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Make A Doll!

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Make A Doll!

Post by Garnet Rose on Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:45 pm

Hey Guys! Garnet here....

So apparently a couple of you people for some reason were interested in the Dolls that I tend to spew nonsense about in the chat and suggested that I keep a running list. Obviously, I'm going through with it.

For those of you who don't know, a Doll is basically a little chibi version of your character that is pretty much a dumb OOC item with a specific ability that you can use to annoy others.

If you see a name missing from the list that you'd like added, please comment down below the character name, preferably with some links that provide some background info on it. It's hard being original you know 030.

Anyways, onto the current lists!

16 Doll: Just blows everything up. Don't even bother trying to comprehend how.
Aiko Akiyama Doll: Heals people with the mystical palm technique.
Echo Uchiha Doll: Can be used to read the mind of someone else in the chatbox. (Banned Doll)
Hikari Ootsutsuki Doll: Blows up people in the CB with a large explosion.
Futushi Doll: Starts singing "Under the Sea" whenever you squeeze it.
Indra Uchiha (Erochiha) Doll: When you squeeze it little penguins come
out of nowhere and start waddling around the CB.
Jayy Doll: Skids on a person in the CB's bed, leaving a bunch of brown marks.
Kenshin Uzumaki Doll: Yells "Ouch!" when you squeeze its head. (Sealed Away by Kenshin)
Kozai Doll: Lets you make weird DNA banks the size of a fruit.
Near Doll: Creates a paradox whenever Near (Jayy) is in the chatbox. Also, a good way to get the user kicked from said chatbox.
Makussu Koutaishi Doll: Protects the user from another Doll by covering them in paper.
Saya Doll: Uses the power of sunshine and happiness to fire a death ray of lightning at a person
Steel Doll: Does a Uzuyuki combo all over somebody when used
Taika Nara Doll: Forces the opponent to snort gold dust that seeps from the doll
Garnet Rose

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Re: Make A Doll!

Post by Garnet Rose on Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:16 pm

Updated as of 1/30/16!

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