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Burning Snow [Training; Solo]

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Burning Snow [Training; Solo]

Post by Cadis Etrama Di Levone on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:11 am

It was dark, no it wasn't dark, it was in fact pitch black. "W-where am I?" Indra said as he looked around in the blackness, he had no clue where he was and it was starting to worry him, had he been captured? or worse? He only hoped that this was just a dream and he would wake up soon. "Indra.." a familiar voice rang behind him, completely catching him off guard in this place and causing worry to shoot through him for a split second. The young Uchiha slowly turned around in the pitch black world too see his dead brothers body once more, chest cut wide open and blood pouring out of his mouth and wound. It was like that day three years ago, the day he had to watch the last of his family die to that pathetic old anbu captain of his.

Indra's was quickly filled with angst as flash backs from that day started to resurface in his mind but why? why was he being tortured by seeing his brothers dead body once more and that night running through his mind? He may have no longer showed his emotion but it was the death of his brother that made him heartless, his brother's memory was the only thing that kept from cutting all ties he had. "Indra.. do not fret" his brothers voice filled his ears once more as he saw strange black flames begin to consume the body. "You must obtain power...more power... find the scroll..." his brothers voice began to fade but indra was more confused than he had been since his death, what scroll was Maki speaking of? "Amaterasu!" a final shout rang through Indra's skull as his brothers body was finally ash, consumed by the black flames. Before Indra could think of anything else, his eyes shot open and he was staring at his ceiling.

"What the hell was that?" Indra said as he began to sit up in his bed and flash backs of his dream began replaying in his mind. Why had he seen his dead brother? and why was he covered in black flames? But Indra couldn't help but to feel like he knew the flames, like he had seen them somewhere before. "Aamaterasuu.." a whisper found its way to his ears, surprising him but he just shook his head and threw back his covers to get out of bed. He stumbled to bathroom and washed up before putting on his clothing and doing his hair, which was his normal morning routine if he had the time. After he had gotten ready he had headed off into the white world he knew has Hyouzangakure.

The heavy snow crunched under Indra's feet as he began walking through the village, pure white flakes falling down all around, quickly filling in any tracks people had left within the snow. Indra would usually stop to admire his beautiful village but today he could not, the dream was still trying to replay in his mind, the black flames and his brothers body telling him to find a scroll. What scroll was it though? he doesn't remember anything about a scroll. "Wait!" Indra basically said as he went from walking, to a sprint, then a run towards a certain destination. He was stupid not to remember the place, his owns parents had built it prior to the birth of Maki and Indra, it was very important to his parents and now to him as he is their sole successor to their legacy.

It was covered in a heavy blanket of snow, a small run down looking building. It was made of a light colored wood, that seemed to be old and probably creaking, with a roof also mad of a darker wood which looked like it would still be in tact. The things about that made this building stand out from every other building in Hyouzangakure is that it is close to the field forever frozen in ice and that the sharingan is depicted on the door. This place is knows as the Uchiha shrine, the only one known to exist in any other village besides that of the sky, which he had found out from his parents. Looking at it now, he wondered why his parents had built this place, did they know that one of their kids would need to find something or even manage to unlock the Uchiha's ultimate dojutsu? Either way he knew the answers to his dream this morning would be found in the Hyouzangakure Uchiha shrine.

Indra began walking towards the door of his families shrine, primarily focusing on the sharingan that was painted on it. He hadn't used his sharingan in a while, he knew it could make his combat and missions way easier but these were not his eyes, they once belonged to his brother. That is also another reason he had not used his Mangekyo Sharingan since the day he killed his old Anbu captain, he did not believe he should have obtained his brothers eyes, he believes that his brother should have lived and they obtain the power together. As he reached the door he paused for a second as the memories of that night once again played through his mind, the night he lost the last of his family, the night he became someone new. Shaking the memories from his head once more, Indra pushed open the door to the Uchiha shrine with a heavy creaking sound following it.

