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Ejj Clan

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Ejj Clan

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Name: Ejj
Founder: Azazel Ejj
Location: Ejj Island, Sukaigakure

History: Unlike most clans, especially those boasting a Kekkai Genkai, not a single person in the Ejj clan is related to another. Also dissimilar to a normal clan, the Ejj are not family. They hold an Apprentice/Master relationship to other individuals in the clan. There is no formal vote or decision to induct an individual into the clan. The qualifications for joining are very simple, and nearly anyone could end up a member. One or more current Ejj Clan members will kill your parents/guardians, and then ask if you'd like to live with them. Easy, right?

The Ejj clan has existed for 3 generations. The original member of the Ejj clan, Azazel Ejj, discovered the formula for a proto-Jikkoton. With his almost-data release, he was able to generate small metal orbs and program them with his chakra. For a time, he used these orbs as his primary method of attack. Nearly invisible and packing more punch than the basic arrow, these orbs decimated his opponents. However, after discovering that he could manipulate his opponents from the inside, he decided to try on his own.

It took Azazel 10 years to refine his proto-Jikkoton enough to polish it into the Seifu kkg. A new set of these orbs were created smaller than the eyes could see, small enough to move within the user's body's own cells. He put these orbs in as many of his own cells as he could, making them smaller and smaller; integrating them into his own DNA after another ten years. Now able to program his body the same way he could program the orbs, he found his own programming skills increased ten-fold. Soon, the orbs were able to learn and grow on their own, changing their own shape to perform certain functions within their host.

This was the birth of Seifu, lit. Government. The nanobots took all the information they could from Azazel's brain cells and then began learning on their own. As they coursed through his blood, they delivered additional information faster than his body could translate throughout the density of itself, allowing for him to react faster and punch harder. With the metal now inside of him, Azazel was able to feel it much easier within the earth, and soon, his Jikkoton Constructs became effortless to create. His grand sealing rituals could be performed by his nanobots at an exponentially faster rate inside of him autonomously, allowing for him to merely flow his chakra along whatever he needed programmed, and it was.

On his own, the 50 year old Azazel Ejj was able to craft a set of golden armor capable of withstanding the devastating attacks of Thunderbird. Their fight rocked the sky, scattering clouds and shattering the sound barrier as frequently as he stepped. It was this fight that allowed for Azazel to unlock Seifu's prime function, 'Governance'. The nanobots took over his body as they fought, the extra energy being released from Thunderbird enough to sustain his tremendous output. It was enough to allow for him to land a scarring blow on the bijuu before escaping. After this, Azazel became a legend within his community, and settled to retire.

Purchasing a small island in Sukaigakure, he began building a community. Azazel took 5 apprentices under him, injecting a portion of his own Seifu into their own body. After time, the Seifu began to replicate inside their new host, learning to adapt and grow with them instead of their original. Pleased that his experiment was a success, Azazel prepped his apprentices and his island. Cultivating it with a small patch of farm-land and a large solar panel-liked rain-catching system, Azazel saw that Ejj Island was self-sustainable. And then he disappeared. The only trace left of the elusive ninja was a journal containing detailed instructions on how to use both the Seifu and Jikkoton, as well as a formal letter explaining the Ejj clan to them.

Each of them were to contribute to the clan in a major way, and if they didn't, they would be stripped of their Seifu and sent packing. Azazel had already begun by giving them a Kekkai Genkai and a vision, now it was their turn. The first to contribute was Nodachi. He designed and perfected the 'Inhabited Sword'. This was a special, unique weapon that would be forged by an individual using Jikkoton. it contained a very powerful AI unit that would replace Seifu's default 'Governance'. The second member to contribute was Schiavonna. He developed a system of laws and training for the Ejj clan that would allow for them to both maintain their own peak physical condition, but also those of future members. These laws are known as the 'Ejj Code'.

So far, no other member has contributed in a significant amount to the Ejj clan. Despite that, the group is quite potent, and they have allowed themselves to fall into Mercenary status for the time being in order to fund their own goal. Despite this, all missions and jobs are screened by the group and decided on as a whole, although payment is usually the biggest factor in these decisions. Because Nodachi and Schiavonna met the Primary Condition, they were allowed to choose to meet the Secondary Condition and take on an apprentice of their own. While Schiavonna has yet to choose, Nodachi has chosen one 'Caligo'.

