Now that he had replaced the array on the scroll he once again tried to open it, except this time no matter how much of his strength he used to try and force the scroll open it didn’t even budge

Kenshin smirked and placed the now locked scroll on the ground, a small sense of accomplishment filling him now that he had learnt yet another technique, but he wasn’t anywhere near done with this training session yet. Kenshin grabbed the final Fuinjutsu scroll and unrolled it, before beginning to read about the technique within, it was known as Fuinjutsu Breaking and just as its name implied it was a technique that was used entirely to break Fuinjutsu. Apparently the technique worked by making the user inject their chakra into an existing Fuinjutsu seal and then using said chakra to dismantle the seal from the inside out, although this can only be done on seals that the user is able to understand, if the seal is out of the users range of skill then they would be unable to understand which parts of the seal need to be dismantled in order to get the seal to break. Kenshin also realised that this was the technique that can used to dull the Fuinjutsu Lock technique, something that ended up being good news for him since with the scroll he’d locked he had a way to learn if he’d leant the technique right. Apparently this technique could only be used if he came into direct contact with the seal, something that was a little annoying since it meant that if the technique was under a layer of clothing he would have to remove said layer to use it  Kenshin closed the scroll with a small frown, unlike all of the other techniques that he had been learning this one was actually quite vague since it didn’t actually describe how he was meant to use it, although that was most likely because this technique was used differently with each seal that it was used on

Although the technique did have one thing going for it, just like the Fuinjutsu Lock technique it possessed multiple ranks, of course the lowest rank of the Jutsu was E-rank, which he was learning right now, and the highest was S-rank, and just like with the Fuinjutsu lock the level wasn’t the only thing that determined how powerful the technique was, the more powerful the users chakra the higher level seals the user could dismantle. Deciding to test the technique out Kenshin placed the index and middle fingers of his right hand against the Fuinjutsu Lock array, his fingers starting to glow blue as he manipulated his chakra into flowing through them and directly into the small Fuinjutsu array that they were touching, he then began to manipulate the chakra that he was injecting into disrupting the flow of the chakra that was keeping the array from falling apart. He could feel certain parts of the array beginning to fall apart from the lack of chakra, and before long the technique began to falter and the lines of the array began to waver, until eventually the array completely faded away and left the scroll without a single piece of evidence suggesting it had been locked in the first place.

Kenshin tried to open the scroll and found that he could do it without the slightest bit of effort, something that made him release a small smirk, both this technique and the Fuinjutsu lock would be very useful for him in the future, especially when he learnt how to use their higher level variants. Kenshin placed the scrolls of the Fuinjutsu Lock and Fuinjutsu Breaking technique into his rucksack before grabbing one of the three chakra manipulation scrolls and reading the technique within. Unlike the other scrolls though this one didn’t actually contain a jutsu, what it actually contained was a type of skill, the skill of Chakra sensory, an extremely useful technique for everyone to learn, especially Missing Nin, but unfortunately he was not interested in learning it at the moment, he would definitely learn it in the future but right now he was focussed on learning jutsu. So he placed the scroll back into his rucksack with the others and grabbed one of the other two scrolls, but when he opened the scroll he had to resist the urge to sigh, because just like before the scroll contained a skill rather than a jutsu, this time being the skill of Chakra Suppression, and like before while it may be extremely useful for him as a missing nin he was interested in learning jutsu, not skills

Kenshin placed that scroll into his rucksack as well and grabbed the Chakra Manipulation final scroll, looking at it the scroll in his hands with narrowed eyes, he really didn’t want this to be yet another skill. Kenshin opened the scroll and smirked when he saw that it was indeed a jutsu, or at the very least it was close enough to a jutsu that he was going to focus on learning it, the technique was known as Surface Walking, and technically it wasn’t really a jutsu it was actually a technique used to increase the users chakra control. The technique worked by making the user channel their chakra into their feet so that they could either repel themselves off a surface or to or attract themselves to it, thus allowing them to walk up completely sheer and vertical surfaces and even walk on the surface of water, it can also be used to anchor the user to the ground, and the stronger the chakra of the user the stronger the force that they were anchored to the ground with. He closed the scroll and once again had a frown on his face, just like the last technique that he’d learnt this technique was extraordinarily vague and barely explained how it was supposed to be done, it didn’t even say just how much chakra he was supposed to channel in order to either repel himself from a surface or to anchor himself to a surface, all it said was that he was meant to channel his chakra into his feet

Kenshin decided that his best bet would be to practice using the technique on the ground before he actually tried to walk up the trunk of one of the trees that surrounded the clearing, otherwise he could end up falling or even launching himself completely off the trunk, both of which could lead to some pretty nasty injuries if he were to land at an awkward angle. First he decided to see what would happen if he channelled a massive amount of chakra into his feet, so he began to channel an extremely amount of chakra into his feet, his eyes widening when he was shot at least fifteen feet into the air by the resulting explosion of chakra. Kenshin quickly did a flip and righted himself so that he would land safely, he landed in a crouch and looked at the position that he had been standing in, becoming quite surprised when he saw the cracked earth and slight crater that was there. He quickly came to the conclusion that if he were to channel too much chakra into his feet then he would be shot off the surface rather than adhere to it like he was aiming for