The place was very dark at first, he couldn't see a thing as he entered. "Where are the lights in this place" Indra murmured as he was suddenly shocked by the sounds of flames igniting and light quickly filling the room he had just walked into. It looked old and worn from the outside but the inside was amazing! the walls were  painted a light gray color with the sharingan painted on the light and right walls. The floor as made of a cherry colored wood that looked like it had just been polished with floating flames lining the gray walls, however it was practically empty. The only thing that decorated the place was three blood colored cushions, each adorning a pure white scroll, in the middle of the polished floor. Indra knew he was right to come back here, everything about his family and there history where trapped inside this very place and this is the only place that could possibly lead him to the answer about the dream he had about his brother and the black flames this morning. "black..." a whisper floated through the air of the shrine causing Indra to quickly look around to see if anyone had came in, however he found no one but himself in the shrine, so where did the whisper come from? He didn't know and he found it quite weird that it had been happening all this morning.

Trying to dismiss the voice he kept hearing, Indra noticed something quite strange, one of the scrolls seemed to have now adorned the single black strip. Believing it to be just a matter of coincidence, Indra walked towards the scroll that adorned the single black line, picked it up and began to unravel it. The first words that he saw when he had opened the scroll where "Mangekyo Sharingan Techniques" which began weirding Indra out about. He remembers long ago when he was a child his parents told him that it was very rare and powerful for an Uchiha to obtain the Mangekyo sharingan but it was also dangerous, something Indra had actually found out first hand when he awakened and used his Mangekyo Sharingan. He remembered his parents saying that the Mangekyo was so dangerous because they had new ocular powers beyond anything the word had seen but they had never divulged the name of the powers of the Mangekyo that made it so powerful, which saddened Indra because he had the Eternal Mangekyo yet knew nothing about its powers. He had to change that today with whatever was inside this scroll.

After snapping out of his train of memory, he began to unravel the scroll to see the techniques that lay inside of it. A startling gasp escaped Indra's mouth as he saw the first technique that lay within the confines of this scroll, "how is that possible?" Indra asked as he began reading the techniques now aloud; "The eternal black flames: Amaterasu". How in the world did his dream include this when he never knew it even existed? why did he even have the dream about this technique to begin with? It was all so confusing to Indra now that his dead had begun to spin but as it did his brothers voice rang through his head for one last time. "Gain power, little brother". That snapped him out of his daze and he finally figured out why he had the dream. It had been three years today since his brother died and he obtained the eternal Mangekyo sharingan and he had not used it once, seeing as these were once the eyes of his brother, and he did not wish to disrespect the memory of his brother by using his eyes. The dream was not really a dream but sort of an epiphany for Indra and a visit, A visit from his brother to let him now that he should no longer be afraid use to his eyes and an epiphany to gain power to protect those around him so no one else to die.  

He smiled finally releasing that it was stupid to not use the eyes had granted him and that he failed to realize how much power that these eyes actually held, now he would fix all of this. He would use his ocular powers to become a more powerful ninja for his deceased mother, father and brother. "But how do I learn this technique?" he asked himself as his quest for power rose within him, so he began reading the script of Amaterasu. "The left eye of the Mangekyo stores Amaterasu... so that means that I must train this left eye of mines to be able to produce these black flame" Indra said as he began rolling the scroll back up and putting it into the pocket of his kimono. Today would be a new day for him, a start to a new Indra Uchiha "and it all begins with learning this one jutsu" he whispered as he activated his three tomoe sharingan. Indra began walking out of the Uchiha shrine before turning around and looking at the place his parents built when they first came to Hyouzangakure, he feel like they knew that this place would be needed for their kids someday and it really came in handy after all. He would be back soon.

Indra closed the door as he walked out of the Uchiha shrine back into the forever frozen field of Hyouzangakure, the place that would serve as his training ground to learn his clans Mangekyo sharingan technique; Amaterasu. "Lets go learn this new technique!" Indra said to himself as he began to walk onto the frozen field but as he had reached a feet away from the shrine he felt something was wrong and turned around. When he turned around indra saw someone in a cloak standing on the roof of his families shrine, Indra wondered who this person was and why they where spying on him, as he knows that people spying on him are never good. "Indra.. Uchiha?" The person said allowing Indra to make out that it was a male but how the hell did the person know his name? This was not going to be a great encounter.