Special Info: There are only two groups of people in the Ejj clan hierarchy. There are Masters, who are equal to each other, and there are Apprentices, who are equal to each other. Apprentices listen to masters, although Their master's orders over-ride all others. Although there is a grand-master, whom governs all, he is currently MIA.
Requirements: In order to join the Ejj Clan, one must be apprenticed under an Ejj clan member (who will hence be referred to as 'The Master'). There are two conditions that must be met before a Master may take on an apprentice. The first is that they must Contribute to the clan in a serious way, which will impact their entire way of existing. This is known as the primary condition, and no matter how many times the secondary condition is met, it will be useless without the primary condition being met first. After, an Ejj clan may choose to take under them any individual whom they are responsible for their guardian's death. Due to their lifestyle as Shinobi, the Ejj are no strangers to killing. As such, any children they Orphan, they may choose to take under them as Apprentices.

Current Members: NPCS - Nodachi; Schiavonna; Falchion; Billao; Katana
RPCS - Caligo (App In Progress); -Open-

Type of Kekkei Genkai: Ninjutsu/Fuinjutsu/Kenjutsu
Rank: E - S
Description: Inhabiting the user's very body, nanoscopic machines capable of reading vital information, relay precious information, and assessing situations based on statistical and empirical evidence. During times of need, the user may activate the primary Application of Seifu, which is 'Governance'. While in a Governed state, the user's will is replaced by their inner machine's functionality. Whatever great need they had when they enter this state will be the main focus of their body's autonomy. This allows for them to move without regard for pain, physical limitation, or the dangers of others.
Unless their desire was to not kill their target, the user's Governor will force the user's body to perform any jutsu necessary, any action necessary, to achieve their goal. In order to achieve these feats of superhuman power, the nanobots store chakra passively every day in minuscule amounts so it isn't noticed by the user. However, after some time in this form, the nanobots will facilitate transfer between the inner gates without opening them, instead creating artificial channels around the gates until they're no longer necessary. This gives them the chakra boost they need without putting their body under any extra stress.
The Duration of Governor is equal to it's inverted numerical rank, with a 1 post bonus at rank S (IE, E Rank = 1, D Rank = 2, C Rank = 3, B Rank = 4, A Rank = 5, S Rank = 7). Immediately after ending, the user will be rendered unconscious and will need to rest for the amount of posts equal to its duration until able to wake back up again. Upon waking, they will have 25% of their normal chakra and energy available to them, increasing by 25% per post until the fourth post, at which point they will be back at full capacity.
E Rank: Governor will not activate due to the stress it would put on the body killing it, rendering it's use as a survival tool obsolete. However, all passive functions of Seifu will still operate, allowing the user to call upon any statistical information they desire about their body, as well as focus any empirical evidence they could glean naturally through a logic processor. What's more, user's will be able to interface with Ejj Clan Technology and perform D Rank Jikkoton techniques.
D Rank: While Governor will now activate, it will only provide half the normal benefit it normally would, purposefully capping itself to prevent extreneous damage to the host. As a result, One Stat (chosen at the time of activation) will receive a 5% boost. In the same vein, all techniques the user performs while Seifu is active will be treated as 1 rank higher in effectiveness (therefore, if the user were to perform a C rank fireball jutsu, it would be considered a B rank fireball jutsu). While Governor is not active, the information the user receives will be cross-referenced with previous information, allowing for the nanobots to develop their own strategy that can be fed to the user pseudo-telepathically.
C Rank: Governor now activates at full capacity, although it is still in it's junior stage. At the time of activation, the user is provided with a 10% bonus to any one stat (chosen then). All techniques performed while Governor is active will be treated as 1 rank higher in effectiveness. While Governor is not active, the information data bank the user possesses will be able to be shared by nearby allies, giving them access to other Ejj clan members eyes and ears (while in 15 meter radius).
B Rank: Now able to activate Governor's mature stage, the user may choose two stats to provide a 10% bonus to for the duration of Governor's usage. All techniques performed while Governor is active will be treated as 1 rank higher in effectiveness. While Not active, Governor feeds the user information from a superhuman range, increasing the user's ability to take in and process information at a faster speed.
As well, it allows the user's body to adapt to certain environmental changes that would otherwise render it incapacitated, such as providing the ability to manipulate the body's internal pressure to withstand large amounts of force, as well as facilitate heat transfer in order to withstand severe hot and cold environments. Information from other clan member's memories are now available to access as well, as long as that user uploads it to the Ejj Clan Memory Bank.
A Rank: Activating Governor at A rank puts the user on par with a One Tailed Stage Two Bijuu, providing a 10% boost to all stats for the duration of the KKG. Furthermore, the user's Jikkoton is considered S rank. While Governor is not activated, the user is able to access all strategies, information, and viewpoints available from the Ejj Clan Combat Server. Furthermore, the passive role of the Seifu as homeostasis regulators is bumped up a notch, providing a healing factor to the user, reading it's DNA and facilitating cellular regeneration.
S Rank: Activating Governor at S rank gives the user an edge over a One Tailed Stage Two Bijuu, giving the user a 15% stat boost in all stats for the duration of the KKG. As well, all Jikkoton used will be considered 'X' rank, defeatable only be three or more S rank techniques used in conjunction (or another technique considered 'X'). While Governor is not in use, Seifu gives access to the most lucrative server in the Ejj Clan Data House: The Ejj Clan Jutsu Bank. The Elite are capable of uploading the very knowledge, or formula, on how to use a jutsu to the bank. This may then be downloaded by those with permission and learned near-instantaneously, allowing for the user to perform a jutsu completely foreign to them. Of course, the download is only good for one use, as all coding is.


