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Ichiro Jun's Staff Application



Ichiro Jun's Staff Application

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:29 pm

Name: Luca Alessandro
Position Required: Global Moderator
What I Can Do: In accordance to past positions, regarding RPG's, as a Global Moderator, I can thorough evaluate jutsu, skills, elements, specialties, items, etc. Unlike most NRPG's, I will ensure all members are treated fairly. Any and all submissions will be reviewed to the point where all functions will be recorded to a picture-perfect extent. As of rules, I will add more rules based on members' commentary, for they are obviously of the highest value in a forum. Finally, in battles, I will ensure absolutely every single aspect that could be considered illegal is voided. I encourage other staff members take this seriously as even a trial will prove these promises tremendously.
History: Dueling Network Administrator, Administrator in 2 World of Warcraft private servers, and an Administrator in over 5 Runescape private servers. Also currently with a friend as a co-owner for another RPG. Proof unfortunately cannot be shown for all sites as some have shutdown. However, high efforts will be considered.
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Re: Ichiro Jun's Staff Application

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