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The Eternal, Gluttonous, Calamity (Ash and Ashura, Flashback,P)

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The Eternal, Gluttonous, Calamity (Ash and Ashura, Flashback,P)

Post by Satoru The Calamity on Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:54 pm

Satoru Had recently sort of unofficially met his full brother, Ash, Satoru had been walking around town, near the Kage's office, in hopes to catch a glimpse of this man, they were the only brothers to share the same father, Satoru wanted to see how much Ash knew about their father, maybe more personally then the other brothers knew him, who knew these answers now other then Ash himself right?

Sadly Satoru knew that Ashura was also in charge of the kage building today, so that made things more difficult, its not that he didnt love his brother, its just Ashura seemed to like to use Satoru as the local kickball, specially if he was around when Ashura got upset about something, But for this legendary encounter and possible truths he sought, this was worth it for him, the risk and all.

Satoru's brown hair fluttering in the wind, his auburn eyes keeping a look out on the crowd, but also above at the roofs, cause one never knew how a ninja would decide to travel, he wore his usual outfit while he was inside of the walls, a white button up shirt, a blue and white jacket over it, and a blue tie which he kept loose around his neck, he had on blue pants as well as black boots, his head band was wrapped around his left arm.

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