Name ;; Phoenix Fingers
Rank ;; D
Type ;; Ninjutsu/Fuinjutsu
Element ;; Jikkoton/Fire
Range ;; As Far as the user can physically throw.
Power ;; 1
Speed ;; 3
Cool Down;; 2 Posts
Description ;; The user is capable of infusing their fire chakra within a projectile such as a kunai or a shuriken. The user is able to trigger this jutsu to one of three conditions during the activation of the jutsu. Person, Place, or Thing. Once the projectile has reached that Person, Place, or Thing, it will cause the stored fire chakra inside to erupt and engulf the projectile, making sure it loses none of its potency during flight (nor tip off the opponent that it's anything more than a regular kunai). This ball of fire erupts further to a maximum radius of 1 foot, mimicking the blast produced from 'Pheonix Flower'. Up to three Phoenix Fingers can be used before the cooldown kicks in, although if the user does not use them all by the second post, it kicks in automatically.
Requirements ;; The KKG 'Seifu', Jikkoton Skill, Ninjutsu Spec, Fuinjutsu Spec. No prep needed because this jutsu IS the prep.

Name ;; Thundercrow
Rank ;; B
Type ;; Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu
Element ;; Jikkoton/Lightning
Range ;; Up to 50 meters
Power ;; 3
Speed ;; 4
Cool Down;; 3 posts
Description ;; This jutsu was developed by the Clan Founder after his run-in with the Thunderbird. By concentrating their chakra into their hand, the user may form a small, metallic egg, roughly the same size as a crow's egg. By applying a command to the egg, it will hatch and reveal a baby crow composed entirely of machinery. This steampunk-esque crow will tweet once to signify it has received it's command, before consuming part of the chakra provided to it during the activation of the jutsu. This allows for it to re-mold it's machinery and become an adult-sized crow mere moments after hatching.
The Thundercrow has two available commands, 'Attack' and 'Distract'. While in Attack mode, the crow will fly as fast as it can to it's target before latching itself on with it's talons and engulfing itself in a high-voltage electrical outburst. While in distract mode, it will purposefully fly just out of the target's vision, erupting into electricity and moving closer to the target in an effort to catch it's attention and throw it off guard. It will continuously do this, attempting to swoop out of danger if it can before reattempting. After 3 posts of duration (or two uses of it's Lightning Attack), the machine will drop dead and require the user to either retrieve and reanimate it for the same cost as recasting (or they could simply recast and form a new bird).
Requirements ;; Ninjutsu Spec, Fuinjutsu Spec, Lightning, Jikkoton, Seifu KKG.

