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Death Is Bliss

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Death Is Bliss

Post by Cadis Etrama Di Levone on Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:11 am

Indra stood in his home, Kunai in his hand and sadness filling his eyes. Today was not suppose to be like this for the young ninja, he had planned to go out and train more but he could no longer continue is façade. He was depressed and he had always been but today was the last straw what he had learned made him hate hi existence in this world. "Why..just why!" he said as he replayed the voices over and over again in his head that told him that his old team were killed while taking an S-rank mission. As an Anbu Indra could usually handle death but this time it was different, way different because of Ryu. It was hard to admit but Ryu was the last love that he had in this world, it was him that kept Indra from doing stupid things and even comforted him when his whole family was killed all those years ago but now he too is gone. Death is what was always around him, he could not escape it, everyone he truly cared for had now perished and he did not wish to on any longer without them. He pulled the Kunai closer to his heart, could he do this? could he actually kill himself? he had so much to do in this world and he could meet new friends and a new love. Indra smiled as tears started to fall, nah he didn't want to curse anyone's existence around him, he didn't want to experience more pain that he already had. Indra could be with his family and team if he did this, that would make him so happy to see them all again so why not? Without giving himself a second to reconsider Indra shoved the Kunai deeply into his heart, blood pouring out of the wound and his mouth as he did so. As the light faded from his eyes, Indra said his last words "here I come, guys" before collapsing on the floor. Death was bliss for the now dead Indra Uchiha of Hyouzangakure.

Info: Character now dead, got permission from Jayy to do this.
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Re: Death Is Bliss

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:50 pm

Approved, you Have lost Everything this Character had.

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