"Yes, that is me" Indra said as his sharingan started at the individual letting him see the large amount of chakra the person had. "Well then, looks like I an finally kill you, you filthy anbu!" The man yield as he took out a kunai and jumped from the Shrine's roof towards Indra. "How the hell do you know that I am an anbu?" He said as he too took out a kunai to par with the one that the stranger had come towards him with. "Lets just say that one of your fellow anbu have a very weak mind and you should refrain from being friends outside the job!" The hooded man said as he and Indra continued to collide with Kunai. Fuck, this is why he had always wanted to accompany his comrades on missions, they could handle themselves but every once in awhile someone comes along only their captain could handle. While lost in though, the hooded man was able to land a good, solid kick to Indra's stomach which sent him flying a few feet back and landing on the cold, hard ground of the frozen field. Before Indra had the chance to get up and move, the hooded man appeared above him as threw shuriken towards him but thanks to his sharingan, Indra was able to roll over and dodge being impaled. Indra quickly stood up and did hand signs before yelling out "Fire ball jutsu!" as a large fireball left his mouth and went towards his opponent.

"Water style: Water Bullets!" he heard the man say as several quarter dollar sized water balls hit his fire ball, causing his fire style to burn out and mist fill the air. Once again thanks to his sharingan, Indra could easily see his opponent in the mist. He rushed towards his enemy without trying to make a sound, trying to land a surprise attack but a large gust of wind appeared out of nowhere and blew him back from his target. "Thought it would be that easy!?" the hooded man said as he weaved more hand seals as a large water shark shot towards Indra . "This guy is damned strong" Indra said as he weaved several hand signs as well and sucked in air before exhaling and unleashing several wind bullets towards the shark, managing to dissipate it before it hit him. Indra landed on the ground and once again found the hooded man running towards him, preparing to attack. Luckily this time it was a physical attack which Indra could easily read and block, which lead them into hand to hand combat between each other. Indra managed to be way faster in hand to hand combat thanks to his sharingan and landed a few good blows onto his opponent, but Indra opponent was not giving up yet. As Indra prepared to deliver a powerful punch, the masked man blew something into Indra's eyes, making him fall back and clutch his eyes.

While Indra was clutching and grunting in pain, the man managed to land several good blow onto indra, managing to get the Anbu captain on the ground again. Indra was now furious! how the hell is he an Uchiha and the Anbu captain be beaten by a hooded man? he was not going to let this happen again during this battle. As the hooded man prepared to stomp on Indra's face, Indra quickly did hand seals before spitting out a cloud of ash. "What the!?!" The man said as his leg was hit and began to be burned along with his cloak. The man jumped back as quickly as possible from the cloud of burning dust cloud and threw off his cloak, revealing a young red headed man with piercing blue eyes. The enraged Indra got up from the ground and managed to open his eyes, looking at the culprit who managed to get him on the ground so many times. "You bastard!" the young red head said as he charged towards Indra once more, the killing intent seeping out of his body. "I am sorry, but that will go any further!" Indra yelled activating his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, "W-what is that eye?" The young man said as he stopped charging towards Indra, mesmerized by something he seems to never had seen before. "This will be your death, you pathetic child" Indra said as he closed his eyes once more before opening them once more, he had sent chakra to his left eye and focused his vision on the boy. "Amaterasu!" He yelled as his left began to cry tears of blood, "Haha you wish!" yelled the boy as he charged once more before he was engulfed in black flames. "What the fuck!" the boy yelled and yelled as the flames consumed him completely. The flames seemed to be hot enough to melt some of the frozen field around the flame engulfed body of the boy, these flames seemed to be very powerful. Soon as the boys screams stopped and nothing but ashes where left from his body, however the flames still burned upon the ground. Indra looked at them with his left eye and they soon died out. "I told you it would be your death kid" Indra said as he deactivated his sharingan and looked at the ashes, he felt no remorse killing someone who had planned to kill him, it was self defense in his case. What mattered to him is that he was able to use the eternal black flames of Amaterasu and they were more powerful then he had ever imagined his S-ranked regular fire style jutsu to be.

Indra wiped the blood for his eyes and began walking away from the frozen field. "Hm, I wonder what other jutsu these eyes may hold" he said as a wide mischievous grin grew onto his face. "I will make sure I obtain them all, on a new quest to become something more powerful than ever!" Indra said as he began laughing, he was not lying as he said he was going to obtain more power. His eyes held more and more techniques and secrets he would unlock and nothing would stop him from doing so, nothing at all, not even his own comrades. Indra finally departed from the forever frozen field changed, he was now hungry for the power his eyes held, and he will get them by all means possible.

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Re: Burning Snow [Training; Solo]

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Amaterasu training approved~

3800 EXP awarded.

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