With that part figured out Kenshin began to channel a small amount of chakra into his feet, using nowhere near as much as he had been before, and just as he suspected he was not shot off the ground, so to test whether or not he was being attached to the ground he let his body go limp, knowing that if he was doing the technique right his feet would stay attached to the ground, but if he wasn’t doing it right that he would hit the ground hard. He smirked when he felt his back hit the ground, only the top half of his body toughing it since his feet were still firmly attached to the ground. Kenshin quickly righted himself and walked to one of the many trees that surrounded the clearing, from there he took a run up start and began to channel chakra into his feet as he ran right up the trunk of the tree, before letting the flow of chakra stop and kicking himself off the tree and into a flip, once again hitting the ground and landing in a crouch. He smirked as he stood up, that technique was actually a lot simpler than he thought that it would be, although that was probably because his chakra control was already quite good, so it would come to him a lot easier than it would to people with bad chakra control.

Kenshin walked back over to his rucksack and the scrolls next to them and grabbed one of the other scrolls, not paying any attention as to which scroll he had grabbed nor the pile that he had grabbed it from. He quickly opened the scroll and began reading its contents, and to his great surprise he had picked up the scroll to one of the only medical techniques that he had been able to find in his parents’ house, but then again it wasn’t like either his mother or father were medical ninja or jutsu hoarders, they were both simple Chunin and the only reason that had any jutsu scrolls was because most of them were back from their time in the Konoha shinobi academy. Kenshin shook his head and began to actually read about the technique, this particular technique was known as the Basic Medical Ninjutsu, and just as the name of the technique suggested it was an extremely basic medical technique that most people are able to learn, the technique was designed with two rather simple purposes, for use a quick fix out on the field of battle so that shinobi could get back into the fight quickly, and to reduce the amount of shinobi that actually needed to go to the hospital to have their wounds treated by professionals. This technique was quite literally one of the simplest medical Ninjutsu around and that is exactly how it was designed to be, so that it could be easily learnt by any and everyone who actually tried to learn it

This technique had two levels, the first was extremely quick and simple to learn, being so simple that even an academy student would be able to learn it without too much trouble or effort, the second level on the other hand was more suited for genin and chunin level shinobi, but even then the technique was still extremely simple when compared to most medical techniques and could be learnt by almost anybody of that skill level or higher. Kenshin decided that his best bet would be to focus on the first level of the technique, since while he knew that he was skilled he was most likely not Chunin level yet, maybe Genin but not Chunin, so began to study what it said about the first level of the technique. Apparently the first level of the technique was only really used to heal things like surface wounds, and it worked by speeding up the rate at which the patients’ blood clots and thus makes the wound close and get covered by a scab much faster, so fast that a cut along the length of the users arm would only take around two minutes to heal

Kenshin closed the scroll and almost instantly his eyes were drawn to the bruises and cuts that littered his knuckles from his last training session, and that caused him to smirk, he now had something that he could test the technique out on. Kenshin formed the required hand seals and hovered his now glowing white palm above his cut and bruised left hand, and almost immediately he could feel the dull throbbing pain begin to leave his hand along with the wounds, and once he felt the pain leave his hand completely he repeated the process with his other hand. Once both of his hands were completely pain free he held them in front of his eyes, marvelling at the pristine white skin that he was met with rather than the bruised and battered hands that he’d seen around ten minutes ago, they had already healed slightly during the time that he had been sleeping and now they were completely healed by the technique

Kenshin placed the scroll to the technique in his rucksack with the others and then looked at all of the techniques that he still had to learn, there were only two of them left and based on the fact that he had yet to train in Taijutsu the two techniques could only be Taijutsu.  He grabbed the first scroll and began to read the contents, the technique within was known as the One Thousand Years of Death, and as soon as he read the name of the technique he began to imagine a Taijutsu technique of ultimate power, so he began to read through the scroll with renewed vigour and a smile on his face, but by the time he got to the end of the scroll his smile had been replaced by an annoyed scowl and his right eye was twitching, this was definitely not a technique of unrivalled power, it was more of a crude joke than a jutsu, but regardless he could see the use of the technique, it would demoralise and enrage the victim that’s for sure, and maybe if the user was strong enough or if the user were to replace their fingers with a kunai or something else than it could definitely prove to be lethal, and that would definitely be a bad way to die

Kenshin closed the scroll and placed it into his rucksack, as much as he hated to admit it he would more than likely use the technique at least once in the future, if only to see how the person that he used it one would react, but he would wash his hands very thorough afterwards. Kenshin grabbed the final scroll and opened it wearily, hoping that the technique was not another joke like the last one, the technique was called Dicipline, and almost immediately he could feel a sense of annoyance creeping up on him, because just like with the one thousand years of death it was more of a joke than an actual technique, since it was nothing more than a glorified backhand slap, and just like before he placed the scroll in his rucksack in annoyance, although just like before he knew that he would use the technique at least once in the future just to see how the victim would react, he’d assume that unlike the feeling of violation that the person he would use the other technique on this one would be more of shock that he had backhanded them

Kenshin picked up his discarded coat and placed it on top of his rucksack before he sat down in the middle of the clearing with his legs crossed, he closed his eyes and began to meditate, letting his mind go blank as he focussed on the peaceful sounds of nature

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