Name ;; Easter Key
Rank ;; C
Type ;; Fuinjutsu
Element ;; Jikkoton
Range ;; Must be able to touch object
Power ;; 1
Speed ;; 1
Cool Down;; None, Mostly Flavor
Description ;; Door locks, chest latches, and secret compartments all operate using some kind of mechanic hard lock or spring lock system. As long as the object in question is not saturated in foreign chakra above B Rank, the user is able to flow their Jikkoton to the source of locking and clasp it. Alternatively, they may re-lock anything that they desire shut but don't have a key to. Through the use of this jutsu, the user's chakra is implanted into the object and it is subsequentially coded to keep the order until the user returns and undoes it, regardless of any other keys that may or may not be used. The object in question may still be broken without any additional difficulty, although if they wish to open the lock while leaving it intact, it will require a lock picking check 1 skill higher than normal.
Requirements ;; Fuinjutsu, Jikkoton

Name ;; Heavy Boots
Rank ;; C Rank
Type ;; Ninjutsu/Fuinjutsu
Element ;; Earth
Range ;; Personal
Power ;; 2
Speed ;; 1
Cool Down;; 3 Posts
Description ;; A large amount of Earth Chakra is sealed into the user's footwear, giving them tremendous mass without changing their volume. While this puts a strain on the user's body while moving, slowing them down by 5% of their total speed for the duration of their post AND the post's cooldown, it also gives them complete immunity to gale-type jutsu that would otherwise Move the user through a great application of force. This includes jutsu of any type as long as it is not a tremendous amount of solid, physical matter. Furthermore, Heavy Boots allows for the user to break through any C rank or lower Seal placed on an object (such as an enchanted chest, NOT a cursed sword) by stomping/kicking it 'with the weight of the world'.
Requirements ;; Ninjutsu spec, Fuinjutsu spec, Jikkoton, Earth, Seifu KKG

Name ;; Issue Update
Rank ;; B Rank/E-X Rank
Type ;; Fuinjutsu/X
Element ;; Jikkoton/X
Range ;; Depends on the Host Jutsu.
Power ;; X
Speed ;; X
Cool Down;; Host Jutsu Cooldown x1.5
Description ;; This is a broad-based jutsu that actually requires an entire, complete jutsu that functions separate from Jikkoton entirely. This jutsu allows for the user to code the knowledge of how that jutsu is performed into a weapon and then link it to a command. This command is either a person, place, or thing, and once the object has reached proximity of that person, place, or thing, the jutsu will activate. Aside from the cost of the regular jutsu, the user will also have to pay a separate chakra fee (this jutsu's) in order to store said jutsu in the object. If the object is struck with a Lightning jutsu A rank or higher, it will disable the stored jutsu and negate it's activation.
Requirements ;; Fuinjutsu Spec, X Jutsu Spec, Jikkoton, X Chakra Type, Seifu KKG, At Least One Jikkoton-less Jutsu.

Name ;; Programming
Rank ;; E - X Rank
Type ;; Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu
Element ;; Jikkoton
Range ;; Personal
Power ;; 3
Speed ;; 3
Cool Down;; 2 Posts
Description ;; This technique requires two posts preparation, as it is a very fluid, basic technique applicable for a wide variety of functions. During these two posts of preparation, the user will select an Ability that their body is capable of performing either naturally or through the application of chakra, and seal that Ability into an object of their choosing. The user must make physical contact with the object during this sealing. After the two posts of prep are complete, that object will be tempo-permanently imbued with that ability. It will gain a Durability counter relative to the amount of chakra put into this technique. Every time it uses the ability, a value reflecting the intensity at which the ability was used will be subtracted from the Durability. When this Dur. Stat reaches 0, the object will be returned to normal, although suffer serious damage due to the high amounts of energy flowing throughout it.

This technique is capable of transferring the user's ability to Water Walk, Throw a Punch, Jump, Heal Itself, or any other Natural/Chakra-Augmented ability the user may be capable of. This does not apply to Jutsu, KKG, Summon or Bijuu skills. . If the object is struck with a Lightning jutsu A rank or higher, it will disable the stored jutsu and negate it's activation.

Requirements ;; Ninjutsu Spec, Fuinjutsu Spec, Jikkoton, Seifu KKG

Clan Special Characteristics: Obsession with Weapons, Advanced Chakra Control

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