Find a Free Stock Trading Simulator

For all those looking for a free stock trading sim, its best to do your research very first. There are many different stock market simulators available, some more realistic than other people. Making sure that you pick the most practical one is extremely important for you to correctly reap the benefits of playing a stock marketplace game.

Also, make sure that you are not picking a free stock trading sim based on popularity alone. Like the most popular stock market trading sim that comes to mind is actually run by CNBC using its fantasy stock challenge. CNBC runs its fantasy share challenge at least once a year, and generally has over 1 mil participants. The main reason for its reputation is due to its continual advertising on CNBC, the most popular monetary news network. It also will be popular because of the amount of awards that it awards.

The problem along with CNBC’s fantasy stock problem game is that it is not almost as realistic as it might be. There have been many updates through the years, but overall their video game is still lacking in that it does not allow real-time trading, provides too many incentives not depending on stock picking performance, as well as doesn’t allow the shorting associated with stock shares.

Any correct marketing simulation college knows that both of these things are a critical issue whenever practicing trading stocks with a totally free stock trading simulator. Just like within the real world, a stock trading online game or simulator should carefully emulate the performance that the trader would really encounter if they were trading with real cash. Not having the 3 things outlined will cause any trading sim to lose its realism, and therefore not help the trader or even investor practice live investing.

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