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Horror Craft

Post by The War Ender on Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:29 pm

Make Your Own Monsters




The best growth comes from within. Explore the world of Earth in a reality halfway between our very own and one of complete nightmare and chaos. Question your own morality as you decide who the real monsters are in the growing civilization of survivalists in a horror-stricken land. Finally discover who would win in a fight man between Dracula and the Wolf Man, or how well the creature from the Lagoon and Frankenstein's Monster would get on as roommates. In this world, anything is possible, and it usually wants to eat your face.

Choose from over 10 total races to play in this open-class world that doesn't hold anything back. This Guide will help you to decide on the skin you'll wear. Don't forget to read the Welcome Page, as it could provide some extra info not found anywhere else.

If you're ready, Register and then join us on the Chatbox. If you have any quesitons, we'd be glad to help answer them either through PM or if you can catch us on the chatbox. We hope to see you soon!

Make Your Own Monsters

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