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Futushi Senju | Updates


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Futushi Senju | Updates

Post by Futushi on Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:53 am

Name: Futushi 'Susano-wo' Senju
Rank: Sannin
Village: Hyouzangakure no Sato

Clan: Senju
Kekkei Genkai: Mokuton | Wood Release
Element(s): Suiton | Doton | Raiton | Mokuton
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Iryō Ninjutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Undecided fourth starter


Element / SpecRemaining WordcountRank
 Acquired S-Rank
 Acquired S-Rank
 Acquired S-Rank
 3000 -Rank
 4000 -Rank
 Acquired S-Rank
 Acquired S-Rank
 Acquired S-Rank
 3000 -Rank
 Acquired S-Rank
 0000 -Rank


STATStat Points Goal
Strength 40 200
Speed 61 200
Durability 61 200
Chakra 120 200


Special Characteristics:

Starting SC's

  • Name: Jack of All Trades
    Rank: S Ranked
    Requirements: Must Be Senju Clan (can Start with this SC)
    Type: All
    Description: The Senju Clan are known as the Jack of all trades which means they tend to be talented in most of anything they do. The Senju, like everyone, can train for all Specialties, but everyone else can only use the bonuses of the Specs if it is their top three. Senju can uses the bonuses from all specs they have trained.

  • Name: Inheritance of Tobirama
    Rank: D-Rank to S-Rank | Currently at D-Rank
    Requirements: Senju Blood | Water Release
    Type: Chakra | Elemental Affinity
    Description: Some members of the renown Senju Clan are more proficient in certain elements that others, these select few gain what is better known as The Inheritance of Tobirama, a Special Characteristic that grants the user a range of passives dependent on rank that purely affect their proficiency with Water.

    D-Rank to S-Rank:

    | Water Release Technique training Costs |
    At each rank the user gains a training discount on all Water Release Techniques base Wordcount total, these are as follows. These do not stack but are able to alongside Elemental Excellence and Almighty Elementalist.

    1. D-Rank: No Wordcount discount
    2. B-Rank: -160 Wordcount
    3. A-Rank: -240 Wordcount
    4. S-Rank -320 Wordcount

    | Water Release Technique Rank Increase |
    Rank Increases:
    At each rank the users Suiton or Water Release Techniques rate of damage is up'd by one rank. Additionally at higher ranks jutsu are granted a broad range allowing for large AoE or Area of Effect possibilities. Does not stack with other Special Characteristic's. Only enhances Water Release and not KKG based Techniques that use Water.

    • D-Rank: B-Rank Damage
    • B-Rank: A-Rank Damage
    • A-Rank: S-Rank Damage
    • S-Rank: SS-Rank Damage | AoE Effect | 10 Meter Range

    | Water Release Mastery ~ S-Rank |
    Mastery Passives:

    • At S-Rank the user has entirely mastered the use of Water Release that they are now capable of using their techniques without the use of a water source or body of water. Instead the user is capable of harnessing and utilizing sources of moisture in the air as a source for their water techniques which grants them a -1 in Post Count to use their jutsu / discount on Chakra.
    Open to the public: Yes


  • 10 Shuriken
  • 7 Kunai
  • 4 Smoke Bombs
  • 1 Scroll
  • 1 S-Rank Gear Token

  • Ryo: 10,000
  • EXP: 40,000 [4,000 Xmas Gift] [36,000 EXP Event]
  • Starting Jutsu E-Rank to A-Rank: 15
  • Starting Jutsu S-Rank: 2
  • Tokens: 0
  • S-Rank Tokens: 0
  • Legendary Tokens: 0


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Re: Futushi Senju | Updates

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